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Here’s some comic news and reviews from around the web in our morning roundup.

Around the Tubes

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The Beat – Comics author and historian Gerard Jones arrested on charges of child pornography – We’re utterly disgusted if true.

The Hollywood Reporter – Rob Liefeld on the Extreme Universe Movie Deal: “The ’90s Have Been Largely Underserved” – Well they are coming back in style!

CBR – The CW Renews Arrow, Flash, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow – This isn’t too surprising.

CBR – Matt Ryan Returns As Constantine in New Animated Series – Can’t wait for this!

CBR – Batman V Superman Tops Razzies Shortlist – This isn’t too shocking really.


Around the Tubes Reviews

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DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Raiders of the Lost Art Trailer & Returns January 24

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow moves to its new night and time, Tuesday, January 24 at 9/8c on The CW!

TV Review: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow S2E8 The Chicago Way

legends-of-tomorrow-season-2A new time aberration leads the Legends to 1927 Chicago, where they realize they’ve been set up by Eobard Thawne, Damien Darhk and Malcolm Merlyn; when Stein is taken captive, Sara must choose whether to save him or try to stop the Legion of Doom.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow  is a fun episode as the team heads to Chicago and has to deal with Al Capone. Malcolm Merlyn is also introduced as part of this new Legion of Doom and that means things get interesting considering his history with Sara.

The episode feels like the first real clash between the Legends and the Legion and as is usual the heroes get their butts kicked by the bad guys. That seems to be how these stories go (with the heroes eventually rallying).

There’s also some interesting things like Stein telling Sara what he did and he reaction. Due to various reasons this episode that isn’t fully discussed but we get to see the characters’ perspectives when it comes to changing history and that’s pretty interesting.

And most importantly the episode is fun. Heatwave steps up as he deals with an imaginary Captain Cold. Is he doing it for the girl or for other reasons? We get a better idea about him and it’s nice to see some depth. He constantly steals the show and this episode is no exception. What’s also fun is the time twists, especially how Capone is used. It’s some small “what ifs” but they’re nice and interesting.

The episode ends us in an fascinating place and it’s something I’m not going to ruin for you. I personally am looking forward to seeing what it means when the series returns in January.

Overall Rating: 8.05

TV Review: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow S2E7 Invasion!

legends-of-tomorrow-season-2The Legends work with The Flash, Supergirl and Green Arrow to kill the invaders; while working out how to defeat the Dominators, Stein gets distracted by the aberration he created in 1987.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow  does its part in the four night “Invasion” crossover that intertwined The Flash, Supergirl, and Arrow. And it does a decent job of wrapping up the event with some fun action and time hopping. The story is split into two parts with a team having to head to the past to deal with the Dominators and the team in the present dealing with them too.

We also finally get a solid motivation for the alien invasion and that has to do with Barry changing the time stream. We don’t really know how the Dominators know, they just do, but it puts Barry’s meddling with the time stream front and center. What’s odd though is.. do the aliens not care or know about the Time Lords? Or how about Zoom running around through time?

What this event has really done is put the concept of changing the time line front and center as the Legends must deal with what they’ve done as well, especially Stein. There’s ramifications, both good and bad for everything they’ve done. It also shifts the “Flashpoint” timeline into the other series, something we were promised before all of their seasons kicked off. This is the first real acknowledgment by the whole over what’s happened. There also will likely be ramifications going forward due to this too.

A solid ending to the event that brings some of the greater themes and issues explored in Flash over to this series and opens up a hell of a lot of opportunities (and hints) as to what’s to come.

Overall Rating: 8.05

Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, Legends Crossover Gets an Epic Trailer

The Dominators are coming…can DC’s heroes team up to stop them? The invasion begins Monday at 8/7c on The CW!

TV Review: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow S2E4 Abomination

legends-of-tomorrow-season-2Last nights DC’s Legends of Tomorrow was on point. It served up diversity, history, and ZOMBIES. The episode kicked off with a time pirate landing in Mississippi in the middle of the civil war. The team picks up a distress beacon and follows him there. When ordered to stay on the trip with a suitless Ray, Jackson gives a wonderful and poignant mini speech about how the team shouldn’t be worried about him leaving the ship because of the time period because a black man, there isn’t a period in time that is safe for him. The speech and the handling of Jackson’s character is one of the many things I love about the series, they don’t shy away from race relations , racism, sexism and LGB-phobia.

When the team touches down in the past, they rescue a free man and discover a horde of zombies. They were affected by the space pirates cargo which is a bioweapon that turns those who come in contact with it into zombies. Mick gets infected trying to help Jackson and Ray tries to find a cure. The team discovers that the free man was to deliver a message to Ulysses S. Grant that would turn the tide of the war. The team decides to stay and finish Scott’s mission which leaves Sara and Steel having a conversation about women’s equality and how he should do the talking and Jackson & Vixen having to stand by and do nothing while a slave is being whipped for burning a table cloth.

Steel keeps dropping history lessons like some Civil War soldiers were women in drag and he gets to meet one of his heroes, Ulysses S. Grant. Ray and the Professor are trying to cure Mick who is turning at a super fast rate. Jackson and Vixen go undercover as slaves still shook up about the assault they witnessed in their attempt to get the plans for the Union army. There’s a bit of levity injected into the seriousness of the episode thanks to the Professors irrational fear of zombies, the writers keep it funny without taking away from the story itself.

Sara goes on a solo mission to explain zombies to the Union army, which leads her to dropping a severed yet alive head on the desk in the Union camp. Jackson ends up in hot water after accidentally shaking the hand of a white woman to apologize. Mick attacks Ray and the Professor in his almost fully zombified state and they end up stranded in the galley. The Professor feels Jackson’s anger and fear at being chained up in a barn for his “misstep” and Sara and Steel are in a camp that’s being overrun by zombies. There’s a real sense of longing and despair as the team is split into different groups and unable to help each other. You can feel the isolation in their performances, the scene staging, and the writing.

Jackson gets a history lesson and some truth about the evils and pain of slavery after a conversation with some of the slaves he is chained up with. Vixen searches for Jackson since she can’t reach him on his comlink and comes face to face with a monster. Sara & Steel try and find a way to save the Union army from the oncoming zombie invasion while Ray & the Professor try and fins a way to aerosol the vaccine so they can get Mick back. Vixen rescues Jackson and frees him and the saves that he was being held with, among them is a woman from her village who recognizes her amulet and her strength as a warrior but, the rescue goes awry when the barn gets surrounded by a horde of zombies. Jackson finds the plans with the help of one of the rescued slaves and the evil plantation owner gets attacked after refusing to give them weapons to aid in their defense. Sara and Steel formulate a plan to kill a metric crap-ton of zombies by leading them off with the help of some fire and back on the ship the Professor has to face his biggest fear, irrational or not.

The episode wraps up in a pretty realistic, zombies aside, way. Steel lures the zombies that were attacking the camp off to a crate of dynamite and “Steel up” to ignite it, killing them all. Jackson and Vixen escape the plantation as it burns taking the zombies with it and revel in the end of the cruelty. The Professor saves Mick right before he’s about to use him as lunch with the help of the retooled fire extinguisher zombie vaccine delivery system. Jackson delivers the plans to Grant and Sara has a heart to heart with him about being a leader. Ray confides in Mick about feeling useless to the team and they have a nice talk with very little words that ends with Mick giving him the freeze gun of their fallen friend and says that he can be his new partner, making Ray feel like he’s a part of the team again. Jackson and the Professor have a really good mental health check in, about the cruelty of slavery and how hope and dignity will save humanity. The episode ends after this conversation with an old negro spiritual that ties everything together and seems perfectly timed and placed, giving us a somber but , beautiful ending to this episode’s story.

Overall this episode was both heavy and light. It tackled some real issues and didn’t shy away from them. It also provided some light hearted zombie fun. The writers for Legends are amazing and they keep true to the characters and their complexity. They also tell compelling stories and this episode is proof that they are on the right track. The show keeps up with its one battle per segment ratio which gives action lovers something hella fun to see and nothing seems out of place.

Overall Rating: 9.8

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow S2E3 Shogun Recap and Review

legends-of-tomorrow-season-2The third episode of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow‘s latest season starts off with the man who would be Citizen Steel being checked out in the med bay. While the team is separated doing their own thing, OG Vixen breaks on to the ship and attacks them one by one before he is stopped by the new and improved Heywood.

After discovering his cool new powers the team has a discussion to figure out what to do next. While the boys are more concerned with what to call him White Canary wants to know why OG Vixen would stowaway on the ship and attack them. Atom, Jefferson and Steel want to test out the limits of his new power and after a few blasts and an accident Atom and Steel end up floating through time & space landing in 17th century Japan.

Atom gets captured by the Shogun and Heywood manages to meet a woman, who turns out to be the warlord’s daughter, who aids him after his injury. Mick and OG Vixen are having a hard time getting along and Sara puts her foot down so they don’t ruin their mission. The Firestorm duo find out about a secret compartment on board and decide to do some investigating.

In Japan, Heywood tries to stop the Shoguns wedding by standing up to his guards thinking that his new power will protect him but since he doesn’t have full control over it he ends up beaten and stabbed by the head guard. Nick, Vixen, and Sara go to hunt for the Atom and Heywood by tracking Ray’s suit. Team Firestorm find the secret compartment and debate what to do about it.

Sara, Nick & Vixen come upon the Shogun and his head guard and after a brief battle , the Shogun figures out how to power up the suit and has the team on the run, where they run into Ray. The team comes upon Heywood and Masako having a tender moment. While Sara and Vixen try and figure out how to save the village from the Atom suit powered Shogun, Firestorm finds an armory and a secret message from the future, Ray trains Heywood to beat the Shogun and use his new power.

Ray gets deep in his feels while training Heywood because the only way to save the village from the Shogun is to destroy the suit , the only thing that makes him a hero.  Vixen and Sara have a heart to heart about her totem and powers. Heywood feels a little down about his performance issues and not being able to steel up, so he goes for a walk with Masako. Once again their QT is interrupted this time by the Shogun and his men who have come to claim her.

We get treated to what we came for, a fight! Legends has always been amazing at ramping up the tension, giving us a good story and then showing us the team kicking some ass. OG Vixen & Sara run through the Shoguns men using what can only be described as a bad ass chick-powered conveyor belt style ass kicking gauntlet. Mick finds his true love ninjas, he beats a trio of them and steals one of their costumes as proof that they are real. Heywood steels up and helps Ray kick the Shoguns tail and destroy the suit.

After the battle is won they return to their ship. Vixen and Mick have a mini-bonding moment where she gives him a ninja star that she grabbed for him so he would have proof that ninjas existed. Team Firestorm tries to figure out how to deal with the secret message that they don’t even share with the viewers.

Overall, this episode was amazing. Legends does tons of things right and it’s evolved into on of the best shows in the CW’s DC Universe. This episode was no exception. The writing is always solid, the characters are always complex, the story is always good.  It was a pleasure to watch and get sucked into.

Overall Rating: 9.6

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow S2E2: The Justice Society of America Recap and Review

legends-of-tomorrow-season-2The first 3 minutes of last nights DC’s Legends of Tomorrow packed so much intensity and fire power into it that needed to take a breather from all of the awesome that I had witnessed. The episode started off with a stand off and eventual battle between the Justice Society of America and the Legends and it was one hell of a set up for an amazing episode.

After getting their tails handed to them The Legends team find themselves in a cell bickering, as usual, about their loss while the JSA watches them through a surveillance camera. The JSA seems pretty sure that they’re spies and are on the verge of either hiding them in a hole or shipping them to a loony bin when our resident historian, Nate Heywood, lets his grandfather know who he really is. Considering his grandfather had been his hero since he was old enough to hear stories about him, the initial in-person meet proves more than a little underwhelming. His grandfather’s legend is true but he’s not the man he expected him to be. Things get a little tricky when his grandfather’s dog tags disappear from around his neck and they’re forced to go back to 1942, ya know that year that they were told to stay away from, to save the JSA.

Reverse Flash is still cozied up with the Nazis, trying to wreak as much havoc as he can to further the Doomtastic agenda. Luckily for humanity, this time around the Legends are going to make sure they help the JSA stop him. The leap back in time finds our Legends in a Nazi speakeasy where the team’s newly elected leader, the Professor, is pretending to be a famous German singer to save the JSA. Their recon mission seems to be going well until Atom can’t bring himself to Heil Hitler and a fight breaks out. The melee leads to the OG Vixen’s cover getting blown in Paris and Sara discovering the historian Nate is a hemophiliac .


The mission to stop the Baron Krieger’s convoy leads to another kick ass fight sequence, there is some fighting between team leaders and trying to figure out who is the boss and whether they should be pursuing Krieger or the convoy with the amulet. The joined teams with no real direction split into separate duos one grabs the amulet, the others engage Krieger but, when he turns himself into a hulk like super-Nazi. Martin calls  for the team to retreat so he can get more data because, he’s a professor and scientist NOT a war time consigliere leaving a downed Atom and OG Vixen to be captured by Nazis.

Atom and Vixen are being held captive and the Nazi’s now have access to Atoms’ suit which is never a good thing. Martin is finding out for himself that heavy is the head that wears the crown because being a leader is not as easy as he thought it would be. When Sarah and Rex start bickering over the best course of action, Martin cracks under the pressure and excuses himself to clear his head leading to a heart to heart with Jefferson. In a moment that causes Rex to clutch his pearls and have his 1940’s white male sensibilities shaken to their core, Martin hands the reigns of the team over to Sara and announces that she is the new , worthy and capable leader.

Sara puts her plan to save Atom and OG(randma) Vixen from super-Nazi & Co. into action and with FireStorm diverting the planes and the rest of the available boots on the ground, they rescue their friends but, not without some casualties. Krieger goes superNazi again with his serum and Commander Steel is about to be pulverized when Nate shows up to rescue grandpa, personal risks aside. It looks like Nate gets to be a hero but, his victory lap is short lived when the blast that turns Krieger into spare parts , knocks him and his grandpa off of their side car motorcycle. Grandpa survives the blast but, Nate seems unsavable because of his condition. Good thing for him Atom was working on a way to give himself super powers by reworking the serum that Krieger gave him to recreate. Atom gives Nate some of the serum to save his life, giving up his chance of having any real powers without the aid of his suit.

The writers for CW have been killing it this season, between the self-sustaining but, seasonally cohesive episodes, the interesting story line, the refusal to rock the bad tropes and their willingness to go there when it comes to race issues, female sexuality, and feminism. In this episode alone we see female empowerment, ladies kicking ass, racism being addressed, and a call out to the notion that only old white men can be leaders. The brilliant writers manage to do all of this without turning the characters into cliches. They are real, complex characters and the minorities in the group aren’t made to feel different nor are the white male characters trying to hold themselves up as morally superior or hyper progressive because they are friends with the lesbian, woman or black male. The show treats these types of friendships and relations as they should be like they are a normal part of life. The characters are complex, often flawed and wonderful to watch.

Overall episode #2 was pretty damn close to pure fire. There was a decent fight to commercial ration which is what you want in a good comic book TV show. I noticed that each of the sections in between commercial breaks seemed like a stand alone issue and the episode itself was so cohesive that it could have been an arc. I’m looking forward to what the next episode will bring, especially since the trailer hints at Citizen Steel coming out to play and OG Vixen join the team. I’m also happy that the CW is leaving a nice opening for present tense Vixen to return to Arrow and maybe get her own spin-off while OG Vixen can kill it on Legends. Bring the diversity CW, we embrace you!

Overall: 9.2

TV Review: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow S2E1: Out of Time

legends_of_tomorrow_season_2_poster_new_teamLast night The CW treated us to a season 2 premiere episode of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow that would have us eagerly awaiting every episode to come. We can all agree that the first season was a bit uneven and the episodes managed to flop back and forth between pure brilliance and blah. The premiere episode for this season seems to have addressed all of these fan, and critic, concerns and rewarded our patience for the shows growing pains with a premiere that will give you life.

The episode starts off with an intrepid time detective fighting his way in to see the mayor. The mayors bodyguards attempt to attack him and we see the first, of what I assume will be many of this seasons crossover cameos, the Green Arrow doing his day job. The time detective explains that Sara is missing and the two embark on a mission to find out what happened to her and Atom.

They come upon the Time Masters’ vessel and rescue Rory and he tells us what happened to the rest of his team through a series of flash backs. Turns out in the interim between seasons 1 and season 2, with the Time Masters destroyed the Legends are now filling the void. The action sequence that occurs during the flashback to France is pretty darn clever, there’s fighting and flying and all sorts of comic book awesome. I’d like to give megaprops to the writing staff for the way that the handled the “sex” scene between Sara and the queen to be. It was very clever to have a woman miss a fight because of a sexual encounter. Usually it’s a man who misses out on the action because they are getting some action.

Back on the shit Rory explains that they ended up in 1942 NY to save NYC from getting a bomb dropped on it. When you’ve got a group of rogue time jumpers on the loose, like the Legends, they might not always get it right but, they do their best, even if that means going to the one place & point in time that someone warned them not to go to. Sara runs point and tries to find the target, Damien Darhk. If the bomb goes off the WWII lasts for 20 years and 12 million more lives are loss. Einstein gets kidnapped prior to the attack on NY so the Legends decide to kidnap him first, hero worship aside, to save him.

Off the ship, Sara goes on a mission of her own and a tiny Atom joins her for back up. The rest of the crew, save for Jackson,  goes on the hunt for Einstein. They find him at an intellectual cocktail party and discover he’s not all brains. Atom and Sara find themselves in a German stronghold in NY as she hunts for Damien Darhk to save her sister from being killed in the future. Einstein is not so easy save, he’s kind of a jerk and, the only way to save him is for him to be knocked out with a killer hook from the Professor.

Back on the ship we discover that Einstein isn’t where the Nazis got the bomb and kidnapping him does not stop the bomb. Einstein is not too happy about being kidnapped and is kind of a jerk to them before realizing that they are time travelers and decides to help them. It turns out that his ex-wife is also a physicist, she’s somewhere with Nazis and, she’s the one they’ve got building the bomb.

The A-bomb that’s going to take out NY isn’t the only bomb that’s gets dropped in this episode. We also find out that Atom’s suit can track Darhk and lead them to him and the bomb. A fight ensues during the rescue mission and while the rest of the team are trying to retrieve the bomb and rescue Minerva, Sara goes rogue and tries to take out Darhk. Her relentlessness almost leads to her demise, when Rory gets shot and Atom’s suit konks out, she refuses to fall back and things aren’t looking so good for the Legends.

Back on the ship, the Legends try and find the bomb before it ends up on the German U-boat. Jackson realizes that Rip is not just trying to keep him on board to tend to the Waverunner because he thinks that’s all he can do, he’s doing it so Jackson can take over the ship if things go south for him, he’s pretty much being his mechanical Miyagi. After that sweet moment we are back into the action. The A-bomb is play and being shot from the U-Boat. The Waverunner is set on course to intercept the bomb and absorb the blast to save NY. Rip disperses the team to times unknown and knocks Rory out to keep him alive and safe since his injuries make it so that he can’t travel time safely.

Rory has no idea what happened to Rip or anyone else and since Green Arrow obviously doesn’t have time to go time travelling to find his friends and the rest of the team, so he leaves Dr. Hayward to help Rory track down the rest of the Legends. Ray Palmer is the first one they go after thanks to a lead from Hayward who seems to be geeking out, as you would expect from a historian who finds out he’s going to travel through time. It seems Atom has been fighting off dinosaurs and he gets rescued right before he is about to be a T-Rex’s Lunch. The Professor & Jackson are Wizards for a child king who is about to execute them in 821 England. Sarah is about to get executed for witchcraft and , of course she doesn’t need to be rescued because, she’s Sara.  Rip leaves a holographic message and tells them to keep saving history, unfortunately Hayward and Gideon can not figure out where he is so, for the foreseeable future, the Legends are on their own. They’re on the hunt for their “Time Nemesis” who turns out to be Eobard Thawne AKA Reverse Flash .

Mr. Hayward, the time detective, is an ideal edition to the team because, he knows all about history and can make sure that the changes they make won’t effect things long term and, with Rip being MIA, the team really needs that. Next week should be pretty interesting since the team gets caught and surrounded right before end credits roll by the Justice Society of America in 1942, when they attempt to keep the bomb out of Darhk’s hands by outing Einsteins silent partner/wife in order to keep her safe.

Overall this episode was pretty darn good. I actually like it more than most of the episodes that aired in Season 1. This season so far, seems to be way more thought out than last season which seemed disjointed and uneven, not just from episode to episode but, within certain episodes. It seems that they’ve worked out all the kinks and growing pains of season 1 and came out of the gate swinging.

This episode had just enough camp, fight, smarts and fun to make it what the series There are some bonus points given because the LGBT representation in the show. I love the way the writers handle Sara’s sexuality. There is no lesbian erasure or using her sexuality as a story line. They allow her character to be a lesbian, to live her life, to engage in relationships and, they don’t make a big deal about it. Whatever short comings you can find with this show , their LGBT representations have never been one of the things wrong with it. They show Sara and her relationships right along with the straight characters and there is no difference in the way they are handled. The only time that they ever showed any kind of difference was during the episode where they were stuck in the past and they called attention to how hard it was to be an LGBT person during that time. Showing LGBT characters in pop culture media and “normalizing” them is a bold step in opening not only communication but, the gateway to acceptance.  —  If the season 2 premiere episode is any indication of what we can expect from the rest of  this season, then I look as forward to watching each and every episode (and telling you all about it) as I look forward to roller derby practice!

Overall 8.9

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Teaser

DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow play by their own rules when season 2 premieres Thursday, October 13 at 8/7c on The CW!

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