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Preview: Angel: Season Six, Vol. 2

Angel: Season Six, Vol. 2

Joss Whedon, Brian Lynch, Kelley Armstrong (w) • Stephen Mooney, Franco Urru, Dave Ross, Stefano Martino (a) • Nick Runge (c)

Angel: Season Six picks up where the television series left off! Volume 2 of a two-volume set, this collection contains Angel: After the Fall, Vol. 4, Angel: Aftermath, and Angel: Last Angel in Hell.

TPB • FC • $29.99 • 428 pages • ISBN: 978-1-63140-679-9


Review: Angel Season 6 Vol. 1

Angel Season 6 CoverI am a long time Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan, as I have watched every season of the show to include the continuation in the comics. In the same vein, I have also watched every season of Angel, but have not read any of the comics, and feel like I almost failed as a fan. The reason why I have this feeling is because I am pretty much in the minority of this opinion, and I actually liked Angel more than I did Buffy. I know these words can be considered blasphemy in the Whedonverse, as there would be no Angel without Buffy.

This is all true, but at the same time, one must consider that writing staff at Angel had gotten their footing as far as them knowing who the characters were and they had the mythology figured out. Either way, these characters have taken on a life of their own in the comics. As Buffy has gone on to star in their versions of continuing seasons. While Angel, has continued on as well but in a series of limited series and joint series, such as Angel & Faith.

Before now, they have been collected in trade paperbacks until someone at Dark Horse realized that they can follow the model set forth by Buffy and here we have Angel Season 6. This collection picks right after where the TV shows ended, exploring the reason why the team split up after season 5. This ultimately answers what happened to Los Angeles after it descended into hell. They even show what effect it had on supporting characters like Spike. By volume’s end, it makes a fan wonder if they could have had a budget which would have supported this massive arc.

Altogether, an excellent arc, that not only continues the story for fans of the original show, but pushes these familiar characters in directions that one might have not see n if the TV show continued. The story by Joss Whedon and John Lynch, prove why they are masters of this genre and continue to be the caretakers of this beloved franchise. The art by Franco Urru and Nick Runge presses the limit of comic book art, in the most powerful way. Overall, an excellent collection, that serves more than an appeasement to the fan base but a tribute to them.

Story: Joss Whedon and John Lynch Art: Franco Urru and Nick Runge
Story: 9 Art: 9 Overall: 9 Recommendation: Buy

IDW Publishing provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

Liberty Comics #7 Now on Sale

Liberty Comics #7 is now on sale, featuring stunning cover art by Rob Jones! Just love that retro look to it.

The Golden Age lives again when the Liberty Girl returns in two all-new adventures.

First, it’s a Rob Jones solo stunner when the Liberty Girl takes on the Imperial Japanese heroine know as Zero.

Also in this issue, in “A Tale of Malice,” by Wilson Hill and Franco Urru, it’s Christmas 1932, and the original Giant finds he has hand full trying to control the demon that lives within the soul of the woman he loves.

Finally, when a renegade sorcerer threatens New York City on the eve of World War II, America’s bronze goddess of freedom finds she has “Bigger Problems” to deal with in this new adventure by Peter Aitken, Craig Cermak, and Rob Jones.

Single copy purchases can be made directly from the Heroic Publishing website, at http://www.heroicmultiverse.com/heroicpub/previews/lx07.php.

Comic book retailers can make bulk purchases through the online Heroic Distribution webservice, at http://www.heroicmultiverse.com/heroicdist/preview.php?ic=lx07.

IDW’s Final Angel Story Arc to Bring in New Creators, Old Nemesis

Official Press Release

IDW’s Final ANGEL Story Arc to Bring in
New Creators, Old Nemesis

Wolfram & Hart Return

IDW and Dark Horse Series Converge

San Diego, CA (August 19, 2010) – IDW Publishing today confirmed that it will launch the company’s final ANGEL story arc in November. IDW has published ANGEL comics since 2005, and this closing six-issue arc will serve as a bridge to Dark Horse Publishing, which will pick up the series in late 2011. Under the direction of BUFFY and ANGEL creator Joss Whedon, all parties are working together for as seamless a transition as possible. The companies have been coordinating storylines in both Dark Horse’s BUFFY and IDW’s ANGEL, creating a greater sense of cohesion and cooperation to ensure that this transition is true to both ongoing storylines and to the faithful fans of both series.

News of the upcoming change was recently revealed by Dark Horse Publishing, without coordination with IDW. “Dark Horse really regrets that this news was released before a joint statement from both companies was issued,” said Dark Horse Senior Editor Scott Allie. “Behind the scenes, we’d been working closely with IDW to ensure that the hand-off went smoothly. It was never our intent to catch ANGEL or IDW readers unaware. We’ve been working directly with Chris, Mariah and Brian on the interaction and the overlap between the storylines, and we think it’s gonna be a lot of fun for everyone.”

IDW’s ANGEL #39 is the first step in this closer co-existence. The issue introduces new series writers David TischmanANGEL: BARBARY COAST ) and his TRUE BLOOD co-writer, Mariah Huehner, who kick off IDW’s final six-part storyline entitled “The Wolf, The Ram & The Heart,” which should give fans a good indication of just who the final tale’s “big bad” will be. Longtime ANGEL readers know just how big and how bad Wolfram & Hart can be. Issue #39 is also an excellent jumping on point for new readers, as it begins a new storyline for Angel and his crew.

Chris Ryall, IDW’s Chief Creative Officer said, “We’ve loved the half-decade of publishing the exploits of both ANGEL, and the fan support has been truly inspiring and appreciated. The fact that steps are being taken by both companies to tie the books more closely together is something I’ve long wanted to do. This will not only ensure a smooth hand-off back to Dark Horse, it will also give the fans a cohesive storyline and explain some of the lingering questions they might have. While I hate to see Angel go, I know Joss has a vision for where things are headed and I’m excited to be a part of that.”

Starting in October, Brian Lynch and Franco Urru’s ongoing SPIKE series furthers the coordinated storylines. Not only does BUFFY “Scooby Team” member Willow appear in an upcoming issue of SPIKE, but the series will also explain how Spike appeared in BUFFY in a spaceship accompanied by giant alien bugs.

In addition to the storylines being told in ANGEL and SPIKE, November’s ILLYRIA miniseries by Scott Tipton and ongoing ANGEL artist Elena Casagrande will offer further ties with the two ongoing series, even as it vastly complicates the life of its title character.

Added Ryall, “I have nothing but good memories of our time managing Angel’s affairs. ANGEL was one of the first series I worked on upon joining IDW, and it introduced me to the great David Messina, who’s gone on to tackle the sexy vampires of TRUE BLOOD for us. David, Franco, [ANGEL artist] Elena Casagrande, along with Stephen Mooney, John Byrne and writers like Jeff Mariotte, Lynch, Tipton, Tischman, Juliet Landau and so many other talented folk… it’s truly been one of the most rewarding rides I’ve had at IDW. I trust that the license will be in good hands with Dark Horse.

“I know change is hard for fans – and us publishers, too,” Ryall continued, “but I want to remind everyone that we’re still going strong and have big plans for ANGEL well into 2011. Another point in our favor here is that the reversion nevertheless allows us to keep all of our Angel books in print long after we’ve stopped releasing new ANGEL comics. So the news might be surprising but the fact is, the stories you’ve loved aren’t going away any time soon. We’ve still got one last, big year to come, and we’ll fight the good fight until the end. Angel wouldn’t have it any other way.”

ANGEL #39 ($3.99, 32 pages, full color) will be available in stores in November. Diamond order code SEP10 0373.

SPIKE #1 ($3.99, 32 pages, full color) will be available in stores on October 13th. Diamond order code AUG10 0331.

ILLYRIA #1 (of 4, $3.99, 32 pages, full color) will be available in stores in November. Diamond order code SEP10 0368.

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