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Explore the horrors of 2099 weekly in January with Miguel O’Hara – Spider-Man 2099!

This January, the 2099 revolution continues! Following his acclaimed work in Spider-Man 2099: Exodus and Spider-Man 2099: Dark Genesis, writer Steve Orlando returns to everyone’s favorite dystopian future, and this time, he’s bringing all sorts of horrors along for the ride!

Featuring artwork by a host of industry talent including superstar artists and exciting Marvel newcomers, Miguel O’Hara – Spider-Man 2099 is a five-part limited series that will hit stands weekly throughout January. Kick start the new year with Marvel 2099’s greatest defender and Spider-Verse icon Miguel O’Hara as he slays his way through 2099 versions of classic Marvel horror characters. Amidst the monstrous showdowns, Orlando and his collaborators will continue to revitalize the world of 2099 for a new age with bold worldbuilding and fascinating new takes on Marvel heroes.

Influenced by cyberpunk and set in a harsh corporate-run society, 2099 has held a special place in the Marvel multiverse and in fan’s hearts for over thirty years. Discover what awaits during Marvel’s next venture into this strange world!

BEWARE – MARVEL ZOMBIE: 2099! In Miguel O’Hara – Spider-Man 2099 #1, Steve Orlando and artist Devmalya Pramanik kick things off with the introduction of the MARVEL ZOMBIE of 2099, as Miguel O’Hara teams up with BLADE 2099 to take on this horrific new threat to Nueva York. Behold the Marvel Zombie of 2099! He lives! He strikes! And no spider can hold him! Will Spider-Man be able to stop the ever-evolving zombie infection before it takes hold of his mother and the citizens of the Barrio?

BEWARE – THE LUNAR TOMB OF DRACULA!In Miguel O’Hara – Spider-Man 2099 #2, Orlando and Michael Dowling bring back Dracula! The moon is under attack, and Spider-Man must team up with Moon Knight 2099 to save it. And our celestial web-slinger is going to need some new armor to get through it all!

BEWARE – WEREWOLF UNLEASHED! In Miguel O’Hara – Spider-Man 2099 #3, Orlando and artist Jason Muhr deliver an over-the-top Monster Mash for the 100th legacy issue of Spider-Man 2099. Cursed by blood — it’s WEREWOLF BY 2099! Spider-Man must take on this new cursed soul in a no-holds-barred battle!

BEWARE – TOMORROW’S TERROR INCORPORTED! In Miguel O’Hara – Spider-Man 2099 #4, Orlando and artist Chris Campana bring Terror back to his horrific roots. Spider-Man must go up against THE NEW TERROR INC. and body parts will fly! Can Spider-Man get Terror to finally change his ways?

BEWARE – REBIRTH OF THE MAN-THING! In Miguel O’Hara – Spider-Man 2099 #5, Orlando and artist Stefano Raffaele introduce 2099’s version of Man-Thing when Spider-Man must find a way to save the lives (and data) of the people of Nueva York from the monster’s burning touch! What does this new shambling monstrosity mean for the future of Nueva York? Also featuring the return of the Specialist!

In addition, Nick Bradshaw will once again grace 2099 with his outstanding cover work! Check out all five Miguel O’Hara – Spider-Man 2099 covers now and witness the startling new Marvel 2099 epic this January!

Preview: The Vigil #5 (of 6)

The Vigil #5 (of 6)

(W) Ram V (A) Sid Kotian, Dev Pramanik
In Shops: Sep 19, 2023
SRP: $3.99

/…/ /Who are the Vigil?/ /Castle file loading… This 12-year-old boy is believed to be the latest member of the Vigil, known only by the code name Castle. He possesses a level of skill and cunning that surpasses even our most seasoned operatives…including the Bat-vigilante known as Oracle. Keep your eyes peeled for more information on Castle. Remember, discretion is key–you are being watched. Stay vigilant. And stay tuned for more./ /…/ /you are being watched./

The Vigil #5 (of 6)

Crypt of Shadows returns with more chilling tales

This October, take another frightening journey through the shadows of the Marvel Universe in Crypt of Shadows #1! The hit one-shot is back for another year of tales starring some of the spookiest characters comics has to offer. The crypt will be reopened and the creatures, monsters, and ghouls of the Marvel Universe will emerge in this collection of terrifying and easily accessible stories that will haunt new fans and longtime readers alike this Halloween season!

Once more, as All Hallows’ Eve draws nigh, the dust-covered slab that seals shut the crypt, blocking out the sun and casting it forever in shadow, has creaked open to let the darkness loose to prey on the Marvel Universe! Be they mercenary or mage, guided by law or by rage, our heroes will face their terror, and they’d best pray their spines are sturdy enough for the job…or the crypt they find may well be their own! Read on if you dare to discover what awaits in this year’s Crypt of Shadows #1:

  • Victor Strange, younger brother of Doctor Strange, goes deeper than ever into the crypt as he once again plays host to the frightful festivities in a framing story by writer Al Ewing and artist Paul Davidson.
  • Writer Cavan Scott and artist Devmalya Pramanik present a devilishly delightful Deadpool story that features the classic horror charterer the Living Mummy and sets him up for an exciting new status quo!
  • Current Scarlet Witch scribe Steve Orlando and artist Paul Azaceta are telling a Scarlet Witch story where she faces a terrifying new villain called the Bricklayer!
  • Writer Sarah Gailey and artist Eder Messias explore “man vs. monster” in a tale starring Werewolf by Night and the Hulk!
  • The swamp creature who burns all who know fear battles alongside the man without fear! See Daredevil and Man-Thing team up for a spine-tingling adventure from writer Declan Shalvey and artist Alex Lins.

Check out the cover below by Leinil Francis Yu and stay tuned for more news aboutCrypt of Shadows #1

Crypt of Shadows #1

Mother Russia and more from CEX Publishing in June 2023


Written & Illustrated by JEFF MCCOMSEY
Retailer Price: $4.99
On Sale 07/26

One baby. One rifle. Two million zombies! As a zombie apocalypse breaks out in WWII, a Soviet sniper risks her life to protect an innocent baby boy. From Jeff McCommsey, the creator behind the hit MOTHER RUSSIA: WINTER SPECIAL and introducing rising star guest cover artist Ugis Berzins!

Don’t miss the 1-in-10 incentive cover by Michael Avon Oeming!

Lunar Product Codes 0423CX244 /  0423CX245 /  0423CX246

Cover A: 79394597460300111
Cover B: 79394597460300121
Cover C: 79394597460300131


Written & Illustrated by JOSEPH SCHMALKE
Retailer Price: $4.99
On Sale 07/26

Months have passed since the massacre at the Academy of Black Magic where seven children lost their lives. Now someone is sabotaging other students leading to deadly results. A mysterious and disturbed class member, Zero, is under suspicion as the possible saboteur while Matthew and the other apprentice mages prepare to be tested and placed into one of five houses.

Featuring a 1:10 variant cover by horror-Meister Richard Pace!

Lunar Product Codes 0423CX247 /  0423CX248 /  0423CX249

Cover A: 79394597454200311
Cover B: 79394597454200321
Cover C: 79394597454200331



Retailer Price: $22.95
On Sale 07/26

In the Vikingverse, the Norse rule the stars with restless fleets and an iron will. But when the thralls rebel, turning to the artifice of Norns to help them escape their bondage, the natural order is thrown into chaos.

ISBN 978-1-954255-16-6

Review: Vampire: the Masquerade: Winter’s Teeth #1

Vampire: the Masquerade #1

The White Wolf/Onyx Path RPG Vampire: the Masquerade returns to comics courtesy of Vault, and this issue is a wonderful entry point into a complex world of alliances, hierarchies, and yes, bloodthirst. Tim Seeley, Devmalya Pramanik, and Addison Duke handle the lead story of Vampire: the Masquerade #1 focusing on Cecily Bain, who is muscle for a vampire clan in Minneapolis. However, she also has a fiercely independent streak and the tiniest trace of a soft side beneath her murderous, take no shit attitude. On the flip side is Tini Howard, Blake Howard, and Nathan Gooden’s backup story about the anarch, Colleen, who isn’t beholden to the Twin Cities power struggle and just wants to make sure her and her vampire buddies survive to the next day. It was really nice to get two incredibly different perspectives on this rich world, especially as a newcomer to the franchise. (My only real exposure to Vampire the Masquerade was in the Baphomet/Morrigan-centric issue of WicDiv even though the lore has always fascinated, and I picked up some of the RPG sourcebooks via Humble Bundle.)

Seeley and Pramanik set up Cecily as an anti-hero with a heart of gold in Vampire: the Masquerade #1’s opening story. She proves her ruthlessness by killing the clan accountant’s girlfriend (He’s just valuable enough.) in the opening scene, but then she shows tenderness with her sister Karen, who has dementia, and a new vampire, Ali. Pramanik with the help of colorist Addison Duke uses intense shadows to create intimacy in their visuals and hint that Cecily is strongly considering turning Karen into a vampire so she doesn’t have to deal with the pain of completely losing her and also that her youth is restored.

This concern for the weak continues to Ali, who was sired by an anonymous vampire and is clan-less drifter in a highly hierarchical world except this may not be the case thanks to some suspenseful silent sequences from Seeley and Pramanik. Visually, Devmalya Pramanik and Addison Duke lean into an industrial, post-punk vibe that hints at past “glory days” for Cecily and Karen and also hinting that Cecily might have a sense of nostalgia between her tough, get the job done veneer. Her interest in alternative culture and music does dovetail nicely with her refusal to be more of a company woman and just do her job for the Prince instead of getting the vampire clan equivalent of a desk job and lose some of her precious freedom. (And, by extension, a lack of prying eyes on Karen.)

In both stories, Tim Seeley, Tini Howard, and Blake Howard lean on characterization and easy-to-connect-with personal relationships instead of the deep Vampire the Masquerade lore to drive the story. Without the vampirism, Colleen and her band of anarchs (Basically, vampire without a cause.) could be young people with wanderlust that favor the open road instead of stable jobs and lifestyles. The character sheet for Colleen (And Cecily too, while we’re here.) adds real depth to her character and the messed up relationship with her husband/sire Mitch and also acts as a rare peek at the bottom of the author’s theoretical iceberg. The backup is a free spirit to the rigid structures that Cecily encounters in the main story, and Addison Duke uses a lighter palette because as a thin blood, Colleen can actually go out during the day. The Howards and Gooden’s story adds depth and perspective via a momentum-filled On the Road with vampires plotline instead of relying on boring exposition to show what life as another kind of vampire is like.

With two memorable leads and a focus on showing readers what it’s like in the universe instead of exhaustively explaining its rules, Vampire: the Masquerade #1 is an enjoyable read even if you’re not familiar with the RPG. The dual nature of immortality shows up a lot in the comic, but Tim Seeley, Tini Howard, Blake Howard, Devmalya Pramanik, Nathan Gooden, and basically Gothic set-dresser Addison Duke dive into other implications of being a vampire in this world like navigating bureaucracies and complicated interpersonal relationship. Hey, it sounds like the real world, but with hotter outfits, blood, and fangs.

Story: Tim Seeley, Tini Howard, Blake Howard
 Art: Devmalya Pramanik, Nathan Gooden
Colors: Addison Duke Letters: Andworld

Story: 7.9 Art: 8.7 Overall: 8.5 Recommendation: Buy

Vault provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

Purchase: comiXologyKindleZeus Comics

Vampire: The Masquerade #1 Gets a Variant David Mack Cover

Vault has announced a set of new Vampire: The Masquerade #1 variant covers from legendary artist David Mack.

The gorgeous, painted piece by Mack will come in two different printed variants. The first, in a lush purple and blue, will be a standard, open order variant. The blood red version will be a special, deluxe variant, printed on thick card stock, with silver foiling and spot-gloss highlights, and will retail for $9.99. 

Each issue of the Vampire: The Masquerade will include exclusive material for Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition of the tabletop RPG from Modiphius Entertainment. These materials enable readers to play alongside the unfolding comic events in their own in-game chronicles.

Sink your teeth into the hidden world of vampires, ghouls, and hunters who live in the shadows and scheme among us. In the comic series, Cecily Baine, an enforcer for the Twin Cities’ elite cabal of Kindred (vampires), takes a mysterious young vampire under her wing and is swept up in a conspiracy that can shake the foundations of vampire society. 

Vampire: The Masquerade is co-written by Tim SeeleyTini Howard, and Blake Howard, with art by Devmalya Pramanik and Nathan Gooden, with colors by Addison Duke, letters by AndWorld Design, design by Tim Daniel, and covers by Aaron CampbellNathan Gooden, and David Mack. The first issue will hit store shelves on August 5th, 2020. 

When Cecily Brine, a courier for the Twin Cities Camarilla, takes a mysterious younger vampire under her wing, she’s dragged into an insidious conspiracy. Will she be able to escape with her unlife and protect her aging, Alzheimer’s afflicted sister, or will she be yet another pawn sacrificed to the Masquerade?

Meanwhile, an Anarch coterie investigates a mysterious killing.

Vampire: The Masquerade Comes to Comics from Tim Seeley, Tini & Blake Howard, Devmalya Pramanik, Nathan Gooden, Addison Duke, Aaron Campbell, and Vault

Vault Comics has announced that they have partnered with Paradox Interactive to publish the official Vampire: The Masquerade comic book series. The first comic in the series will be available for purchase from comics retailers across the US in July 2020. The comic is co-written by Tim SeeleyTini Howard, and Blake Howard, drawn by Devmalya PramanikNathan Gooden, and colored by Addison Duke, with covers by Aaron Campbell.

From the internationally bestselling World of Darkness universe, Vault brings readers an official Vampire: The Masquerade comic series. Sink your teeth into the hidden world of vampires, ghouls, and hunters who live in the shadows and scheme among us. In the comic series, Cecily Baine, an enforcer for the Twin Cities’ elite cabal of Kindred (vampires), takes a mysterious young vampire under her wing and is swept up in a conspiracy that can shake the foundations of vampire society. 

Each issue will include exclusive material for Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition of the tabletop RPG from Modiphius Entertainment. These materials enable readers to play alongside the unfolding comic events in their own chronicles.

Vampire The Masquerade #1

Preview: Adventure Time Comics Vol. 4 SC

Adventure Time Comics Vol. 4 SC

Publisher: KaBOOM!, an imprint of BOOM! Studios
Writers: Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Max Davison, Jai Nitz, David DeGrand, Justin Jordan, Crystal Skillman & Fred Van Lente, E Jackson, Anoosha Syed, Marie Enger, Jenna Ayoub, Ben Passmore, Bethany Sellers, Leah Williams, Ian Herring, Kinoko Evans
Artists: Antonio Sandoval, Luca Claretti, Devmalya Pramanik, David DeGrand, Mattia Di Meo, Daniele Di Nicuolo, E Jackson, Anoosha Syed, Marie Enger, Jenna Ayoub, Ben Passmore, Bethany Sellers, Ryan Jampole, Ian Herring, Kinoko Evans
Cover Artist: Paul Pope
Price: $14.99

Dive into mathematical shorts from across the the Land of Ooo, written and illustrated by acclaimed writers and artists from around the world.Collects issues #13-16.

Review: Paradiso #2

Paradiso2The new post-apocalyptic fantasy series Paradiso is like a spectacular cake that is missing a critical ingredient. It has hard edged, yet gorgeous art from Devmalya Pramanik, an emotional color palette from Dearbhla Kelly, and some smart world-building from writer Ram V, who makes the cloud and big data responsible from taking Earth from a more utopian Blade Runner to the planet Jakku meets Mad Max Fury Road. However, the book lacks a real human element, especially in its main character Jack, who spends a lot of Paradiso #2 bumping around as a scavenger in Paradiso while his friend, Noira, who is left behind relives the best moment of Paradise #1, which was Jack using his magical/technological abilities to activate a toy for a child in a world where all the lights have gone off. Some of that same vibrant hope can be found in Pramanik’s faces, but it doesn’t bleed into the rest of the story, especially the plot. It’s a fascinating world, but still with no entry point for readers beyond some nebulous going to the big city to start a new life storyline.

But let’s start with some positives. Paradiso #2 is a rusty, yet beautiful vision of the future from Pramanik and Kelly because it’s set in a world where a toy lighting up and talking is cause for alarm. Kelly mostly works in the shadows, but when she does use a brighter palette, like a yellow or white, it’s a cause for hope or fear. With the help of Pramanik’s detailed architecture, she is also able to show the difference between pre and post-Midnight (An EMP-like event that triggered the apocalypse.) by using a flatter or fuller color palette.

Pramanik is no slouch when it comes to storytelling using a nine panel grid to lay out a chase scene that belongs in a much better comic with the protagonist Jack hanging for life by a thread on the bleak city cliffs of Paradiso while hallucinating about a mysterious hat and coat wearing, but faceless being. There’s a bunch of cool imagery that evokes the post-apocalyptic sci-fi work of Sean Murphy, Matteo Scalera (Black Science), or even Geof Darrow, but less gore and more tinker toys. Devmalya Pramanik would make a great storyboard artist. Paradiso is something that I would definitely flip through if they ever made an “Art Of”, but it’s lacking in both the character and plot momentum department.

The climax of Paradiso #2 is the aforementioned chase where Jack jumps, falls, and runs around a ruined cityscape before meeting a “friend”, the hard nosed Vance, who is either a mentor figure or antagonist masquerading as one. However, this setpiece doesn’t feel earned because Jack is still more cipher than character, a kind of grungy “magical boy”, and his pursuers are even more one dimensional. The scene is well-drawn and smooth, but there’s no real suspense even though if Ram V, Pramanik, and Kelly offed Jack, I wouldn’t mind. Honestly, there is nothing interesting about Jack except the “pneumas” (Greek for soul) power he used in Paradiso #1, and his character motivation is vaguely running to a city that provides opportunity and also is ground zero for the apocalypse. Ram V and Devmalya Pramanik’s setting is fantastic, but their characters are boring and the plot is just wheel spinning. For example, there’s an overlong interrogation sequence that feels like tuning into the middle of a police procedural case of the week that you’re unfamiliar with. Breaking a kid’s toy is just mean though.

I really wanted to like Paradiso #2 after a promising premiere issue and an epic flashback sequence showing the rapid transition from hope and optimism in technology to death and cynicism, but the half-baked characters and sluggish plot (Rooftop chase aside.) means I won’t be making a return journey to this world.

Story: Ram V Art: Devmalya Pramanik Colors: Dearbhla Kelly
Story: 5.0 Art: 8.0 Overall: 5.8 Recommendation: Pass 

Image Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

Preview: Adventure Time Comics #13

Adventure Time Comics #13

Publisher: KaBOOM!, an imprint of BOOM! Studios
Writers: Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Jai Nitz, Max Davidson, David Degrand
Artists: Antonio Sandoval, Devmalya Pramanik, Luca Claretti, David Degrand
Cover Artists:
Main Cover: Kim Myatt
Subscription Cover: Jorge Monlongo
Incentive Cover: Sean Chen
Price: $3.99

During a game of hide and seek, Finn finds himself lost in the land of the Forgotten. In another tale, we find the unlikeliest of heroes united to save Finn and Jake: Magic Man and Tiny Manticore!

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