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Diversity Comic Con Focuses its Programming for Aspiring Comic Writers and Artists

Diversity Comic Con

What happens when you let educators run a comic con? It becomes as much about learning something new as much as it’s about celebrating comics. This year’s Diversity Comic Con at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) is featuring a slew of programming for creators who want to get into the comics industry. The convention has gone virtual and is completely accessible from anywhere on Friday, October 16, and Saturday, October 17.

On Friday, the team behind Bone, Captain Underpants, and Smile from Scholastic Graphix will be talking about young adult and children’s books. Phil Falco (art director), Meagan Peace (editor), and Jonah Newman (editor/writer) will share their work and insights into this rapidly booming market and how a creator can target their work towards it.

On Saturday, a panel discussion called “Using Current Events as Inspiration” will include Kiku Hughes (First Second), LL McKinney (DC Comics), Alex Sanchez (DC Comics), and moderated by Andrea Colvin (Little Brown Books). Creators will talk about how the latest news like COVID and politics can influence comics and perhaps how comics can influence readers.

Another big draw will be the Friday panel on “Breaking into Hollywood” Featuring Alex Segura (Archie Comics), Shanty Hermayn (Trese – Netflix), Vivek Tiwary (Producer of The Fifth Beatle), Robert Scull (Nickelodeon) and moderated by Gamal Hennessy (Entertainment attorney formerly of Marvel Comics).

There will also be Q & As with Shawn Martinbrough (Batman/Black Panther), Mika Song (Donut Feed the Squirrels), and Christian Cooper and Alitha Martinez (Represent: It’s a Bird!) both from DC Comics, who will be talking about the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

This year’s theme is “Black Stories Matter” bringing to the forefront today’s social justice issues. as embodied in the panel discussion “On being Marginalized in Comics” with Amy Chu, Regine Sawyer, and Omar Mirza. Another timely topic will be the talk on “The Impact of COVID 19 on the Comics Industry” with Heidi Macdonald, Andy Schmidt, John Siuntres, Stanford Carpenter, and Gina Gagliano.

Gamal Hennessy Takes You Into The Business of Independent Comic Book Publishing on Kickstarter

The business of comics is chaotic and complex. Enter comic book attorney Gamal Hennessy and his new book, The Business of Independent Comic Book Publishing. This comprehensive and easy-to-understand overview of the business of comic book publishing will be an invaluable resource for anyone interested in becoming a successful comic book professional, whether you’re making the comics or publishing them. Hennessy is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to fund the book, which will run for 30 days.

Featuring a foreword from writer and Heavy Metal executive editor Joseph P Illidge and edited by Aftershock editor-in chief Mike Marts, The Business of Independent Comic Book Publishing is a book by pros, for pros and aspiring creators alike. Hennessy taps into more than 2 decades of experience as an entertainment contracts attorney to break down the complex comics business into layman’s terms. The book addresses questions like:

  • How much money do I need to publish my comic? 
  • How much money should I charge for my comic? 
  • Does social media matter? 
  • How can I work with comic shops to market the comics? 
  • How do I select a printer for my books? 
The Business of Independent Comic Book Publishing

The Business of Independent Comic Book Publishing is organized into three easy-to-read parts (pre-production; production; and post-production), with chapters devoted to topics including intellectual property management; production; distribution; sales and advertising; marketing; and everything in between.

When he’s not practicing law, Hennessy writes novels and The Business of Independent Comic Book Publishing provides both practical business advice and inspiration, from one creator to another. The book provides a comprehensive guide to making comics and bringing them to market, including:

  • Turning your creative ideas into published comics
  • Developing intellectual property that you own and control
  • Creating a business plan tailored for your specific publishing goals
  • Finding and hiring a professional team to create your book and support your business 
  • Understanding the distribution process 
  • Creating comics—that you can be proud of—on time and under budget
  • Using your comics to generate multiple streams of revenue
  • Building a long-term relationship with your readers 

If funded through Kickstarter, pledges will be delivered to backers this October.

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