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NYCC 2023: Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are back together in February 2024

The Witch is back—and this time, she’s not alone! 

At New York Comic Con, writer Steve Orlando and Editor Alanna Smith revealed the next era of Orlando’s Scarlet Witch series—a milestone Scarlet Witch & Quicksilver series honoring the pair’s 60th anniversary! This four-issue limited series marks an exciting evolution for Orlando’s hit run on Scarlet Witch. Having revitalized Wanda Maximoff as a solo super hero with a captivatingly fresh status quo and a fascinatingly fearsome new rogues gallery, Orlando now adds Pietro to the mix with a new chapter in the twins’ storied legacy! Orlando will be joined by Scarlet Witch artist Lorenzo Tammetta and superstar artist Russell Dauterman will return to grace the series with spellbinding covers!

Since making their 1964 debut in Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s X-Men #4 as part of Magneto’s original Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Wanda and Pietro Maximoff have shaped the Marvel Universe as we know it with key roles in some of comic book’s most earth-shattering storylines. Now, these two pop culture icons re-cement their unbreakable bond to confront old rivalries and new mysteries, including an revolutionary new take on The Wizard!

The Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver have been heroes, friends, family heads and occasionally villains, but, above all, they are twins who look out for each other. So when Wanda receives a letter from the recently deceased Magneto that would upset Pietro, she burns the letter before her brother can read it. But her choice drives them apart at the worst possible time: a new threat heralded by the Wizard – with a horrifying eldritch upgrade – is coming for their heads, and if they can’t find a way to repair their damaged bond, it will cost them their lives.

Check out Dauterman’s cover as well as interior artwork and stay tuned for more Scarlet Witch & Quicksilver news, including variant covers and an announcement on what’s on the horizon for Wanda’s solo adventures later next year

Preview: Scarlet Witch #8

Scarlet Witch #8

(W) Steve Orlando (A) Lorenzo Tammetta, Sara Pichelli (CA) Russell Dauterman
Rated T+
In Shops: Sep 06, 2023
SRP: $3.99

GOD VS. WITCH! When Loki’s mountain giant cousin comes through the Last Door desperate to secure the right to rule his people, the Scarlet Witch agrees to confront the King of Jotunheim. But things are never what they seem with Loki, God of Stories, and when the truth comes out, sparks just might fly! Meanwhile, Hexfinder’s plan is revealed…and those closest to Wanda can no longer be trusted.

Scarlet Witch #8

Exclusive: Scarlet Witch #9 reveal!

We have the exclusive reveal of October’s Scarlet Witch #9. By Steve Orlando, Lorenzo Tammetta, and Sara Pichelli, Wanda teams with a mysterious new ally who isn’t who he appears to be!

Check out the full solicit and cover by Russell Dauterman below!



Being the hero to the hopeless is a full-time job, and Wanda Maximoff could certainly use some help. When she teams with a mysterious new ally to assist the people seeking help through the Last Door, things seem to be looking up. But is he everything he appears to be? Or has Wanda put her trust in the wrong person?

On Sale 10/18


Exclusive Preview: Scarlet Witch #6

Scarlet Witch #6

(W) Steve Orlando (A) Lorenzo Tammetta, Sara Pichelli
(C) Frank William (L) Joe Sabino
(CA) Russell Dauterman (VCA) Lucas Werneck, Peach Momoko
Rated T+
In Shops: Jul 12, 2023
SRP: $3.99

FAMILY MATTERS! Wanda’s loyalties are tested when an enemy of the Kree/Skrull Empire falls through the Last Door desperate for help avenging their fallen comrades. Will Wanda honor the commitment she made to helping those in need – whoever they are – or will her love for her son Wiccan and his husband, Hulkling, triumph over all? PLUS: A familiar figure appears at Wanda’s shop…and it seems rumors of his death have been greatly exaggerated. But does he come as friend or foe?

Scarlet Witch #6

Hexfinder sets out to slay the Scarlet Witch

This August, a witch hunt begins! Wanda Maximoff is currently using her chaos magic to help the people who need her most in the pages of writer Steve Orlando and artist Sara Pichelli’s hit ongoing Scarlet Witch series. Along the way, she’s battled against the likes of The Corrupter, Dreamqueen, Scythia, and more, but her jaw dropping mystical feats have drawn the attention of a deadly new foe… Introducing Nicola Zosimos, a.k.a. Hexfinder!

A powerful alchemist from a long line of witch hunters, Hexfinder will begin her mission to snuff out Wanda’s magic for good in August’s Scarlet Witch #7. Also featuring artwork by Lorenzo Tammetta, Scarlet Witch #7 will kick Orlando and Pichelli’s critically-acclaimed run into high gear as Wanda finds herself faced with a new archenemy who’s every bit her match!

JOURNEY INTO OZ! Wanda swore to help anyone who walked through her door…but what happens when that person is a villain? When Nelson Gruber, A.K.A. Bookworm, comes through the Last Door seeking aid to kill wicked witches in a corner of Oklahoma that’s been transformed into the Emerald City, Wanda must choose between honoring her covenant and going against her own principles. Her daring actions in “Oz” will cause HEXFINDER to finally make her presence known and put her deadly plan for Wanda into motion… 

Fans can see Hexfinder now looming large on superstar artist Russell Dauterman’s topsy-turvy main cover, standing over Wanda in victory on Meghan Hetrick’s variant cover, and in Sara Pichelli’s original design sheet, which will also serve as a variant cover! Check them out now and pick up Scarlet Witch #7 on August 2!

Preview: Red Sonja Valentine’s Special

Red Sonja Valentine’s Special

writer: Chuck Brown
artist: Jordi Perez, Alessandro Miracolo, Moy R., Emiliana Pinna, Lorenzo Tammetta
covers: Sozomaika (A), Lesley “Leirix“ Li (B), Rachel Hollon Cosplay (C), Lesley “Leirix“ Li (D-RI/Virgin), Sozomaika (E-RI/Virgin)
FC | 40 pages | Horror, Action/Adventure | $4.99 | Teen+

BURNING LOVE! Red Sonja’s temporarily developed fire powers… which is handy, since she’s in a land where warlords possess deadly ice powers.

Sonja finds herself amidst a lovers quarrel, in which someone exchanged their heart and soul (quite literally) for overwhelming power. Can Sonja defeat a greedy cherub ogre and restore peace to the freezing lands? By CHUCK BROWN (Aquamen, Bitter Root) and LEE FERGUSON (Daredevil)!

Red Sonja Valentine’s Special