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Review: Star Wars: Revelations #1

Star Wars: Revelations #1

In the recent foray for Star Wars, Andor , we see the rise of a revolution. We find out exactly what happens when people have enough. When a society is oppressed, they eventually will push back. This holds true for most environments, even not on a national stage. I have seen potboilers in combat situations, where people lose all composure, because of someone acting tyrannical.

Eventually, no one suffer fools or injustice. As people who do things because they feel they are in the right, is because of self preservation. The reality is, it is a perversion of the truth, it is a lie they tell themselves so that they can sleep at night. In Star Wars: Revelations #1 we find out when the people the Empire is supposed to serve, fights back.

We find Darth Vader as he seeks guidance from the Webbish Bog, as he senses an unseen threat headed his way. As Lady Q’Ra has found the Fermata Cage, something the Emperor needs and he dispatches Vader to secure it. We also catch Luke, as he senses a disturbance in the force,  as they arrive on Klugson’s Moon,  a planet not on any interstellar chart, where they encounter Ajax Omega,  a onetime revolutionary droid, who looked to supplant sentient beings, which leads to a skirmish between the two. By the issue’s end, Vader escapes an ambush and is even more determined to extinguish the enemies of the Empire.

Overall, Star Wars: Revelations #1 is a muddled mess of an issue. The story by Guggenheim is action packed but looks to do too much in one issue. It teases what’s to come at the detriment of entertainment. The art by the creative team is gorgeous. Altogether, Star Wars: Revelations #1 is an issue that doesn’t quite live up to its ambition and mission.

Story: Marc Guggenheim Art: Salvador Larroca, Pere Pérez, Emma Kubert, Justin Mason, Paul Fry
Ink: Wayne Faucher Color: Guru-eFX, Dono Sánchez-Almara Letterer: Ariana Maher
Story: 6.0 Art: 8.0 Overall: 7.0 Recommendation: Read

Marvel provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

Purchase: comiXology/Kindle

Darth Vader witnesses the startling future that awaits in Star Wars: Revelations #1

Marvel’s Star Wars comic series are on course for a monumental 2023 and it all begins on November 23 in Star Wars: Revelations #1! The giant-sized one-shot will reveal what lies ahead in ongoing titles Star WarsStar Wars: Darth VaderStar Wars: Doctor Aphra, and Star Wars: Bounty Hunters, as well as the epic upcoming limited series, Star Wars: Hidden Empire. Set during the era after Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, Marvel’s line of Star Wars comics have redefined the Star Wars mythos with bold sagas set during this largely unexplored time period. These stories are far from over and Star Wars: Revelations #1 will lay the groundwork for the major turning points to come for these adventures as they continue to head towards an unpredictable future.

Written by Marc Guggenheim and illustrated by Salvador Larroca, Pere Pérez, Emma Kubert, Justin Mason, and Paul Fry, Star Wars: Revelations is set amidst the infamous lava pools of Mustafar but will take readers across all corners of the galaxy. Join Darth Vader as he watches the very destiny of the Rebellion, the Empire, Doctor Aphra, and the galaxy’s most notorious bounty hunters in a vision that will leave him and fans breathless.

Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, Lando Calrissian and the Rebel Alliance are struggling to thwart the Galactic Empire’s stranglehold on countless worlds. Vader ruthlessly hunts for those who stand against the Empire, aided by none other than Sabé–former handmaiden of his lost love, Padmé Amidala. Beilert Valance finds himself on a collision course against his former partner T’onga and her crew of bounty hunters. The Spark Eternal, an archaic technology that grants users Sith-like powers…has taken control of archaeologist Doctor Chelli Aphra. And Lady Qi’ra, leader of the Crimson Dawn crime syndicate, is ready to unleash an ambitious offensive aimed at destroying the Sith and wrenching power from the hands of the Empire. All of these seemingly disparate threads are woven into a singular tapestry that will become strikingly clear in Star Wars: Revelations. And that’s not all. Vader will also learn of a deadly new threat that’s about to emerge. Meet AJAX SIGMA, a droid unlike any other. Discover his rich Star Wars-history spanning backstory and watch in terror as he reawakens with a goal that will shake the galactic landscape to its core!

Don’t miss this dramatic chapter in Star Wars comics storytelling when Star Wars: Revelations #1 arrives on November 23. It features covers by Phil Noto, Peach Momoko, Bryan Hitch, and Jim Cheung.

Preview: Wolverine #25

Wolverine #25

(W) Ben Percy (A) Emma Kubert, Andrea DiVito, Various (CA) Adam Kubert
In Shops: Oct 12, 2022
SRP: $4.99

A desperate race to the top of the world forces WOLVERINE to team-up with SOLEM! But will the HAND’S HELLBRIDE bring them to an untimely end, or will the CELESTIAL doom the unlikely team-up? PLUS: BAR BRAWL! A rough and tumble 25th issue celebratory story with an array of artists ready to unleash some adamantium-laced action!

Wolverine #25

Radiant Pink joins the Radiant Black Massive-verse in December

Join streaming superstar Meghan Camarena, rising-star writer Melissa Flores, and third-generation comics artist Emma Kubert for the upcoming five issue miniseries Radiant Pink. This galaxy-hopping thrill ride will join Radiant Black, Rogue Sun, Radiant Red, The Dead Lucky, and C.O.W.L. in the expanding shared Massive-Verse of superheroes this December from Image Comics.

In Radiant Pink, life is good for Eva. Ever since teleporting superhero Radiant Pink (her secret alter ego) started guesting on her streams, her view count has skyrocketed—and fame and fortune are surely close behind. But when a charity appearance is interrupted by a squad of mercenaries hunting for the Radiant that powers her, Eva will find herself very far out of her comfort zone.

Kyle Higgins & Marcelo Costa’s breakout hit Radiant Black took superhero storytelling to new heights when it launched in 2021—but Radiant Black isn’t the only character inhabiting the growing Massive-Verse. Each character has a different story to tell, different adversaries to face… and they each occupy a very different corner of this shared superhero universe. Now’s the time to get into the Massive-Verse.

Radiant Pink #1 will be available on Wednesday, December 7 in print at comic book shops and digitally across many platforms, including Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, and Google Play:

  • Cover A Kubert – Diamond Code OCT220038
  • Cover B Tom Whalen – Diamond Code OCT220039
  • Cover C 1:25 copy incentive by Kelly McMahon – Diamond Code OCT220040
Radiant Pink #1

Around the Tubes

It’s one of two new comic book days! What are you all getting? What are you excited for? Sound off in the comments. While you think about that, here’s some comic news and reviews from around the web.

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Marvel and Rob Liefeld Celebrate 40 Years of New Mutants

Announced earlier this week, Marvel will celebrate the 40th anniversary of New Mutants with a giant-sized issue! Crafted by current series writer Vita Ayala, New Mutants #30 will be a collection of stories commemorating classic and new characters alike and feature artwork by talents such as Alex Lins, Jason Loo, Emma Kubert, and more. In honor of the book’s milestone year, Rob Liefeld, one of the New Mutants’ most impactful creators, will return to the title with a new variant cover!

Coming on board during the final issues of the original run of New Mutants, Liefeld transformed the title with the introduction of breakout characters like Deadpool, Cable, and Domino and evolved the group of mutant teen super heroes into the mutant strike team X-Force. Liefeld’s new cover gives fans a rare look at the superstar artist’s take on iconic New Mutants characters who departed the team prior to Liefeld’s launch of X-Force.

Check out the cover below and stay tuned for more announcements about this extraordinary issue of New Mutants coming in September! 

New Mutants #30 Liefeld Variant

Marvel Celebrates 40 Years of New Mutants

In 1982, X-Men visionary Chris Claremont and legendary comic book artist Bob McCleod expanded the mutant mythos with the first of many X-Men spinoff books: New Mutants. Introducing the next generation of mutantkind with hard-hitting, thrilling coming-of-age adventures, the series represented a profound shift for the franchise and is celebrated for its diverse and layered cast of characters and its influential, and at times experimental, storytelling. Over the last 40 years, New Mutants has continued to be a timeless yet contemporary voice for the marginalized youth who must grow up in a harsh, cruel world. This September, Marvel Comics is proud to honor the anniversary of this groundbreaking series with a supersized issue! Crafted by current series writer Vita Ayala, New Mutants #30 will be a mosaic love letter dedicated to the mutant youngsters who have become the beacon and hope of a new generation of X-Men. Commemorating classic and new characters alike, this collection of shorts featuring artwork by talents such as Alex Lins, Jason Loo, Emma Kubert, and more, celebrates four decades’ worth of the joys and tribulations of being young, brave and gifted in the world of X.

In honor of the book’s anniversary issue, McCleod has returned to his creation, showcasing the team’s original roster on a new variant cover.

The issue will also feature a fourth-wall-breaking short by special guest writer Alyssa Wong, starring one of the most popular characters to debut in the series—Deadpool!

Check out the covers below by Rafael De Latorre and McCleod and stay tuned for more news, including story details and creative announcements, about this monumental New Mutants issue coming in September!

New Frank Miller Presents Details Revealed

Ronin by Philip Tan and Daniel Henriques
Ronin by Philip Tan and Daniel Henriques

One of the more intriguing announcements of the year is the new publisher Frank Miller Presents. Founded by comic legend Frank Miller, the publisher is looking to both the past and future to chart its course. During the announcement it was revealed that some of Miller’s older properties would return while brand new ones would debut. Joining Miller in the venture is Dan DiDio as Editor in Chief and president and Silenn Thomas as COO. DiDio will spill some of those at this weekend’s Megacon but ahead of the convention some have been revealed.

Ronin was originally published by DC in 1983 and 84 and was a samurai story set in a dark future. Philip Tan and inker Daniel Henriques will be the team behind a sequel featuring layouts by Miller. The story will explore the life of Casey McKenna, a security officer pursuing the nameless Ronin and who had a child with him.

Sin City returns with Sin City 1858 that will be written and drawn by Miller. Set in the Wild West, the series will feature familiar names. The once only black and white series will get a one-issue special in color featuring artist Milo Manara.

New projects include Ancient Enemies created and designed by Danilo Beyruth and Didio and others created by Miller. DiDio will write the series. It focuses on an old war between alien races.

Pandora is a sci-fi fantasy story written by Anthony Maranville and Chris Silvestri and drawn by Emma Kubert. It’s described as a “fairy tale-like beauty and a genuine spookiness”.

Recently, it was announced that Frank Miller Presents had inked an exclusive distribution deal with Diamond. It’s expected to release 2 to 4 titles a year with the first being released later in 2022.

(via New York Times)

Marvel’s Greatest Heroines Shine in the Women of Marvel Trailer

Hitting stands this week, Women of Marvel #1 continues the tradition of highlighting Marvel heroes in an all-new collection of tales crafted by a lineup of incredible women creators! From seasoned veterans to up-and-coming talent, Women of Marvel #1 gives writers and artists the chance to put their own spin on beloved heroines, showing the fire, mystery, grace and joy that makes them phenomenal women. Get your first look at the adventures below in the all-new Women of Marvel #1 trailer, featuring never-before-seen artwork!

  • A Squirrel Girl and Black Widow team-up against a maniacal villain in a story that explores the complexities of super hero identities by Hugo award winning writer Charlie Jane Anders and artist Emma Kubert
  • An action-packed Shanna the She-Devil and Silver Sable short sees the jungle ladies battle against wild animal poachers by award winning video game script writer Rhianna Pratchett and artist Alina Erofeeva
  • A dark Jessica Jones tale of compulsion and redemption from celebrated creator Jordie Bellaire and drawn by rising star Zoe Thorogood
  • A fun-filled page-flipper of Black Cat’s greatest failures and latest triumphs by novelist Preeti Chhibber and superstar artists Jen Bartel, Marguerite Sauvage, Eleonora Carlini, Ann Maulina, and Claire Roe
  • A story of magic and hope starring Scarlet Witch by the wildly popular creator Mirka Andolfo, making her Marvel Comics writing debut alongside artist Sumeyye Kesgin

Preview: Red Sonja: Black, White, Red #8

Red Sonja: Black, White, Red #8

writer: Dan Abnett, Anthony Marques, Vincenzo Federici
artist: George Kambadais, Vincenzo Federici, Emma Kubert
covers: David Mack (A), Mirko Colak (B), Jonathan Lau (C), Cosplay (D), Mirko Colak (E-RI/BW), Jonathan Lau (F-RI/BW), Cosplay (G-RI/Virgin), David Mack (H-RI/BW)
FC | 40 pages | Sword and Sorcery | $4.99 | Teen+

The greatest tales, the best creators, brought to you in beautiful black, white and red!

Red Sonja: Black, White, Red #8
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