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Review: Never Never #1

Never Never #1

There have been numerous takes on the story of Peter Pan. Some have stuck more towards the traditional story of a boy who never grows up and the young children who follow him to a magical, but dangerous, land. There are stories that spin out of it with the story of what comes next. Then, there’s the twisted takes that dive into the darker and more nefarious aspects of the classic story. Never Never #1 kicks off a new twisted take on the classic tale… and it’s very twisted.

Instead of the Darling children, the story focuses on Winter whose mother is having health issues and the stress has her run away with Petros to the Never, Never. In this magical place the children never grow old, the adults are the enemy… and war rages. With scarce resources and constant battle, the world has twisted its inhabitants past the brink of insanity. And, with the lack of aging… immortality is on the table. This is a story of survival, about a young girl facing a test on an island full of twisted immortal cannibals.

Written by Mark McCann, Never Never #1 gives us a horror take on Peter Pan. It takes its basic building blocks and pushes them to their logical conclusion. If you can never age, wouldn’t you live forever and be immortal? It’s an island and you’re there forever, resources will become an issue eventually. Wouldn’t that drive anyone insane?

The story is a horror story. We’re thrown into the chaos and even expecting a different take on Peter Pan, you’re not prepared for what’s to come. Walls of heads, disembowelment, there’s some brutal stuff here that makes it clear we’re not in the Neverland we knew. Peter is a sadistic child whose brutality is matched by his lack of any empathy. There are no good guys here (so far), only a lot of bad. And we’re thrown into it all like Winter trying to figure out “wtf!?”.

Phil Buckenham‘s art is solid delivering shocking visuals that match McCann’s twisted concepts. Along with Agnese Pozza on colors and David Withers on lettering the art delivers a style and look that’s one of unease. There’s truly a lot that’ll cause you to pause and soak in how off the rails-Eli Roth this story has gone. This is the “torture” take on classic tales that became vogue for a time with horror. Maybe it’s the beginning of more to come. But, much like a lot of the detail in the story, I wasn’t prepared for what the visuals would deliver. It’s definitely unnerving.

Never Never #1 is a shocking debut. I expected a different take on the classic Peter Pan but wasn’t expecting this. It’s definitely an adult take that takes everything to the extreme and has me wanting to check out more. It also has me rethinking the original story as this take highlights some of the holes in the story and world. The team has something very interesting here and hopefully what’s to come isn’t caught up in the shock but instead has just used that as a springboard to shake us out of expectations. This is definitely one to check out for a new twisted take on a classic story.

Story: Mark McCann Art: Phil Buckenham
Ink: Mark Buckenham Color: Agnese Pozza Letterer: David Withers
Story: 8.0 Art: 8.0 Overall: 8.0 Recommendation: Buy

Heavy Metal Entertainment provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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