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John Layman and Jok’s In Hell We Fight heads back to print

The devilishly fun new series—In Hell We Fight—from multiple Eisner-winning writer/letterer John Layman and Argentinian superstar artist Jok has hit big with readers and sold out completely at the distributor level. Image Comics will fast-track this hot debut issue back to print in order to keep up with customer demand.

Life in hell ain’t easy in In Hell We Fight. Demons try to torture you for all eternity. Monsters want to eat you. There’s a stunning lack of reliable indoor plumbing. And it’s almost impossible to get ice cream. At least until today when three condemned teens and their annoying tagalong demon frenemy embark on a daring scheme to hijack a demon lord’s delivery truck. What happens next will take them on an epic journey across the underworld in an infernal excursion of non-stop excitement, danger, and adventure.

In Hell We Fight #1, second printing (Diamond Code APR239461) will be available at comic book shops on Wednesday, July 12.

In Hell We Fight #1 2nd printing

16th century Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch and Jok team up for a In Hell We Fight #1 cover

Image Comics has announced the first comic work by noted 16th Century Renaissance painter Hieronymus Bosch, whose 1482 surrealist masterwork The Last Judgment will be featured as an incentive jam cover with regular series artist Jok.

An infernal adventure about three condemned kids who rescued a kidnapped angel and start an epic trek across the netherworld to return the angel to heaven, In Hell We Fight is written and lettered by multiple Eisner-award winner John Layman (with art by Argentinian superstar artist Jok, making his Image Comics debut with this exciting new series.

In Hell We Fight #1 by Jok & Bosch 1:20 copy incentive (Diamond Code APR230019) will be available at comic book shops on Wednesday, June 7.

In Hell We Fight #1

In Hell We Fight in June

Multiple Eisner Award winning writer/letterer John Layman and Argentinian superstar artist JOK team up for a devilishly fun new series in the upcoming In Hell We Fight, which was first previewed in the Image! Anthology. This all new, ongoing series is set to launch in June from Image Comics.

Life in Hell ain’t easy. Demons try to torture you for all eternity. Monsters want to eat you. There’s a stunning lack of reliable indoor plumbing. And it’s almost impossible to get ice cream. At least, until today, when three condemned teens and their annoying tagalong demon frenemy embark on a daring scheme to hijack a demon lord’s delivery truck. What happens next will take them on an epic journey across the underworld, an infernal excursion of non-stop excitement, danger, and adventure.

In Hell We Fight #1 will be available at comic book shops on Wednesday, June 7:

  • Cover A by JOK – Diamond Code APR230017
  • Cover B by Ward – Diamond Code APR230018
  • Cover C 1:20 copy incentive by JOK & Bosch – Diamond Code APR230019
In Hell We Fight #1

Gold Key returns with its first new title Boris Karloff’s Gold Key Mysteries

Boris Karloff’s Gold Key Mysteries is coming! The new series blends the feel of the classic horror anthology with a modern, ongoing narrative in a way that is sure to excite fans new and old.  To reward early supporters, Gold Key has created a unique, early special edition of issue one available through Kickstarter. This crowdfunding campaign’s pre-launch page is live so individuals can get notified on launch and will go live on March 28, 2023. The special edition offers a one of a kind reading experience peeling back the layers of the creative process to give readers a behind the scenes look into the creative process. The high-quality printing will be akin to that of an artist’s edition. With a hardcover printed exclusively for backers of the Kickstarter campaign, the special edition will be desired among fans and collectors.

Wrapped inside a beautiful cover by Johnny Dombrowski, issue one of Boris Karloff’s Gold Key Mysteries contains three original stories from talented creators including Michael W Conrad, Steve Orlando, Artyom Trakanov, Kelly Williams, Jok, Craig Hurd-Mckenny, Sergey Nazarov, and Kyle Arends. Each issue of this ongoing series will contain complete stories and a continuing narrative, ensuring a satisfying reading experience while building the foundations of a multi-issue storyline to be carried forth in subsequent issues. 

Gold Key Comics originally published nearly 100 issues of the series, Boris Karloff Tales of Mystery, between 1964-1980. This Spring, these two icons return to comics.

Boris Karloff’s Gold Key Mysteries

Doug Moench’s Aztec Ace Will be Collected for the First Time

Aztec Ace, the cult classic from the mind of comics legend Doug Moench, is reprinted for the first time in Aztec Ace: The Complete Collection. A collaboration between Dark Horse Comics and IT’S ALIVE!Aztec Ace: The Complete Collection is an archival hardcover that restores all 500+ pages of Moench’s fan-favorite time travel adventure series.

First published by Eclipse Comics in 1984, Aztec Ace is an action-packed, intellectual, time-travel adventure starring Caza (AKA Ace) as he travels between the Aztec Empire and his home in the 23rd century. Ace, along with his pupil Bridget Chronopolis and his navigator Head (the floating disembodied head of Sigmund Freud), struggles to save his dimension from time paradoxes created by his enemy, the mysterious Nine-Crocodile.

Aztec Ace: The Complete Collection hardcover collects the full fifteen-issue run for the first time, and includes a bonus Aztec Ace short story by Moench and Tim Sale, a pin-up gallery featuring new artwork by Bill Sienkiewicz, ChrisCross, Dan Day, Jeff Lemire, Joe Staton, Jok, Kelley Jones, Matt Kindt, Michael Avon Oeming, Michael Wm Kaluta, Paul Gulacy, Paul Pope, Ron Harris, and more!

Aztec Ace: The Complete Collection hardcover will be available at comic shops on July 20, 2022, and from bookstores August 2, 2022. It is available for pre-order on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and at your local comic shop and bookstore. Aztec Ace: The Complete Collection hardcover will retail for $79.99.

Aztec Ace

Red 5 Comics in February 2022


(W) Mauro Mantella (A) Leandro Rizzo (CA) Alvaro Papagiani
FC · 32 pages · $3.95
Available February 16, 2022

They’ve battled Moby Dick, matched wits with Dickens, and befriended a kingdom of evolved sea monkeys! They’re the genre hopping heroes of Hypercity: the Fictionauts! Fantasy is a serious business for this team, as they scour fictional worlds to right dangerous anomalies and preserve the balance between reality and imagination!



(W) Scott Chitwood (A) Danny Luckert
FC · 32 pages · $3.95
Available February 9, 2022

It’s all fun and games until somebody gets hurt! Eric and his friends realize the devices from the Download are more dangerous than they thought. But can they trust the Serizawa Corporation with their secrets or are they the bigger threat?



(W) Johnny Arnold (A/CA) Jason Kemble (CA) Elias Martins, Jorge Cortes
FC · 32 page · $3.95
Available February 9, 2022

A rogue group of owls called The Parliament are determined to show The Carriers that death is the only way to stop criminals from coming back. Can The Carriers stop this team of vigilantes without stooping to their level of extreme violence?


(W) Rodolfo Santullo (A/CA) Jok
FC · 108 page · $12.95
Available February 23, 2022

All legends have an origin, all heroes an awakening. By fate’s design, a young swineherd named Merlin meets an intrepid thief named Hector. And it is at that moment, in that fortuitous encounter, when the legends are born: that of the greatest sorcerer known to men and that of King Arthur’s adoptive father. Together, Merlin and Hector will not only face the fearsome Skinshifters, but also discover what fate has in store for them. If they manage to survive…


Before Arthur or Camelot there was Merlin & Hector

Red 5 Comics’ newest all-ages fantasy comes to stores this October, Merlin & Hector.

Bronze age England is under attack by magical invaders, shapeshifters who can be anywhere or anyone. With no king and no armies the only hope is a young swineherd who dreams of magic and monsters; a swineherd named MERLIN.  Chased by villagers and monsters alike, Merlin’s only hope is a young thief named HECTOR. Can these two outcasts band together long enough to save the land or is a new dark age on its way?

Merlin & Hector comes from writer Rodolfo Santullo and artist JOK as a special three issue monthly series running from October to December 2021.

Merlin & Hector

Merlin Hector Debuts in October for Red 5 Comics Plus The Box and Verge


(W) Rodolfo Santullo (A) Jok
FC · 32 page · $3.95
Available October 27, 2021

Before King Arthur, before Camelot, before Excalibur there was Merlin the swineherd.  A young man of an unexceptional past who has never heard of magic, Merlin is looking at a life of hard work and small comfort, until his farm his attacked one night by rampaging monsters. Only local thief Hector believes him, but when the attacks increase it will be up to these two outcasts to save their village.



(W) Joshua Starnes (A) Raymond Estrada
FC · 32 page · $3.95
Available October 13, 2021

Leo meets the mysterious man searching for the Box while Clair plots her escape from the Mob. But even if she saves herself, can she save Leo?



(W) Bryce McLellan (A) Silvio dB
FC · 32 page · $3.95
Available October 20, 2021

Connie is held captive by Jack Curious, the mysterious and dangerous fugitive who knows the secrets of the Verge. But Connie has secrets of her own, and Jack is intent on finding out who she was before she came to New York. Back in the city, Lucy and the police force prepare to storm a Viking mead hall.


Preview: Dungeons and Burglars Vol. 3

Dungeons and Burglars Vol. 3

Writer: Rodolfo Santullo
Artist: Jok

Not a lot of festive spirits around here. Of course, what else can you expect from a tavern called Dead Man’s Inn?
Dead Man´s Inn is the perfect place in Sarathor for doing business. Need weapons? You can find them here. Some sleep crystals? Here you go, sir. Someone to warm your bed? Human or orc?

Dungeons and Burglars Vol. 3

Preview: Dungeons & Burglars vol. 2: Serpent’s Song

Dungeons & Burglars Vol. 2: Serpent’s Song

Writer: Rodolfo Santullo
Artist: Jok

Nah, Dungeons & Burglars is about robberies, about tricksters and about greedy and dangerous men who will not hesitate in stabbing comrades if that means getting a few extra gold coins in their share of the loot. And what we hope is that such a stab makes you laugh out loud…because that’s what Dungeons & Burglars is really about.

Dungeons & Burglars Vol. 2: Serpent's Song
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