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TV Review: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow S3E1 Aruba-Con

legends-of-tomorrow-season-2When the Legends realize they broke the timeline, Rip Hunter arrives to relieve them of duty; a new threat arises when Rory spots Julius Caeser in Aruba; Sara, Nate, and Ray devise a plan to stop Julius Caeser from conquering the modern world.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow returns and dives right into the fact that the crew has wrecked the time continuum but due to that there’s a whole new aspect to the series that I’m not spoiling here.

The episode is full of humor and maybe the strongest of any so far.

I found myself laughing quite a few times as the show displays a great sense of humor about itself and allows the various characters play off of each other well. This is a show that doesn’t take itself too seriously and while it’s taken a while, this episode feels like the moment where it has found its voice and what makes it stand out from the pack. This isn’t deep stuff, this is just fun without depth. That’s not a bad thing because as I watched the hour I found myself liking the characters more than I ever have.

Basically, our heroes are stripped of their jobs and have to fight their way back into it all and they do it quite well. They’re screw-ups and they know it and go all in when it comes to that.

This is a show that’s just a rollercoaster ride and a nice balance between action and humor. The action stands out with some of the best sequences in a while but there’s a huge problem with the actors coming nowhere near hitting their opponents and it’s pretty clear on screen that’s the case. So while the moves are good, the actual fights are bad in that it’s clearly faked. I don’t remember that being an issue before, which is weird.

What’s funny is, this show was low on my list about caring about but after this episode, I’m excited to see what’s next. Hopefully the season is like this episode in which case this’ll be a fun hour each week.

Overall Rating: 9.35

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Gets New Muslim-American Superhero for Season 3

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow will expand its cast adding Zari Adrianna Tomaz to the team. Played by Tala Ashe, the Musim-American women is from the year 2030 where technology has brought great change, but human nature is still fare behind. ” Fear, prejudice and a lack of care for the planet have forced Zari to become a “grey hat hacktivist.”” The character is a computer nerd with latent powers from a “mystical source”

In the comics the character was from the nation of Kahndaq and opposed its leader Black Adam. She eventually becomes the superhero Isis. With the negative connotation of that name, it’ll be interesting to see if it’s used in the series.

Ashe is Iranian-American with dual citizenship and is fluent in Farsi. The inclusion should add an interesting dynamic twist to the show.

When this previous season left off the heroes discovered in all of their adventuring they might have “broken time” and created a rather strange mishmash of a world.

(via Variety)

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Season 2 coming August 15 to Blu-ray/DVD

Their time is now! Just before their third season premiere on The CW, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment releases DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: The Complete Second Season on Blu-ray and DVD on August 15, 2017. Fans can zoom through 17 exhilarating episodes from the second season, plus exciting special features including the show’s 2016 Comic-Con Panel, crossover featurette, gag-reel and deleted scenes. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: The Complete Second Season is priced at $39.99 SRP for the DVD and $44.98 SRP for the Blu-ray, which includes a Digital Copy.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow amps up the firepower for Season Two of the Super Hero team-up series by enlisting both a league and a legion of new characters to join the legendary crew of the Waverider.  Charged with protecting the timeline from temporal aberrations – changes to history that spawn potentially catastrophic consequences – the Legends reassemble with the addition of historian Nate Heywood (aka Citizen Steel) and Justice Society of America member Amaya Jiwe (aka Vixen).  And yet, for every force of good, there is an opposing force of darkness.  In Season Two, the Legends of Tomorrow face off against the first ever team of DC Super-Villains: the Legion of Doom, including Malcolm Merlyn, Damien Darhk, Captain Cold and the Reverse Flash.  After saving the world from Vandal Savage and the corrupt Time Masters, the Legends of Tomorrow are now charged with protecting time (past, present and future) itself, taking them across history and up against the power of the Spear of Destiny – a threat unlike any humanity has ever known.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: The Complete Second Season Blu-ray release will include 1080p Full HD Video with DTS-HD Master Audio for English 5.1. The 3-disc Blu-ray will feature a high-definition Blu-ray and a Digital Copy of all 17 episodes from season two.


  • DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: 2016 Comic-Con Panel
  • Allied: The Invasion Complex (DC’s Legends of Tomorrow)
    • Deleted Scenes
    • Gag-Reel


  1. Out of Time
  2. The Justice Society of America
  3. Shogun
  4. Abominations
  5. Compromised
  6. Outlaw Country
  7. Invasion!
  8. The Chicago Way
  9. Raiders of the Lost Art
  10. The Legion of Doom
  11. Turncoat
  12. Camelot/3000
  13. Land of the Lost
  14. Moonshot
  15. Fellowship of the Spear
  16. Doomworld
  17. Aruba


The second season of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is also currently available to own on Digital HD. Digital HD allows consumers to instantly stream and download all episodes to watch anywhere and anytime on their favorite devices.  Digital HD is available from various digital retailers including Amazon Video, CinemaNow, iTunes, PlayStation, Vudu, Xbox and others. A Digital Copy is also included with the purchase of specially marked Blu-ray discs for redemption and cloud storage through participating retail services including CinemaNow, Vudu and Flixster Video.

TV Review: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow S2E16 Doomworld

legends-of-tomorrow-season-2The Legion of Doom rewrites reality, leaving the Legends altered; the reason the Spear of Destiny must be destroyed comes to light.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow rewrites the world as the Legion of Doom hold the spear of destiny after last episode and we get to see how they’ve remade the world. Alternate world stories tend to be rather entertaining and impressively this series doesn’t linger too long in this world getting us in and out in an action packed episode that’s tons of fun and tons of action.

The center of the episode revolves around Mick who is feeling a bit guilty about his betrayal so needs to get the band back together to fix everything. What’s interesting is that the show doesn’t make things easy and by the time the episode is over a member has fallen and things have gone horribly wrong.

And all of that is why I think this episode is one of my favorite of the year. The fact that it’s compressed in one episode and not dragged out, it gives us some high stakes, and then the end has some moments I wasn’t expecting at all, it impressively pulls off a surprising ending that absolutely caught me off guard, though the final solution to resolve the big picture is pretty obvious.

What’s also great is every character and actor got to have fun playing with their character and giving us the viewers something new and different that keeps us on our toes and feels fresh and new. It’s fun and has an energy and spin that’s been lacking at times this season.

This episode is the anything that can happen that I expect from this series and boy does it deliver.

Overall Rating: 8.85

TV Review: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow S2E14 Moonshot

legends-of-tomorrow-season-2When the Legends track Commander Steel to NASA Headquarters in 1970, they discover where Nate’s grandfather hid the last fragment of the Spear of Destiny; tension grows between Rip and Sara over leadership of the team.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow does its best Apollo 13 impression as the team heads to the doomed mission in hopes of grabbing the last fragment of the Spear of Destiny.

The episode is an interesting one in that it allows Nate to really explore his family dynamic as he interacts with his grandfather and contemplates changing the timeline in hopes of fixing his family dynamic. There’s something touching, but predictable about it all.

The episode is generally fun with Ray Palmer giving off his general excited vibe as he heads to the moon and a small musical number breaks out at one point (it works). There’s also tension between Sara and Rip and Sara’s leadership over the team. Where does that leave Rip in it all? We’ll find out.

The episode is entertaining and as usual throws it all out there in the crazy that is this series. You can tell everyone is enjoying themselves and the stories, like this episode, are over the top in plot and action. The end of the episode is where it’s at though. I’m not spoiling it, but it connects the dots in so many ways and again adds fun to the CW DCverse.

Overall Rating: 6.85

TV Review: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow S2E13 Land of the Lost

legends-of-tomorrow-season-2Rip forces the Waverider to crash, leaving the Legends stuck 70 million years in the past; Rory suggest entering Rip’s mind in an effort to get the “good” Rip back Nate and Amaya continue to get closer.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow fights to bring back classic Rip in a so-so episode that has some of the heroes heading into Rip’s mind to save him while other members have to fight dinosaurs.

The episode is fun, but it’s a been there done that story in so many different ways. Members running for a dinosaur has comedic moment but its resolution is pretty easy to figure out and it never really feels like it’s threatening in any way.

The battle in Rip’s mind has folks battling figments of themselves on the psychic plane which is about as paint by numbers as it gets in this type of story. It’s not bad and there’s some action, but other than the resolution nothing in the episode really stands out.

The highlight is a “physical” manifestation of the ship’s artificial intelligence and there’s a bit of a thing with Rip… it’s weird. It’s really weird. Like, I have so many questions, weird.

The episode gets us from point a to b but at the same time none if it stands out. This episode is actually forgettable.

Overall Rating: 6.85

TV Review: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow S2E12 Camelot/3000

legends-of-tomorrow-season-2As the Legends continue their hunt for the Spear of Destiny, they must join forces with the Knights of the Round Table.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow goes full on LARP in an episode that sends the team to ancient times to fight beside Arthur and recover a piece of the spear. The episode does come off as a bad LARP at times, but there’s the usual fun of the show that makes it a fun watch.

Where the show succeeds is that it sets up tropes of this sort of story and then spins them in some way. There’s Ray acting like a fanboy while meeting people, Sara seducing yet another person, or who pulls the sword out of the stone, that’s three examples. They’re entertaining twists that keep the viewers on their toes and shows off the usual fun that it feels like is at the heart of the series.

Part of that fun is the humor that’s shown off. Ray’s interactions are classic and nerdy and how that plays off of Nate, who really should be in charge for this mission, is some solid television. None of it really breaks the mold, but it’s more than enough to keep us entertained for the episode.

It’s the details and writing that makes the episode stand out. By challenging the viewers, it makes the show rise above the previous season. The solution of how to defeat mind control for instance, or again who Sara seduces, it’s unique in so many ways.

The episode is perfect fun in a series that has found its groove and giving us comic popcorn entertainment.

Overall Rating: 7.85

TV Review: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow S2E11 Turncoat

legends-of-tomorrow-season-2The Legends find a new time aberration and travel to 1776 to protect George Washington and the American Revolutionary War history; Jax and Stein are forced to step into roles that they don’t think they are prepared for.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow heads to 1776 where the Legion of Doom have decided to create a time aberration in hopes to bring out our heroes into the open. The episode gives us a slightly different take on history full of automatic weapons and explosions… and an evil Rip. Yes, Rip has gone over to the Legion of Doom and is doing their dirty work to get the piece that our heroes have.

There’s death and life and lots of death and technology in the wrong time period for an episode that’s fun. Seeing Rory hang out with George Washington giving him advice as to what it means to be an American. Also fun is Atom running around the ship stuck in his shrunk mode. There’s some things we’ve seen elsewhere, like a rat chasing him, but it’s still fun.

But, the strongest part of the episode has to deal with Jax who has to stand up and take charge as a team member goes down. We get to see him more as support which is good and while the acting is a bit blah at times, changing up the roles is really good.

Where the episode lacks is Stein who is forced to play doctor. It’s a solid opportunity to see his faith, which I expect is Jewish, but there’s not much there. It’d have been a great chance to give him some depth and see him as more than a man of science. Nate and Amaya hook up as well which is just strange considering everything is going on. Time is changing, Rip is running around, but lets stop for some sex!? It’s odd, really odd.

There’s a lot of fun here, even with some odd choices and missed opportunity. To see Rip as evil is entertaining a nice switch and sidetrack from him just returning to the team. If anything, the episode makes the case that Evil Rip should stick around for a while. Luckily, things don’t get resolved, and we get to see more of him steal scenes.

Overall Rating: 7.65

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