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Fairsquare Comics’ Mutiny Magazine #1 Has Sold Out And Getting a New Printing

Mutiny Magazine #1 from FairSquare Comics has sold out at the distributor level on the very day the magazine issue became available, this past Wednesday, November 24th.

Mutiny Magazine is focused on diversity and inclusion and brings mainstream and indie comics together through original comic stories, interviews, and feature stories. Issue #1 debuted with four different covers from Darick Robertson, Gene Ha, Karen S. Darboe, and Marguerite Sauvage.

Mutiny Magazine #1 features interviews with top-tier comic creators: Garth Ennis, Stephanie Phillips, Ray-Anthony Height, Maria Llovet, and Sal Buscema. Original comic stories in the issue (with 50+ pages of content) are created by comic all-stars and on the-verge indie creators, including: Brandon Thomas, Steven Harris, Fabrice Sapolsky, Ibrahim Moustafa, Éric Hérenguel, Izzy Salhani, Alex Schumacher, Mark Stafford, and many more.

The issue also includes feature stories about Marvel’s What If…?, Felix the Cat, and much more.

The first issue will be sent back to press with a new cover and be offered in the January edition of PREVIEWS for a March release along with the second issue which will be released March 9, 2022.

FairSquare Comics Inks Exclusive Distribution Deal with Diamond Book Distributors

Diamond Book Distributors has announced that it has signed a distribution agreement with FairSquare Comics to exclusively distribute its products to the North American book market.

FairSquare Comics is a comic book and graphic novel publisher founded in 2019 by Fabrice Sapolsky, co-creator of Marvel’s Spider-Man Noir and former Senior Editor at Humanoids. The company is driven to promote immigrants, minorities, and under-represented creators in the world of comics. This mission is emphasized in FairSquare’s company mantra, “comics for the rest of us.” FairSquare Comics utilizes a multilayered approach to their publishing, which provides a home for both company-owned and creator-owned content. FairSquare GREEN represents the core line and books, graphic novels, and comics fully owned by the company; FairSquare PURPLE represents books from other creators, which are fully creator-owned; and FairSquare BLUE represents magazines, merchandise, and other endeavors.

FairSquare Comics boasts an ever-growing library of works, with comic books and graphic novels ranging from action/adventure to mysteries, anthologies, and everything in between. A crime-comedy series, One-Hit Wonder focuses on a former child-star turned hitman for the Hollywood mafia. Noir is the New Black is a graphic novel anthology collecting sixteen noir stories written and drawn by black creators, featuring the voices of well-known black creators as well as a new generation of writers and artists. Intertwined, the first-ever Kung Fu Noir graphic novel, tells the tale of a hero, a protector of the Elements, from the perspective of an immigrant. LADY-BIRD tells the story of two young women, living 100+ years apart, and mysteriously connected. But their goal is the same: freeing themselves from patriarchy, abuse, and exploitation.

Noir is the New Black Delivers 100% Creator-Owned Black Noir Comic Stories

Black Noir maybe the world’s best-kept secret in entertainment. A variation on the Noir fiction genre popularized by writers like Dashiell Hammett or Mikey Spillane. Except Black Noir blends this classic style with an African American point of view. A unique and powerful perspective brought to modern literature by authors such as Walter Mosley, Chester Himes or Paula L. Woods. In movies too, the Black Noir genre proved very popular, from the late 1960s to the 21st century. And while, many of these early movies, like Shaft, Sweet Sweetback’s Badassss Song (both,1971), Cool Breeze (1972) or any Pam Grier movie, were often part of the so-called “Blaxploitation wave”, the most recent efforts have put black moviemakers in charge of their own creations. Directors like John Singleton, Carl Franklin, F.Gary Gray and, of course, Spike Lee have explored the Black Noir genre in many interesting ways. 

While many comics and graphic novel have featured Black Noir stories through the years, never have these kind of stories been gathered in one place in such a powerful way. For the first time, some of the best creators in modern comics agreed to band together to produce the finest Black Noir stories ever: a collection of 13 short stories from the past, present, and future. Noir is the New Black will be a nexus, where reality and fiction collide.

The Noir is the New Black anthology is also an occasion to showcase new talents. The popular hashtag #DrawingWhileBlack, gave the world a glimpse of the amazing amount of Black creativity. And rather than waiting for other publishers to open doors, new publisher FairSquare Comics decided to make the first move. The next generation of talents as well as creators who’ve been around for a long time but were still undiscovered will take part in Noir is the New Black. A total of 25 writers, artists, color artists and letterers. Most of them Black Americans, but also a handful coming from France, Italy, and Canada.

Creators include Brandon Thomas (Excellence), Greg Burnham (Tuskegee Heirs), Sanford Greene (Bitter Root), Koi Turnbull (Fathom), Brandon Easton (Judge Dredd), Melody Cooper (OMNI), Christian Cooper (Starfleet Academy), Marcus Williams (Tuskegee Heirs), MD Marie (Vindication), Don Walker (Agent: Wild), Hannibal Tabu (Artifacts), Frank Yeiger (Sword of the Free), Greg A. Elysee (Is’Nana: The Were Spider), Regine Sawyer (Ice Witch), N.Steven Harris (Michael Cray), Sylvain Despretz (Storyboarder for Ridley Scott and Guillermo Del Toro — among others), Ray-Anthony Height (Miles Morales, Midnight Tiger), Afua Richardson (World of Wakanda), Dorphise Jean, Vlad Alexis, David Brame, Mel Milton, Teena Stone, Karen S. Darboe, Guile, and more.

The Noir is the New Black Kickstarter runs until August 21.