Identity Stunt 2 drops from Markosia this April

Sami Nasser and the gang return this March 17th, ready to save Studio City from a supermassive Beatdown in Markosia’s Identity Stunt 2 #1, by Joe R. Khachadourian, J.C. Grande, Patrik Mock, and Michael Hoffert!

Speaking of new creators, for this next round of non-stop 80’s-style action, Khachadourian’s tapped artist extraordinaire J.C. Grande and colorist & palette magician Patrik Mock, with Michael Hoffert’s letters tying the band all-together. The eye-popping covers wrapping the four-issue mini-series will be drawn by jammin’ J. Briscoe Allison, colossal Kyler Clodfelter, and a surprise comic book legend (stay tuned)!

This new tale focuses on stuntman and all-around good guy Sami Nasser, just as he’s slapping his shattered life back together following the fallout from our last Identity Stunt outing. Unfortunately, as these things are wont to do, Sami’s plans don’t quite pan out when a mysterious scourge from his past makes their diabolical return, armed and ready to drag Sami, his family, and his city to their knees. Ain’t that a thing, folks?

Identity Stunt 2 #1 is available digitally now on comiXology for $1.99, with other digital platforms to follow shortly. The issue will be available in print in April 2021.

Identity Stunt 2 #1