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Preview: Shrugged Vol. 3 #1


Frank Mastromauro – Story / Andre Risso, Mauricio Campetella – Art / Valentina Taddeo, Jesse Heagy, and Beth Sotelo – Colors

Volume three of Aspen’s hit series’ long-awaited return is finally here!

Rejoin high school teenager Theodore Langstrom along with Ange and Dev, his internal allies guiding his conscience, as he attempts to adapt to life following the events of Shrugged Volumes One and Two! After saving the emotional spectrum realm of Perspecta and everyone he holds dear in the process, Theo discovers that the most fearsome moment of all still awaits him—High School Graduation! But, like all things in his life, adolescence is not the only challenge Theo will face along the way, as he has yet to still truly experience the horrors of several emotions, including entering adulthood!

SHRUGGED VOL 3 #1 is in stores February 28th, 2018!

FC 32 pages $3.99


  • Hey is there a reason on this article you don’t credit Taylor Esposito for his lettering in your article? These guys work really hard and his name is on the cover. You mention everyone but him. What gives?

    • Yup, this is what the publisher provides. For some that happens even before we see the comic. Taylor is beyond talented. But the question is why do publishers not credit letters, those that do color, ink, covers, etc.?