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Review: Uber #15

Uber #15

One of the movies that made me a cinephile is the highly underrated The Warriors. It’s one of those movies that looks like the typical B movie at first glance, that is until you get caught up in the plot. The movie begins with a gathering of all the gangs in New York for a summit lead by one of the gang leaders, Osiris. The movie moves forward with his killing and the gang, The Warriors, being blamed for his murder. They spend the rest of the movie, trying to survive every gang in New York, until daylight when they can prove their innocence.

What made that movie so good was the chase. You didn’t know if they would survive until the morning. When you have nowhere to run and everyone is out to get you, if you survive to see the other side of it, it really is a miracle. In the beginning of a new story arc, the fifteenth issue of Uber, one of the German Battleships is in Allied territory, and their capture is almost imminent.

We find Sieglinde, outgunned and behind enemy lines, as she gets attacked by the British fleet, which seems that her death was close, until one of Germany’s Elektroboats save her and destroy the three destroyers. We also catch up with Freya, as she prepares Leah for what she could mean for this extended war, as her prowess to looks to be twice what the Panzermensch has meant to Germany. As Freya, explains what her research has discovered, to the room full of men which comprise the United Kingdom’s war cabinet, as they are uneasy of following a woman’s advice. By issue’s end, Freya has come up with a plan that will turn the war to the Allies favor, and it could mean a complete sea change for all involved.

Overall, a pulse pounding issue which gives fans a glimmer of hope that the good guys have a chance to win. The story by Kieron Gillen is exciting and well developed. The art by Daniel Gete is captivating. Altogether, an excellent installment in this stellar series that captures the best of war comics and superheroes.

Story: Kieron Gillen Art: Daniel Gete
Story:9.7 Art:9.6 Overall:9.4 Recommendation: Buy