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Review: Brooklyn Animal Control One-Shot

BACCVR_05I tried really hard to like the Brooklyn Animal Control one-shot. As a Brooklynite exiled to the suburbs, any book with a Brooklyn theme grabs my attention. I love the idea, written by J.T. Petty, behind this book: Mafia like clans of werewolves warring amongst themselves, and against a secret elite police force tasked with fighting werewolf organized crime. Also, the art by Stephen Thompson is good, and sequentially it flows like a police procedural. Nonetheless, I really could not get into this one. This reads more like an issue zero, with all its explications and introductions.

I read across the web that this one was previously released digitally back sometime in 2013, and that it has been picked up by the USA channel for a pilot. It’s been getting a lot of press lately, so that’s probably the main reason behind this timely print release.

However, I do look forward to the the television pilot–it seems to be attracting a lot of big names (i.e. Clea DuVall)–and I am glad I read the book to get the story behind the show; but I can only recommend this one if you too are into mafia themed shows.

As a one-shot it doesn’t really stand alone as a must have story. Then again, who knows, if the show makes it big, it might become a collectible.

Story: J.T. Petty Art: Stephen Thompson
Story: 7.0 Art: 8.5 Overall: 7.5 Recommendation: Read

IDW Publishing provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review.

Preview: Brooklyn Animal Control One-Shot

Brooklyn Animal Control One-Shot

J.T. Petty (w) • Stephen Thompson (a & c)

Brooklyn Animal Control is not your run-of-the-mill social services agency, and the officers assigned to it are not your average caseworkers… they are a breed apart. These street-hardened veterans negotiate a dangerous secret world in the heart of New York City, one inhabited by werewolves that roam the streets by night, and infest the hidden back rooms of the criminal elite in their human alter-egos by day. Which of their forms is more viscous is open to debate… but both are equally deadly!

FC • 48 pages • $7.99


USA Network Picks Up Brooklyn Animal Control for Pilot

brooklyn animal controlUSA Network announced a pilot pick-up for Brooklyn Animal Control. The project is written and executive produced by JT Petty. David S. Goyer, Circle of Confusion’s Rick Jacobs and David Alpert, and IDW Entertainment’s David Ozer and Ted Adams, will also executive produce. Brooklyn Animal Control is based on the IDW Publishing comic book created by Petty and is a co-production with Universal Cable Productions and IDW Entertainment.

Brooklyn Animal Control follows the inner workings of a secret subdivision of the NYPD that functions as social services for some of the city’s most unique citizens — werewolves.  Delving into the lives of both the Case Officers, and the secretive, highly insular Kveld-Ulf, a community of werewolves living deep in the borough, Brooklyn Animal Control will examine city politics, immigrant communities, and families divided by ambition, secrecy, and tradition.

In addition, USA Network recently announced a pilot pick-up for Poor Richard’s Almanack, a co-production between Legendary Television and Universal Cable Productions, the project is from executive producer Jim Danger Gray and consulting producer Miguel Sapochnik.  Previously announced pick-ups also include the Universal Cable Production dramas Falling Water from executive producers Gale Anne Hurd of Valhalla Entertainment, Blake Masters and the late Emmy Award-winner Henry Bromell, and Paradise Pictures from executive producer Aaron Korsh and Rick Muirragui.

The Rise of Aurora West, Out Next Week. Check Out Some Exclusive Art.

Last year the extraordinary world introduced in Paul Pope‘s Battling Boy was rife with monsters and short on heroes… I finished that first volume and immediately wanted to read more. The look, the vibe, everything about it, was fresh and fun. It was exactly what the comic market needed, something that was fun.

While we wait for the second volume of that great series, we get a tie-in with The Rise of Aurora West, out next week from First Second, it pairs Pope with writer J.T. Petty and artist David Rubin to give us an action-driven extension of the Battling Boy universe. We see the world through a new pair of eyes: Aurora West, daughter of Arcopolis’s last great hero, Haggard West.

A prequel to Battling Boy, The Rise of Aurora West follows the young hero as she seeks to uncover the mystery of her mother’s death, and to find her place in a world overrun with supernatural monsters and all-too-human corruption.

It should be no surprise that the graphic novel is amazing, continuing the tour de force that is the Battling Boy world.

To promote the upcoming release artist David Rubin is doing a virtual tour to promote the book including a stop here! Check out this exclusive art of one of the monsters you’ll see, which will hopefully get you excited to check out the book when it hit shelves. And come back next week for a review of the graphic novel!


IDW Publishing Announces Brooklyn Animal Control!

What if werewolves were actually living among us? What if they had been for hundreds of years? It’s a wild thought, isn’t it?

Wilder still, what if these clans of werewolves were actively policed by a government organization?

That’s exactly the intriguing question IDW Publishing is answering today with the release of Brooklyn Animal Control, a darkly thrilling digital one-shot from writer J.T. Petty and artist Stephen Thompson.

In Brooklyn Animal Control’s world, werewolves have become deeply entrenched in modern America, operating in plain sight as productive members of society, from construction workers to occupants of the highest echelons of power. More often than not, the longstanding werewolf clans conduct themselves to maintain a peaceful productivity with the human population. When that peace is disrupted, however, the B.A.C. has to suit up and step in, and as one could imagine, sometimes that can be a messy job.

Focusing on the titular agency, Brooklyn Animal Control delves into the world John Crean, a B.A.C. warhorse and expert in werewolf affairs. When a conspiracy erupts from within one of America’s oldest werewolf clans, the Kveldulf, it threatens to disrupt the balance forever. As blood spills and Crean attempts to get to the bottom of the conspiracy, there’s no telling how deep it goes or how many innocents from either side will be caught in the middle.

Brooklyn Animal Control is on sale for a special, limited time price of 99¢ via the IDW Comics app, Comics by comiXology, the iBookstore, or online at read.idwpublishing.com!