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Cosplayer Mila Alexia Jaeger Gets Into the Holiday Spirit

For this coming Christmas, I’ve found a wonderful gift we can all share. Thank you all and welcome back Holiday shoppers as Raven Steel brings some Tidings of Joy to all this week with another cosplay interview. This Holiday stocking stuffer comes from Eastern Europe with Mila Alexia Jaeger who brings her cosplay wear artistry via her Instagram and her Facebook pages. She’s been cosplaying for years gaining both experience and fanship. And next year, Mila will be coming out with a very sexy 2021 calendar to brighten your wall all year long. So without further adieu, please show some Christmas Love to my next interview guest, Ms. Mila Alexia Jaeger.

Raven: Oh, baby it’s cold outside. Welcome, Mila to my Holiday interview! Thank you so much.

Mila: Thank you Raven Steel. It is a pleasure to be here doing this interview with you. This is such a nice Holiday surprise.

Raven: Believe me when I say, you’re like one of the Top 3 things on my Christmas list.

As you may not know before starting all of my festive Holiday questions, I offer some words of advice, a ballad of encouragement when you find yourself at crossroads during your career. I hope you’ll take these words to heart whenever the world becomes too much to bear and you need that little push to get you back on track. So here goes, “Nothing is Impossible. The word itself says, I’m Possible”. Mila, your Polar Express awaits.

Let’s get this Christmas party into high gear. Would you be so kind and tell our readers all about yourself? 

Mila: Hello, my name is Mila Alexia. I am a cosplay loving girl and living in Vienna, Austria.

Raven: How tall are you? 

Mila: Waifu sized :)

Raven: Do you speak or write any other languages?

Mila: I do speak and write German as my mother’s tongue, and English is fine for me too. I learned a bit of Japanese a few years ago but forgot most of it again ^^°

Raven: Does Mila Jaeger workout/exercise or does it come naturally? 

Mila: I’m really lazy when it comes to workout or sports :) but I try to eat healthily and like to be outside talking walks in nature.

Raven: What does Mila love seeing during this Holiday Season? 

Mila: Snow hopefully, and I love to see all the Christmas lights and decorations.

Raven: What sort of music do you love to listen to? 

Mila: Very different things actually, but I like the new KDA songs at the moment

Raven: Is there a Christmas gift you got that made you cry with JOY?

Mila: Always the cute presents from my Darling <3.

Raven: What sort of places in Austria would you show Me to have a good time or good eats?

Mila: There are a lot of nice places and restaurants in Austria and depending on what time of the year you visit I would recommend different stuff.

But if you are into sweets I always would show you the Hotel Sacher and their delicious and famous chocolate cake there.

Raven: What makes you nerdy or geeky?

Mila: I guess the fact that I’m cosplaying haha, and of course because I like to game a lot and watch anime.

Raven: Is there an anime/manga character best describes your personality?

Mila: I think a mix of Zero Two, Rin Tohsaka, and Raphtalia Hihi :)

Raven: What got you into Cosplaying?

Mila: I wanted to do a cosplay already a few years before I did. When I saw some pics of really cool Asian cosplayers online but it took a while until I found out there are such things as conventions and that it’s a thing in Europe too haha.

Then I tried to do my first cosplay after visiting a few conventions :). And most important I love doing it since I met my Darling back then <3

Raven: How do you feel cosplaying Dark, Bloody, or Gothic interest you doing them or just the cute and sexy ones?

Mila: I love the cute and sexy chars but also doing quite badass or dark ones, I don’t think about it, if I love the character or design I just do it.

Raven: Have you ever re-gifted a gift to a friend/family member? If so, what?

Mila: Yes, I did, when I got something that I had no use for but I did know someone else who really would love it. It was a lipstick in a color I don’t like.

Raven: How is the cosplay atmosphere in Austria? Is it widely accepted? Do people LOVE or HATE it.

Mila: It is not like in Japan where a lot of people know about cosplay and conventions, most people are amazed when they see cosplayers on the street.

Or when you tell them about it, and they ask if it’s like for a movie or show or anything, haha. Most of them are very interested and like what they see. And the younger people and gamers always love to see the characters they know from games or series.

Raven: What sort of places have you done a photo shoot?

Mila: Really a lot of various places. Inside studios, at home, on castle ruins or broken buildings. In nature like mountains or at a lake, on the beach, or even at an abandoned mining location, we always try to find fitting spots anywhere to match the character I will do :)

Raven: Are there any places in the world you would love to do a photoshoot in?

Mila: Anywhere with my Darling <3

Raven: Have you ever done or will do any Lewd, Spicy, or Fan Only photos/videos?

Mila: I think I always have done a bit of sexy stuff ;) Not sure if I will do more spicy or Fan only stuff yet.

Raven: Should women take part in this side of cosplaying? 

Mila: If they want to why not? But First of all, Its nothing you need to do for cosplay. It’s nothing women should do just because it’s trending or “everyone does it” or just for easy money.

It’s something that will be forever on the internet, visible for everyone, and cosplayers should be aware of that and feel 100% comfortable with that fact before doing NSFW/fan only content or they will regret it later. But if you are aware of that then sure, anyone can do it if they like it.

Raven: Is it for profit or for artistry for doing Lewds/Spicy media? 

Mila: Can be both, I think you see the difference in the photos/video if it is artistic or for-profit

Raven: Who should control the types of media a cosplayer be allowed, the fans requesting or you?

Mila: You should always only do what you like to and feel good with :)

Raven: Have you ever experience any unusual requests (Bet it was Feet)? 

Mila: Yes and yes :D

Raven: What sort of surprise gift would Raven Steel find under his Christmas tree this year from Mila Alexia Jaeger?

Mila: Maybe a Mila Alexia Calendar 2021 Hihi :)

Raven: How have your fans treated Mila Alexia Jaeger overall? 

Mila: My fans are kind and respectful and I’m happy to have a great community like this <3.

Raven: What do you miss the most about conventions since the Pandemic?

Mila: Just miss being there and meet my friends and have a good time together so much. And also the chance to get to know new people there and meet fans.

Raven: Was there ever a cosplay that your fans loved but hated to wear? 

Mila: That would be my Bayonetta cosplay, everybody loved it but it was uncomfortable and I just never liked wearing it too much, even if I put a lot of work in it^^°

Raven: I’ve noticed, you are coming out with a 2021 Calendar. Will your photos make us forget 2020? 

Mila: I choose my best pics for it so yes I hope so ;) And that people are happy with it.

Raven: What cosplay character would you love being for the rest of your life? 

Mila: Definitely Zero Two <3

Raven: How supportive has your friends, family, and/or loved one has been to you?

Mila: My family likes what I do and the fact that I do a lot of stuff myself like crafting and sewing. But I can’t wish for anything better than to have my love at my side, always there for his waifu, helping with my cosplays, and caring for me when I’m down because something didn’t work as planned <3

Raven: Is there a candy or dessert you crave during this Holiday season?

Mila: Just waiting for the self-made Christmas cookies from my mother and grandmother, it’s always the best in the holiday season.

Raven: What sort of surprise gift would Raven Steel find under his Christmas tree this year from Mila Alexia Jaeger?

Mila: Maybe a Mila Alexia Calendar 2021 Hihi :)

Raven: Well everyone, that is all the time that we have as Mila and I are going to build a snowman. But before we go, I wanted to give a Yule-log thank you for having Mila Alex Jaeger join me on this Holiday interview. 

Mila: Raven, you just keep doing what you do. Thank you so much for having me on this interview. I found it both fun and weird at the same time.

Raven: I aim to please. If I could as you one more question and ask where can readers get lots more of Mila artistry and that new 2021 calendar?

Mila: Of course, here are my sites: 

Facebook – Mila Alexia Jaeger – Home
The calendar on Ko-fi

Please Like. Please Share. And above all, please Love this Holiday Season.

This has been a Raven Steel exclusive.

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Dynamite Entertainment Announces Three 2013 Calendars

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