The Silver Age is back with Photonik: Man of Light #1

Calling all classic comic lovers! FairSquare Comics has announced a first-time American release of the cult-classic French comic sensation Photonik: Man of Light!

Written and Drawn by Ciro Tota, Photonik: Man of Light stars a trio of outcasts ready to save the day while society rejects them, so if you love classic comic hero stories from the silver-age that are just as relevant today, buckle up and get ready to fall in love with this big-hearted, feel good action series!

Photonik: Man of Light may have been written and drawn in the early 1980s by a French creator of Italian descent, but it’s still shockingly relevant and universal. The book explores a variety of themes through its hero’s adventures: Thaddeus Tenterhook, who suffers from Kyphosis (hunchback), and his acolytes Dr. Ziegel (a Holocaust survivor with superpowers) and Tom Thumb (a stray kid who rarely misses any shot he takes).

Now offered for the first time in the United States, Photonik: Man of Light #1 comes with three fabulous covers from series creator Ciro Tota, Stephane Roux and Ivan Fiorelli. In stores this week, February 22nd!

Photonik: Man of Light #1