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Preview: Godzilla: Rage Across Time #1 (of 5)

Godzilla: Rage Across Time #1 (of 5)

Jeremy Robinson & Matt Frank (w) • Matt Frank (a) • Bob Eggleton (c)

Move over dinosaurs… monsters used to rule the planet! Travel to different time periods to examine the origin of myths that fueled nightmares! In this first installment, Godzilla brings his terror to feudal Japan!

FC • 32 pages • $3.99


Preview: Project Nemesis #5


Story: Jeremy Robinson
Art: Matt Frank

It’s the penultimate issue of kaiju mayhem! A strangely mutated General Gordon wanders through Boston alleyways, searching for something his monstrous heart transplant desperately wants him to find… at the top of a high-rise apartment building. Meanwhile, Nemesis continues her assault on Hudson’s home town of Beverly, and it’s going to take military-grade ammunition to stop her.


WonderCon 2016: American Gothic Press’ Announcements

At their first ever WonderCon panel, American Gothic Press took the stage and talked about their first year they’ve had with titles like Gunsuits, Broken Moon, Project Nemesis, Monster World, and the more recent success in Irwin Allen’s Lost in Space: The Lost Adventures.

The discussion then focused on the upcoming action title Killbox, with writer Tom Riordan and artist Nathan Gooden on hand to talk about the process and the decision to keep the comic in black and white. They revealed the cover of the upcoming third issue (see below). The comic drops April 20, 2016.


After Killbox, the conversation switched to Lost in Space, with discussion of both the current story arc “The Curious Galactics” and the upcoming “Malice in Wonderland” (LOST IN SPACE #4-6). It was announced that colorist and cover artist Patrick McEvoy will be taking over art duties for the second arc.

Lost in Space

The discussion then focused on the upcoming Tales From the Ackermansion Kickstarter launching in May. To celebrate Forrest J Ackerman’s 100th birthday later this year, Famous Monsters of Filmland is putting together a graphic anthology to honor their founder. The list of contributors so far includes Kirk Hammett, Ray Fawkes, John 5, Richard Christian Matheson, Dan DiDio, Matt Frank, Christian DiBari, Charlie Benante, Juan Ferreyra, Darick Robertson, Bob Eggleton, Ben Meares, David Weiner, Holly Interlandi, Joe Moe, Adam Egypt Mortimer, Travis Williams, Dave Kelly, Trevor Goring, Buzz Dixon, Mark L. Miller, Jim Terry, Jonathan La Mantia, Lara Antal, Victoria Lau, and Patrick McEvoy.


Looking towards the future, the cover for Island 731 by Jeremy Robinson and Kane Gilmour was debuted, illustrated by Jeff Zornow. The first issue solicits in May 2016.


Gunsuits will return later this year with Gunsuits: Alix, a one-shot with Philip Kim, Holly Interlandi, and Dennis Calero as the creative team.


Finally, it was announced that Broken Moon will also be returning, with Nat Jones returning on art duties. The cover was shown, featuring a sinister looking Gill-Creature.


Preview: Project Nemesis #4


by Jeremy Robinson and Matt Frank with incentive covers by Bob Eggleton

Investigation leads to Hudson and Collins learning of Nemesis’ origin: Maigo Tilly, a murdered young girl whose history might give clues to where Nemesis will strike next. As the evidence mounts, the monster takes to the ocean—and Beverly Harbor, Hudson’s own stomping ground!


Preview: Project Nemesis #3

Project Nemesis #3

Written by: Jeremy Robinson
Illustrated by Matt Frank
Colors by Diego Rodriguez

Powerless to stop the physical growth of Nemesis, Hudson and Collins harness military firepower, emergency vehicles, and armored tanks to blockade the freeway route to Boston in a last ditch effort to deter the monster. Meanwhile, General Gordon is on a mission of his own with help of his newfound powers and leaving a trail of dead men in his wake.


Island 731 by Jeremy Robinson to be adapted by American Gothic Press!

American Gothic Press (in association with Famous Monsters of Filmland) has announced their next collaboration with international bestselling author Jeremy Robinson. After the success of Project Nemesis, Robinson’s first novel-turned-comic book, the monster-themed publisher is releasing a second story, adapted from Robinson’s work: Island 731. The comic, penned by Jeremy Robinson with Kane Gilmour, will feature art by Jeff Zornow.

Island 731 begins with Mark Hawkins, former park ranger and expert tracker, out of his element, working on board the Magellan, a research vessel studying the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. But his work is interrupted when, surrounded by thirty miles of refuse, the ship and its high tech systems are plagued by a series of strange malfunctions and the crew is battered by a raging storm.

When the storm fades and the sun rises, the beaten crew awaken to find themselves anchored in the protective cove of a tropical island…and no one knows how they got there. Worse, the ship has been sabotaged, one crewman is dead and another is missing. Hawkins spots signs of the missing man on shore and leads a small team to bring him back. But they quickly discover evidence of a brutal history left behind by the Island’s former occupants: Unit 731, Japan’s ruthless World War II human experimentation program. Mass graves and military fortifications dot the island, along with a decades-old laboratory housing the remains of hideous experiments.

As crew members disappear, Hawkins realizes that they are not alone. In fact, they were brought to this strange and horrible island. As Hawkins fights to save his friends, he learns the horrible truth: Island 731 was never decommissioned and the person taking his crew mates might not be a person at all—not anymore.

This six issue limited series will arrive in local comic book stores in May 2016.

Island 731

Preview: Project Nemesis #1

Bestselling author Jeremy Robinson’s tale of a test-tube kaiju is coming to comics this week

The fourth title to come from the American Gothic Press catalog is Project Nemesis, a six-part action/adventure story adapted from the bestselling novel by Jeremy Robinson. The series brings a uniquely fascinating kaiju (giant monster) to comics: Nemesis, the product of a governmental experiment and vengeful rage goddess, tearing through New England and leaving horrid destruction in its wake.

The visuals of this massive story are being handled by Matt Frank, most well known for—quite appropriately—IDW’s Godzilla comics. From a script adapted by Robinson himself and rendered in glorious color by Diego Rodriguez, Project Nemesis is poised to make a splash with monster fans on Wednesday, October 7.



American Gothic Press Joins Local Comic Shop Day

American Gothic Press is partnering with ComicsPRO for the first annual Local Comic Shop Day. The event, scheduled for November 28, 2015 at participating stores, has been publicized by ComicsPRO as a way to celebrate and appreciate independent comic shops for their donations to pop culture. Many publishers, including Marvel, BOOM!, Image, Oni, Black Mask, IDW, and Archie will be providing exclusive items for shops participating in the event.

American Gothic Press has created an exclusive Local Comic Shop Day cover by Jorge Marrero and Jenn Pham for Project Nemesis #2, depicting the kaiju Nemesis crushing a helicopter in all her sinister glory.

Project Nemesis is a six-issue adaptation of the bestselling novel by Jeremy Robinson, with art by Matt Frank and incentive covers by Bob Eggleton. The story tells of a government experiment in Maine gone horribly wrong that gives rise to a massive monster, Nemesis, who proceeds to terrorize New England. Issue #2 picks up the cliffhanger from the series debut and brings even more intensity to Jon Hudson and Ashley Collins’ hunt for whatever is killing scores of people on the East Coast.

Final order cutoff for Local Comic Shop Day exclusives is October 12, 2015.

Project Nemesis #1 will be available in stores and on Comixology on October 7, 2015.