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Aspen Goes Back to Its Roots for its 15-Year Anniversary in 2018

Aspen Comics, the comic book publishing house founded in 2003 by the late superstar artist Michael Turner, will be celebrating its fifteen-year anniversary in 2018. To celebrate, the publisher is planning a yearlong initiative featuring a return to many of its classic properties. Three of Aspen’s flagship titles will be highlighting significant milestones, with Michael Turner’s Fathom and Soulfire’s twenty and fifteen year anniversary respectively, and Executive Assistant: Iris’ ten-year anniversary as well.

The publisher plans to focus on less variant covers as well as a reduced price on new jumping-on point issues including 25-cent primer issues and $1.50 zero issues.

Aspen will also be debuting a 4-page Aspen Mascots story premiering each month in the back of every new Aspen Comics release. The Aspen Mascots stories will be written by Vince Hernandez with art by Joie Foster and will feature Aspen’s lovable band of mascots, creatures and other fun Aspen critters in all-ages bonus content storylines.

In addition to the Aspen Primers, Legacy, and Aspen Mascot bonus content stories, the publisher has announced an Aspen Wave 1 of new properties and titles to debut as their first releases of the new year, in addition to the creative teams:


Aspen will kick off their anniversary year in January with the release of the Aspen Legacy #1 issue, a yearbook-style offering showcasing everything from Aspen’s past, present and future, and collects a thorough look inside and behind-the-scenes of Aspen Comics. Aspen Legacy #1 will be released on January 17th and will be offered for only 15-cents with art by various Aspen alumni artists including Michael Turner, Talent Caldwell, Micah Gunnell, Marcus To, Francis Manapul and more.


PortalBound #0 written by Mark Roslan and Gabe Carrasco with art by Alex Arizmendi and Wes Hartman is a new sci-fi/fantasy/action-adventure mini-series slated for five issues debuting February 7th with covers by Arizmendi and Adam Archer. PortalBound #0 will be offered for $1.50.

Charismagic Volume 3 #1 debuts on February 14th written by Vince Hernandez with art by Harvey Tolibao and Federico Blee with covers by Tolibao and Khary Randolph. Volume 3 is supported by the release of Charismagic Volume 2 in trade paperback form, as well as a re-offering of Charismagic Volume 1 as part of the continued release of the action-adventure/fantasy series.

Shrugged Volume 3 debuts on February 21st written by Frank Mastromauro with art by André Risso and Beth Sotelo with covers by Risso and Micah Gunnell. Shrugged is supported by the release of Shrugged Volume 2 in trade paperback form, as well as a re-offering of Shrugged Volume 1 in February as well.

For new readers unfamiliar with Aspen’s catalogue of titles, the publisher will be offering 25-cent Aspen Primer issues throughout the year for its classic titles: Michael Turner’s Fathom and Soulfire, Executive Assistant: Iris, Charismagic, Dellec, Jirni, No World and Shrugged.

Preview: The Adventures of Aero-Girl #1


Writer(s): DeWayne Feenstra
Artist Name(s): Axur Eneas
Cover Artist(s): Axur Eneas & Juan Paul Reibeling (reg), Joel Gomez & Beth Sotelo (var)
32 pgs./All ages/ FC
$3.99 (reg.) / $4.99 (var.)

As Aero-Girl, Jacqueline Mackenzie is the protector of Foxbay. As the sidekick to Battle Jack, her father, her life couldn’t be any better; but tragedy is just around the corner! Will she be ready to defend her city against the evil of Dr. Chimera and his army of AniMen? Can Aero-Girl be the hero she (and her father) always dreamed of being? Variant Cover by Joel Gomez & Beth Sotelo Limited to 1500 copies.

Aero-Girl_Alternate Cover0 copy

Preview: Executive Assistant: Iris Annual #1


Vince Hernandez, David Wohl, Heather FInley — Story
Michael Shelfer, Randy Green, Tony Parker — Art
Stéphan Lemineur, Beth Sotelo, JUANCHOo — Colors

Aspen’s first Executive Assistant Annual ever is jam packed with three brand new stories featuring the most popular Executive Assistants!

The EA that started it all, Iris, returns for a thrilling new adventure that explores her new life beyond the conflict of her past! Also, explore fan favorite EA Rose’s tumultuous history with her overbearing master, plus a brutal prison tale featuring the popular EA Orchid!

Don’t miss out on the debut of the first ever EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT IRIS ANNUAL #1 in this thrilling oversized issue featuring a re-mastered EA IRIS cover by original series designer Joe Benitez and colorist Peter Steigerwald!

EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT: IRIS ANNUAL #1 is in stores April 15th, 2015!



Preview: All New Fathom #8


David Wohl – Story / Alex Konat – Art / Beth Sotelo – Colors

A new direction in the FATHOM Universe reaches its finale!

As Vana’s plan nears its apocalyptic fruition, the temperature of the Earth’s oceans are plummeting and wreaking havoc with the ecological balance of the world. Nations are in turmoil, and their military might’s are helpless to stop it. Amidst this cataclysmic backdrop, only Aspen Matthews understands what must be done to return the world from the brink of certain doom, but in order to accomplish her goal, she must team up with Chance and KIllian in order to battle with the most powerful being on the planet– Killian’s daughter, Anika!

Writer David Wohl, artist Alex Konat and colorist Beth Sotelo team up once again to bring you the latest adventures of Michael Turner’s most beloved creation!

ALL NEW FATHOM #8 is in stores September 17th, 2014!


Aspen Heads to Stan Lee’s Comikaze 2013

Aspen Comics has announced their creator appearances, exclusive items and list of events for this weekend’s upcoming Stan Lee’s Comikaze 2013. Aspen creators Frank Mastromauro, Peter Steigerwald, Vince Hernandez, Mark Roslan, J.T. Krul, Beth Sotelo, David Wohl and Josh Reed will be appearing at the Aspen Comics Booth #708 throughout the weekend to meet with fans, sign autographs and offer free sketches.

The publisher will be offering numerous Stan Lee’s Comikaze exclusives including the world premiere launch of their final “10 for 10” series, All New Soulfire with an exclusive All New Soulfire #1 Comikaze 2013 cover by Aspen founder and series creator Michael Turner and Peter Steigerwald, limited to 200 copies and only available at the Aspen Comics Booth #708.

Aspen will be offering a new series of their art prints including the Aspen Comikaze 2013 print by Turner and Steigerwald limited to 50 signed and numbered editions. The publisher will also release two All New Soulfire prints by Turner, V. Ken Marion with Steigerwald limited to 50 and 75 signed and numbered editions respectively. A new Trish Out of Water print by superstar J. Scott Campbell limited to 75 signed and numbered editions will be released in addition to an All New Fathom print by Eric “Ebas” Basaldua and Steigerwald limited to 75 signed and numbered editions.

“The Official Aspen Comics Panel” will take place on Saturday at 11AM in room 303AB and will include creators Frank Mastromaro, Peter Steigerwald, Vince Hernandez, Mark Roslan, J.T. Krul, David Wohl, Beth Sotelo, David Schwartz and Josh Reed as they reveal never-before-seen art for upcoming releases and open the floor to a special Q&A session with fans. Aspen will also be hosting a “How to Prepare Your Portfolio and Sample Reviews” panel on Saturday at 3:30PM in Room 308AB with creators Peter Steigerwald and Vince Hernandez.


Preview: All New Fathom #3


David Wohl ­ Story / Alex Konat ­ Art / Beth Sotelo, John Starr ­ Colors /Josh Reed – Letters

A new direction in the FATHOM Universe begins!

Aspen Matthews attempts to return to a normal life with her fellow humans after turning down the Blue’s pleas for help. However, the ice queen Vana and her deadly minions step up their machinations with a devastating attackon the surface world. Yet, the biggest surprise may be the return of one of Fathom’s most instrumental characters–and someone that shares a painful past with Aspen!

Writer David Wohl, artist Alex Konat and colorist Beth Sotelo team up once again to bring you the latest adventures of Michael Turner¹s most beloved creation!

ALL NEW FATHOM #3 is in stores October 30th, 2013!


Preview: Shrugged #4


Frank Mastromauro ­ Story / Jonathan Marks ­ Art / Beth Sotelo, Kyle Ritter Colors

Not much hope remains as Lord Slive and his fear creatures have gained control over Perspecta and the Earth. Though all seems lost, Theo isn¹t giving up and heads to a forgotten land where one last bastion of help may reside. However, the journey itself is a task very few have ever survived, and Theo¹s chances of making it are not looking up!

Created by Michael Turner and Frank Mastromauro, with illustrations by newcomer Jonathan Marks and colors by Beth Sotelo, make sure to listen to the voices inside your head and pick up the newest issue of SHRUGGED today!

SHRUGGED #4 is in stores October 23rd, 2013!


Preview: All New Fathom #2


David Wohl ­ Story / Alex Konat ­ Art / Beth Sotelo ­ Colors

A new direction in the FATHOM Universe begins!

Aspen Matthews is no stranger to bitter reunions, but this one could be her last! As the ice soldiers threaten to wipe out everything in their path including Aspen, she must also attempt to uncover the mystery of their true intentions, before all of mankind is blanketed by their sub-zero devastation. However, this reunion is nothing compared to the arrival of an old acquaintance, one whom may might help‹or hinder her plan for survival! The ALL NEW FATHOM continues!

Writer David Wohl, artist Alex Konat and colorist Beth Sotelo team up once again to bring you the latest adventures of Michael Turner¹s most beloved creation!

ALL NEW FATHOM #2 is in stores August 28TH, 2013!


Kickstarter Spotlight: Kaiju, Unit 44, The Last West and Grump!

These will normally appear on Thursdays, but I didn’t get a chance to write it up. So a couple days late, but no less awesome. Here’s some of the cool projects we’re highlighting on Kickstarter!

World War Kaiju Graphic Novel

world war kaijuWorld War Kaiju is the story of an alternate history, one in which the atom bomb was never created and the ultimate weapon of mass destruction is the Kaiju—fifty foot tall radioactive beasts spawned from the mysterious KAI-235 isotope. Follow the journey of one journalist as he teams up with a retired CIA operative to uncover the truth about the conspiracy behind the monsters…

With a cool concept and a solid team behind it, how can you not support this graphic novel? From Josh Finney and fellow writer, Michael Colbert, the two are talented writers. Then they’ve got the art of Patrick McEvoy. Just go to that page and check out what’s in store. Hells yes!


Best Pledge: $25 – This nets you  copy of the graphic novel, but the $55 level gets you the bonus materials from the stretch goals.

Risk: LOW – This is an experienced team and they layout well where they’re at and some of the issues that might come up. Some of the pledge amounts make me scratch my head, but that shouldn’t impact this at all.

UNIT 44 – a sci-fi/humor comic book

unit 44Unit 44 is the story of Area 51 employees, Agent Gibson and Agent Hatch, who forget to pay the rent on the facility’s off-site storage unit, and the super-secret contents are sold at public auction. When an alien invasion threatens the safety of planet Earth, Gibson and Hatch must recover an item from the locker if they hope to stop the extraterrestrial threat.

To me, that sounds funny and a good read. The art looks good and the prices are right. It’s hard not to support a comic that looks like it’d be fun (something we need more of honestly).

I like the idea, I like the pitch, it’s worth chipping in some cash to support these guys.

Best Pledge: $25 – This gets you a physical copy of the completed project as well as the digital issues. That seems like a good deal to me.

Risk: MEDIUM – I don’t know enough about these guys and this is their first project, so hopefully their math is right. The time frames given seem to be realistic, so overall I think things look pretty sound.

The Last West RELAUNCHED: Volume One

the_last_westEvan Young and Lou Lovino, guys who write stories and love comic books, want to create a new comic. It’s called The Last West and it’s about all technological and social advancement having stopped in 1945, and one man’s quest to discover why.

The team had a Kickstarter project before for this, but cancelled it because situations changed. They now have publisher Alterna backing the project, which will help out a bit as far as costs (I think).

The story sounds cool and it has a veteran team behind it and the art looks cool overall. Alterna does put out some decent titles, so for those who are looking for a read outside of the big two, this could be worth checking out.

Best Pledge: $25 – This gets you an autographed copy of the finished product.

Risk: MEDIUM – The time frame seems realistic, and with Alterna supporting it, I don’t see too much going wrong. The levels make me scratch my head as some seem a bit unrealistic. $5 for a single floppy issue seems a bit off, considering printing and shipping, that’s not much of a margin.

GRUMP! The loneliest kid on your block… until now.

grumpMost neighborhoods have that one crazy house. It’s wood is rotting. Weeds are flourishing. No matter what time of day it is, it’s always in the shadows. Maybe you aren’t afraid of that house, but you definitely won’t be trick-or-treating there. Just to be safe.

That’s where Grump lives.

Grump doesn’t realize he’s alone. All he knows is that something isn’t right. It takes a series of unusual circumstances for Grump to finally meet some neighborhood kids. Now he’s about to have his world shaken up!

Like it or not, Grump. You’re going outside!

The concept sounds awesome. The art looks cool. How can you not support this!?

Best Pledge: $1 – You get a 40 page PDF copy for just $1! There’s some awesome higher tiers, but if you’re not willing to chip in $1 for some random project, you’re crazy. Any of the higher levels sound very cool, so I don’t think you can go too wrong with any of them.

Risk: LOW – This is a digital only book, so some of the extras there might be issues. But Beth Sotelo says she’s done the math for those and has planned out enough time to deliver the digital book. This one I’m feeling pretty confident on being finished on time.

Preview: All New Fathom #1

All New Fathom #1

Script – David Wohl, Pencils by Alex Konat, Colors by Beth Sotelo, Letters – Josh Reed

A new direction in the FATHOM Universe begins! Michael Turner’s best-selling series has reached its milestone 15-year anniversary! However, Aspen Matthews’ adventure under the surface has no plans of slowing down! Following the devastating events of ‘The Elite Saga’, Aspen Matthews finds herself at a decisive crossroads in her life-with the memories of her past no longer weighing her down, she is finally able to set about building a new life in San Diego once more. But, being the daughter of two worlds is no easy feat-and Aspen will quickly discover the winds of change oftentimes lead directly into the perils of fate! The ALL NEW FATHOM starts right here!

Writer David Wohl, artist Alex Konat and colorist Beth Sotelo team up once again to bring you the latest adventures of Michael Turner’s most beloved creation!

All New Fathom #1 is in stores on July 24th!


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