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Hajime Sorayama and Heavy Metal Magazine Team for “Sexy Robot Covers”

Heavy Metal Entertainment has announced that legendary Japanese artist Hajime Sorayama, famous for his Sexy Robot paintings and statues, will be contributing artwork for three new covers for Heavy Metal Magazine #312. There is also a gallery within the magazine featuring the full, uncensored artwork by Sorayama, alongside a profile written by Heavy Metal Entertainment’s Publisher and Chief Creative Overlord David Erwin. The three different covers showcase sci-fi inspired robots in different sensual poses; all three editions of the magazine are available to purchase starting December 8th, 2021, when the issue became available in stores and online.

Sorayama previously illustrated the iconic front cover of Heavy Metal Magazine’s November 1980 issue, featuring a stunning female android draped in a red sheet, as well as the back cover for the August 1981 issue. Heavy Metal is happy to reunite once again with Sorayama for this spectacular Sexy Robot artwork. Hajime Sorayama is a celebrated artist on a global scale; his extensive oeuvre centers upon an ongoing pursuit for beauty regarding the human body and the machine, and he has continued to receive high international acclaim.

The “Sexy Robot” series, Sorayama’s signature body of work, started in 1978 and continues into the modern day, serving to establish his world-wide reputation. The Sexy Robot artwork he created for Aerosmith’s 2001 album Just Push Play earned him global renown, and in 2018, Sorayama collaborated with fashion house Dior for its 2019 pre-fall collection in Tokyo, presenting a 39-foot-high gigantic Sexy Robot statue for the show that gained vast attention from all over the world.

Issue #312 of Heavy Metal Magazine not only feature Sorayama’s artwork, but also includes the first two parts of Avenging Demon Princes, a newly translated French space opera, adapted by Jo Morvan from the original novel by Jack Vance, with incredible art by Paolo Traisci. Heavy Metal Magazine #312 also presents the return of The Adventures of Adrienne James, Matthew Medney and Bruce Edwards’ “female Indiana Jones in space” series, with all-star illustrator Santa Fung coming aboard as the artist for the series.

All-new chapters of Ron Marz’s Swamp God series, Steve Orlando’s Starward series, and Ryan K Lindsay and Sebastián Píriz’s Black Beacon series are also featured in the issue.

The Boulet Brothers Take Over Heavy Metal Magazine For Special Halloween Issue

Heavy Metal Entertainment has announced that The Boulet Brothers, the legendary horror hosts, producers, drag icons, and creators of reality competition TV series The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula, will be taking over this year’s Halloween issue of Heavy Metal Magazine.

Dracmorda and Swanthula Boulet host this spooky spectacular issue, guiding readers into dark and demented worlds with their own scary stories as well as horror tales created by Steve Orlando and pro wrestler DanhausenRuPaul’s Drag Race stars Katya Zamolodchikova, Alaska Thunderfuck 5000, Yvie OddlyAmerican Horror Story director Axelle Carolyn; Steve Foxe and artist Isaac Goodhart. The gorgeous and glamorous cover is created by artist Dan Quintana

The special issue will be available on October 27.

Graphic Policy’s Top Comic Picks this Week!

Skybound X #2

Wednesdays (and now Tuesdays) are new comic book day! Each week hundreds of comics are released, and that can be pretty daunting to go over and choose what to buy. That’s where we come in

Each week our contributors choose what they can’t wait to read this week or just sounds interesting. In other words, this is what we’re looking forward to and think you should be taking a look at!

Find out what folks think below, and what comics you should be looking out for this week.

Aliens: Aftermath #1 (Marvel) – 35 years after Aliens, return to Hadley’s Hope!

Beyond the Breach #1 (AfterShock) – A trip to California goes wrong as a dimensional breach plunges the area into chaos.

Bunny Mask #2 (AfterShock) – The first issue had a nice Silence of the Lambs feel about it and it’ll be interesting to see what this one delivers in tone and direction.

The Joker #5 (DC Comics) – A story from the past exploring the relationship between James Gordon and the Joker. A very interesting and disturbing tale.

Mouse Guard: The Owlhen Caregiver & Other Stories (BOOM! Studios/Archaia) – Three new tales from David Petersen as he returns to this beloved series.

Never Never #1 (Heavy Metal Magazine) – A twisted take on Peter Pan. Read our review.

Ninjak #1 (Valiant) – A new direction and volume for Valiant’s action spy! Read our review of the first issue.

Savage Hearts #1 (Dark Horse) – It’s an action-comedy romance as a barbarian bruiser with a broken heart teams up with a lonely beastman who talks to dinosaurs.

Sinister War #1 (Marvel) – Doctor Octopus is back and he has a new Sinister Six! It’s an all-out war between them and the Vulture’s Savage Six!

Skybound X #2 (Image Comics/Skybound) – The first issue sold out due to the debut of a certain character and we’re expecting each issue to deliver pretty big “firsts”. Don’t miss out on this if you’re a collector.

Joe Satriani’s Crystal Planet comes and Incendium under the OPUS imprint

Incendium and Heavy Metal Magazine have announce the launch of Crystal Planet, created by Joe Satriani and Ned Evett, under all-new music-focused OPUS imprint. The comic features a script by Tony Lee, art by Richard Friend, color by Carlos Cabrera, lettering by Jacob Bascle, and edited by Llexi Leon.

A vivid space odyssey where Satchel Walker, a man out of time, finds himself caught between desperate factions as they battle for resources in the perilous orbit of a dying star. In a bold and brutal saga of sentient storms and Wingsuit armies, it’s music, and more importantly, the power and emotion that music can conjure, which could bring an end to the conflict, restore harmony to the timestream, and reveal Walker’s true place in the universe.

Crystal Planet begins as a 5 issue series. The first print edition of each issue will be released as a prestige format limited edition collectible comic book, featuring cardstock covers, specialty foil treatments, glossy pages, and individual numbering. Each first printing will be limited to 1998 copies at $19.98, and available to order. The first issue is available to order now and ships in March 2021.

The world of Crystal Planet will extend beyond the printed page into toys and collectibles. A Joe Satriani Crystal Planet action figure is also available to pre-order for $29.95, featuring Joe in a Tri-Diver suit from the comics with his signature Crystal Planet Ibanez guitar. Shipping May 2021.

Review: Taarna #1

Taarna #1

Taarna is a property I know so little of. Other than some images, it’s a character I haven’t read comics of or seen on the big/small screen. So, with Taarna #1, I thought it’d be a good opportunity to check it out and can say, it’s not what I was expecting at all.

Taarna is a character that I expected to be a female Conan. I went in to read the comic and was taken back when it wasn’t so much sword and sorcery as it was Kirby cosmic.

Writer Stephanie Phillips uses Taarna #1 as an introduction to the character delivering an epic scale of a story involving a dying sun threatening to engulf a planet. It’s the type of bombastic, over the top, imagery that you’d expect in a big budget film.

From a sun dying and people being saved, to a “god” falling from the sky, the story is an epic scale of a start. It cements Taarna as a powerful being. It also establishes her as one who works on a grand scale. Starvation of the people or lack of medicine aren’t pleas she hears. A world about to be engulfed in flames is. She’s aloof in a way creating an interesting character to explore and see more of.

The art by Patrick Zircher is solid. Zircher is joined by Jessica Kholinne on color and those pop from the page. There’s a great combination of the two. They capture both the tender moments of a people witnessing their death and that of an individual taking on a sun. On a marco and micro scale the visuals work and it works well switching between the two without it seeing a bit silly. Marshall Dillon handles the lettering. Dillon brings a flair of sword & sorcery fantasy to the comic with narration boxes whose lettering evokes that a bit. It adds a bit of classic fantasy to a cosmic adventure.

Taarna #1 isn’t what I expected and that’s not a bad thing at all. It fuses classic fantasy with futuristic cosmic adventures. It does it on a massive scale. It’s not the rogue warrior battling on the landscape that I’d expect. Instead it’s a deity like being protecting an entire planet and taking on a dying sun. I was off in those expectations. It’s an interesting start. It doesn’t reveal too much but gives you just enough to come back. The details and depth are traded for spectacle resulting in a first issue that makes me want to come back for more.

Story: Stephanie Phillips Art: Patrick Zircher
Color: Jessica Kholinne Letterer: Marshall Dillon
Story: 8.0 Art: 8.0 Overall: 8.0 Recommendation: Buy

Heavy Metal provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

Purchase: comiXology KindleHeavy Metal

Graphic Policy’s Top Comic Picks this Week!

U.S.Agent #1

Wednesdays (and now Tuesdays) are new comic book day! Each week hundreds of comics are released, and that can be pretty daunting to go over and choose what to buy. That’s where we come in!

Each week our contributors choose what they can’t wait to read this week or just sounds interesting. In other words, this is what we’re looking forward to and think you should be taking a look at!

Find out what folks think below, and what comics you should be looking out for this week.

Black Widow #3 (Marvel) – The first two issues have been fantastic and we’re expecting more as we figure out what exactly is going on with a now domestic and married Black Widow.

Crossover #1 (Image Comics) – We’ve read the first issue and it lives up to the hype. Comic characters have crossed over into the real world and caused a seismic shift in everything. Read our review then make sure to get this comic this week.

Happy Hour #1 (AHOY Comics) – It’s a future America where everyone has to be happy… it’s the law. The concept is intriguing and unique. We’ve read the first issue and it definitely stands out as something different from everything else on the shelf.

La Diabla #1 (Albatross Funnybooks) – It’s Eric Powell… that alone has us wanting to check this out. Who’s La Diabla? She’s a “fuel injected Latina suicide machine sent to strike down the unroadworthy!” Yeah… sold.

Mighty Morphin #1 (BOOM! Studios) – It’s a whole new era for the Power Rangers… Unlimited Power! Who’s the new Green Ranger? Find out!

Origins #1 (BOOM! Studios) – It’s a thousand years since artificial intelligence killed humans but they’ve brought back to life the person who created the technology that destroyed humanity. Can he restore humanity and stop the AI overlords he created?

Pantomime #1 (Mad Cave Studios) – Kids committing crimes seems to be a popular theme for comics lately and this latest entry has some unique aspects to it, like it taking place at a school for deaf children, has us wanting to check it out.

Red Atlantis #1 (AfterShock) – It’s election day and violence has popped up in various locations across the United States. What’s behind this mystery? Is it the Russians!? The first issue has a very X-Files vibe about it.

Savage Circus #1 (Heavy Metal Magazine) – A gang of criminals descends into a town on Christmas Eve but in their escape, they let loose dangerous circle animals who now terrorize a town!

Sweet Tooth: The Return #1 (DC Comics/DC Black Label) – Jeff Lemire’s beloved series is back with a whole new volume! It’s a fresh start for new readers and of course long time fans can dive in and return to the characters they love.

Tales From the Dark Multiverse: Batman: Hush #1 (DC Comics) – These “what if” stories have been great so far and in this one, Bruce goes to live with his friend Tommy Elliot instead of being taken care of by Alfred.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Jennika II #1 (IDW Publishing) – Jennika has been a hit character and the breakout character is getting a second miniseries. The first was a solid read and we’re expecting much of the same for this.

U.S.Agent #1 (Marvel) – Christopher Priest is writing with Georges Jeanty art in this miniseries that has John Walker now operating as an independent contractor. Priest writing this makes it a must-read and buy for us.

Victor and Nora: A Gotham Love Story (DC Comics) – A new graphic novel about a young Victor Fries meeting Nora Kumar. It’s a tragic tale about living life to the fullest and what it truly means to love…and to let go. These graphic novels from DC have been amazing so far and this one has us really excited to read it.

The Walking Dead Deluxe #2 (Image Comics/Skybound)The Walking Dead is back and now in color with extras but it’s reading this series in the age of COVID that’s the most intriguing thing about it right now.

Wolverine: Black, White, & Red #1 (Marvel) – We’ve read the first issue of this anthology and it’s a fantastic start. It’s definitely mature and full of action but each story is a top-notch read. Well worth picking up and a solid comic you can just read and enjoy and not have to read anything else. Check out our review.

Heavy Metal and the Frazetta Art Museum Partner for Covers, Special Features, and Merchandise

Heavy Metal #305

Heavy Metal Entertainment​ ’s legacy fans know the artwork of Frank Frazetta largely defines the magazine’s historic visual aesthetic, and an arrangement between the publisher and the estate of Frank Frazetta Jr and The Frazetta Art Museum will ensure that new fans will understand this.

Heavy Metal​ and the Frazetta Art Museum​ have agreed that the artwork of Frank Frazetta will be restored to the pages of the magazine, beginning with a special cover for issue #305 in February 2021, with ambitious plans to do more, including special features, variant covers, and more.

A collection of images for covers and merchandise will be curated by Heavy Metal​ and the Frazetta Art Museum​ for 2021 and beyond. Heavy Metal ​ states that at least 4 Frazetta covers will come out next year.

The inaugural cover is an homage to the late Frank Frazetta, a black and white self-portrait that evokes style and elegance. Future covers are being prepped for release along with some unreleased archive art from the master illustrator.

Issue 305 sees CEO Matthew Medney’s Dark Wing, The launch of Patrick Smith’s The Queensbury Company​, Ron Marz’ Swamp God​, Bart and Michelle Sears’ Maiden, and a sit down with Frank Frazetta Jr. to talk art, the museum, his father’s legacy and everything in between.

Heavy Metal #305 ​ will be in-stores February 2021.

Heavy Metal to Release Ranx: The Complete Collection

Heavy Metal Entertainment has announced the release of Ranx: The Complete Collection, a 208 page omnibus featuring the entire RanXerox library.

Ranx, the Italian science fiction graphic novel series by Stefano Tamburini and Tanino Liberatore, follows a bizarre antihero, Ranx, a mechanical cyborg made from discarded photocopier parts. After an unfortunate short circuit, he becomes the victim of fabricated feelings of love for his girlfriend Lubna, a brat, who is permanently high and has an abominable temperament. In a world that is a parody of contemporary society, featuring decadence, consumption, and selfishness, Ranx lives on as the epitome of true love. He is the last “knight in shining armor”. Ranx is a colossus in a world of savages, but don’t look for hidden meaning in these epic stories: they are merely a pretext for a lethal dose of cyberpunk, gratuitous violence, and eroticism. The amazing hyper-realistic art of Liberatore may shock and disturb you. 

This book features the entire RanXerox collection that was serialized in Heavy Metal Magazine from 1983-1999, “Ranx in New York”, “Happy Birthday Lubna”, “Be Bop Lubna”, “I, Me, Mine Incorporated”, “Amen” and “I, Robot”. 

This collection also includes never before seen early strips, “Ranx The Thug” and “Modern Dance”. A Gallery contains covers, pin-up art and sketches.

Ranx: The Complete Collection will be hardcover book, 8.5×11 and will retail for $29.99.

Ranx: The Complete Collection

Heavy Metal Magazine names Joseph Illidge Co-Managing Editor

Joseph Illidge

Joseph Illidge, veteran editor from DC Comics’ Batman universe, is working with the publisher as Co-Managing Editor. Joseph will be working closely with Heavy Metal‘s upper management and creative team to develop new projects from the ground up, and bring his years of experience in editorial worldbuilding and globally-recognized intellectual properties to the Heavy Metal library, starting with the publisher’s upcoming 300th issue.

The news comes after the announcement of David Erwin as the magazine’s publisher. Illidge will continue his work with A Wave Blue World.

Illidge will work alongside Heavy Metal’s CEO Matt Medney as Heavy Metal announces new initiatives and partnerships leading up the publishing their 300th issue.

Heavy Metal Magazine names David Erwin as Publisher and Chief Creative Overlord

photo credit Michael Scott
photo credit Michael Scott

Heavy Metal Magazine has named David Erwin as Publisher and Chief Creative Overlord.

Formerly, David served as Hasbro’s Transformers Creative Lead on their boys’ properties including Micronauts, ROM, and more. Prior to Hasbro, he served as the Executive Creative Director of DC Comics for 16 years, building their portfolio of brands. David Erwin will now lead Heavy Metal into the new era, building on its legacy across all platforms, including TV and Film.

David is known for building major franchise brands by making them relevant to an ever-changing audience across all businesses and consumer engagements. He looks to reignite Heavy Metal brand as the leader in science fiction, fantasy and horror storytelling.

Working alongside Heavy Metal’s CEO Matt Medney, Heavy Metal will be announcing new initiatives and partnerships leading up the publishing their 300th issue.

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