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Zenescope New Releases: 7/3/13

Oz #1

Written By Joe Brusha
Pencils by Rolando, covers by J. Scott Campbell, Artgerm, Ebas, and Ale Garza

At long last the last realm of power in the Grimm Fairy Tales universe is revealed…and there’s never been an Oz quite like this. This modern take on the story reimagines the classic fairy tale in the classic Zenescope style. The Witches of OZ are searching for a lost weapon of power known as the Veridian Scepter. Their quest leads them to the most unlikeliest of places…the farmlands of Kansas and the home of the unlikeliest of heroes…Dorothy Gale. With incredible cover art by superstars J Scott Campbell, Artgerm, EBAS and Ale Garza! The epic Oz adventure starts here.

OZ01_coverA Wraparound

Screwed #2

Created by Tyler Kirkam,
Written by Keith Thomas
Covers By Tyler Kirkham, David Miller

The carnage continues as Anne’s search for her past leads her to the abandoned meat market where she was found. Slowly her memories begin to filter back to her as she finds information about Project Frankenstein. Meanwhile FBI Agent Erin Scott, Secret Agent Simon and the monstrous Suture are hot on her trail and only one of them has her best interest at heart. Also get a look at the secret Erin Scott is keeping from the world and discover what is the connection between Agent Simon and Suture?

Screwed02_coverA Screwed02_coverB

Grimm Fairy Tales Werewolves #2

Written By Mark L Miller
Covers by Ken Lashley, Tyler Kirkham, Marat Mychaels

As a ferocious werewolf cleaves its way through the city, the time-lost monster hunter Roman must track it to his quarry… a young girl who has suffered a bite from the wolf. What he doesn’t know is that a secret government facility has taken Charlotte into custody, intent on finding out what makes her tick. Don’t miss the new landmark horror series from Zenescope and Mark L. Miller (Jungle Book)!  UNLEASHED tie-in.GFTWerewolves_2_cover A

Preview: Screwed #1

Screwed #1

Story: Tyler Kirkham, Keith Thomas
Art: David Miller
Covers: Tyler Kirkham, David Miller
Colors: Oracle
Publisher: Zenescope Entertainment
Price: $2.99

A young woman awakens in a hospital covered in scars as if she had been taken apart and put back together again. Her mind is as fragmented as her body, leaving her delusional and seeing monsters everywhere. Is this the work of a serial killer, or something far worse? FBI Agent Erin Scott intends to help her find out, with or without the approval of her superiors in this visionary modern, Mature re-imagining of the Frankenstein legend from acclaimed artist/creator Tyler Kirkham ( New Guardians, Teen Titans, and Amazing Spider-Man).

After seeing these pages, who wouldn’t be excited? Zenescope fans will also find previews for Screwed in GFT Hunters The Shadowlands #1 and GFT Werewolves The Hunger #1, which will be out next week.

Screwed #1  will hit store shelves on June 5th!

Screwed01_cover Digital

Zenescope Entertainment to Publish Tyler Kirkham’s Screwed

Zenescope Entertainment has announced that it will be publishing artist/creator Tyler Kirkham’s new creator-owned series, Screwed, coming in June and will feature covers by series creator Tyler Kirkham and interior artist David Miller.

Screwed follows a young woman who awakens in a hospital covered in scars as if she had been taken apart and put back together again; her mind as fragmented as her body. As she tries to piece together what’s happened to her, she will find many enemies are after her but she’ll also find a valuable ally in FBI Agent Erin Scott.

Screwed is available now for pre-order through Diamond’s April edition of Previews.

Dream_Eater_12_Lett_DPS Dream_Eater_12_Lett_DPS

Zenescope Entertainment Upcoming Releases For 6/8

Official Press Release

Charmed Issue #10

Paul Ruditis (W)
Marcio Abreu(A)
Cover by David Seidman

With the Power of Three torn asunder, Phoebe and Paige work to bring their family back together. But a tragically ill-advised plan pulls the Charmed Ones further apart and could leave one of the sisters lost forever.

32 pgs, FC, $3.50

Fly Issue #1

Raven Gregory (W)

Eric J (A)
Cover A by Eric Basaldua
Cover B by Artgerm
Cover C by Eric J
Kirkham Exclusive Cover D

What if there was a drug that gave you the power to fly? How far would you go to possess it and who would you hurt to get your next “fix?” This is the story of Eddie Patron. Eddie was trying to live a normal life. But he has a secret, one that is coming back to haunt him, and Eddie’s life will never be the same. From the mind of the writer of Image Comics’ THE GIFT, Zenescope’s Wonderland trilogy and THE WAKING comes Raven Gregory’s latest tale of suspense set in a world where superheroes aren’t really heroes at all… How far would you go to FLY? Featuring 4 covers by superstar artists Ebas (Witchblade, Grimm Fairy Tales), Artgerm (Batman, Bird’s of Prey), Eric J (JSA, Rex Mundi), and a Tyler Kirkham cover (Green Lantern Corps, Stryke Force, The Gift) as an exclusive. Don’t miss what is guaranteed to be the hottest new series of the year! ONLY $2.99!!!

32 pgs, FC, $2.99

Grimm Fairy Tales Issue #60

James Patrick (W)
Cover A by Pasquale Qualano
Cover by B Steven Cummings

As Orcus and his army attack Tallus, Sela and company want to take action. But Druanna has her own way of dealing with the enemy. Who she is, and just how powerful she is, has been kept a secret until now. But Orcus has a card hidden up his evil sleeve as well. It’s a standoff that will echo through the ages, through legends, and through the Grimm Fairy Tales universe.

32 pgs, FC, $2.99

Grimm Fairy Tales Dream Eater Saga, The Piper Part 2

Raven Gregory (W)
Anthony Spay (A)
Cover A by Angel Medina/Thomas Mason
Cover B by Rich Bonk/Jason Embury

In another world the Piper was a feared and powerful soldier of the Dark One. His flute brought the strong and the weak to their ends in both this world and the world of Myst. But with the Dream Eater loose on the earth the hunter has now become the hunted and the Piper will learn the hard lesson that no matter how far he runs, no matter where he hides, he can not escape the Dream Eater.

32 pgs, FC, $2.99

Grimm Myths & Legends Issue #5

Raven Gregory (W)
David Miller (A)
Cover A by Khary Rhandolph
Cover B by Tim Seeley

From the creators of Grimm Fairy Tales and the Wonderland trilogy, Zenescope’s newest ongoing series continues here! The werewolf reveals itself as the remaining survivors are forced to make their escape into the woods. The final confrontation between the wolf and Britney is here and only one of them is getting out alive. Don’t miss the shocking conclusion of the first story arc to this hot new series.

32 pgs, FC, $2.99

Monster Hunters’ Survival Guide Issue #5

J.P. Russ (W)
Anthony Spay (A)
Cover A by Talent Caldwell and Colors by Jason Embury
Cover B by Pasquale Qualano

Stories of fairy tale creatures have been told since the dawn of time. Trolls, fairies, and unicorns are believed to be fictional beings of fantasy. But are they really just figments of our imagination or are the stories about them based in fact? Legendary Monster Hunter J.P. Russ has the answers and he knows that these magical creatures are not just old wives tales. He also knows how to hunt them and now he’s ready to pass on that knowledge in the latest issue of The Monster Hunters’

Survival Guide – Fantasy Creatures. Don’t miss it…You never know when you might cross paths with a fire-breathing dragon.

32 pgs, BW, $2.99

Zenescope’s Grimm Fairy Tales Myths & Legends #1

Official Press Release

Grimm Myths & Legends #1

Written by Raven Gregory

Cover A by J. Scott Campbell

Cover B by Eric Basaldua

Cover C by Mike DeBalfo

Zenescope Presents a new ongoing series that promises to be one of the hottest independent titles of the year. After the milestone events of Grimm Fairy Tales #50 creatures from the realm of Myst have escaped into our world. Captured by the evil Baba Yaga for her sinister plans they are about to cause major havoc on earth. Written by Raven Gregory (Zenescope’s Wonderland trilogy) with artwork by David Miller, this first arc revisits the characters and story from the very first issue of Grimm Fairy Tales – Little Red Riding Hood. Brittany, our hero from issue #1 is back, working in a treatment center for adolescents. Little does she know that something from another realm has caught her scent and will stop at nothing to find and destroy her before her true purpose is revealed.

32 pgs, FC, $2.99 • Features three covers including one by superstar artist J. Scott Campbell

Grimm Myths & Legends #1 Cover AGrimm Myths & Legends #1 Cover BGrimm Myths & Legends #1 Cover C

Zenescope News! Brand new ongoing series: Grimm Fairy Tales Myths and Legends

Official Press Release

Zenescope Entertainment has announced plans for a brand new series spinning out of the events of their landmark issue GRIMM FAIRY TALES #50.  The new series, GRIMM FAIRY TALES MYTHS & LEGENDS is the first Grimm spin-off series to receive ongoing status.   The new series is created by Grimm writers Joe Brusha and Ralph Tedesco with the first story arc “Red Riding Hood” to be written by Zenescope’s Raven Gregory (Wonderland trilogy, The Waking, The Gift), illustrated by David Miller and including cover art by the top artists in the industry like J. Scott Campbell, Eric Basaldua and Mike DeBalfo “I can’t tell you how excited I am to be apart of this.  Not only do we get to go back and revisit some of the series most popular characters like Red Riding Hood but we get to explain the reasons behind why these characters were chosen by Sela in the first place,” says writer Raven Gregory.

“This series will allow us to now expand on past fairy tales we’ve already written in the original Grimm series and now turn them into four and five issue story arcs .   It’s going to be dark and twisted on a whole new level.”  said Zenescope Editor-in-Chief Ralph Tedesco.

For those unfamiliar with the comic, Zenescope’s Grimm Fairy Tales reinvents the mythology of the old classic tales with a modern updated horror twist.

Zenescope Entertainment was founded in 2005 by Joe Brusha and Ralph Tedesco and has since become one of the top independent comic book and graphic novel publishers in the world.

Grimm Fairy Tales Myths and Legends cover AGrimm Fairy Tales Myths and Legends cover BGrimm Fairy Tales Myths and Legends cover C