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Identity Stunt 2 drops from Markosia this April

Sami Nasser and the gang return this March 17th, ready to save Studio City from a supermassive Beatdown in Markosia’s Identity Stunt 2 #1, by Joe R. Khachadourian, J.C. Grande, Patrik Mock, and Michael Hoffert!

Speaking of new creators, for this next round of non-stop 80’s-style action, Khachadourian’s tapped artist extraordinaire J.C. Grande and colorist & palette magician Patrik Mock, with Michael Hoffert’s letters tying the band all-together. The eye-popping covers wrapping the four-issue mini-series will be drawn by jammin’ J. Briscoe Allison, colossal Kyler Clodfelter, and a surprise comic book legend (stay tuned)!

This new tale focuses on stuntman and all-around good guy Sami Nasser, just as he’s slapping his shattered life back together following the fallout from our last Identity Stunt outing. Unfortunately, as these things are wont to do, Sami’s plans don’t quite pan out when a mysterious scourge from his past makes their diabolical return, armed and ready to drag Sami, his family, and his city to their knees. Ain’t that a thing, folks?

Identity Stunt 2 #1 is available digitally now on comiXology for $1.99, with other digital platforms to follow shortly. The issue will be available in print in April 2021.

Identity Stunt 2 #1

Kickstarter Spotlight – The Bargain: A Supernatural Graphic Novel Set In The 1950’s

The latest Kickstarter comic project from Kara Barrett, The Bargain is a supernatural graphic novel set in the 1950’s.

The premonitions don’t lie. Jackson Connolly knows the hellhounds are coming for him.

Twenty years ago Jackson signed his soul away to pay his mother’s gambling debt. Now his bill is coming due on New Year’s Eve.

Peddling potions and mojos as a traveling salesman most of his life, Jackson understands a thing or two about magic. But salvation always eludes him. Louisiana is his last hope.

Jackson’s hunt for a way to break the devil’s pact leads him to a haunted plantation in search of a crazy hoodoo slave ghost and then to the wild streets of 1955 New Orleans. With the assistance of an alluring creole healer named Lissette, can Jackson find a way to save himself before the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve?

The Bargain will be a full color graphic novel approximately 65-75 pages. It’s a blend of moody noir, action and adventure. If you are fan of the supernatural you will love this dark tale brimming with ghosts, hellhounds and hoodoo magic. There story also has the potential for future volumes!

I’m a fan of noir comics, and add in a supernatural twist the pitch for the graphic novel appeals to me. But most importantly Kara delivers. She gets the comics out, and out on time, going out of the way to update folks and keep them in a loop. We should be supporting upstanding behavior like that for Kickstarter projects.

Art for the graphic novel is provided by J.C. Grande and J.M. Ringuet. We get some examples of what we can expect on the project page, and I’m impressed and am confident we’ll see a solid finished product. I think if you’re a fan of noir/crime comics or supernatural stories, or the combination (like Fatale), then this project is absolutely one to back.

Best Pledge: $20 or $25 gets you a copy of the book and more, it depends if you want it autographed or not. There’s lower tiers where you can get digital versions, but I’m a print person myself.

Preview – Divine Intervention

Official Press Release


(W) Frank J. Barbiere
(A) J.C. Grande, Luke Radl

Marc Graham, a conflicted, contract killer, could hardly be considered a hero. Things change when he stumbles into an ancient conflict between the Templar agency, a clandestine organization that protects powerful artifacts from falling into the wrong hands, and strange, demonic forces seeking to control the world. After gaining mysterious, angelic powers from a freak accident Marc must dive headfirst into a dangerous new world where he is hunted by deadly monsters who will stop at nothing to unlock the secret of his new powers and possess them for themselves. SC, 66pgs, FC SRP: $14.95

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