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Captain Manhattan: Comics & Running for Office with City Councilman Ben Kallos

NY City Councilman Ben Kallos grew up collecting comics, watching anime and reading science fiction as a Manhattan kid. While most of his time is now spent passing progressive reform legislation, getting trashcans installed across his Upper East Side district or taking care of his daughter, he still loves comics and scifi for the powerful stories they tell about the world around us.


  • What’s it like running for office as a geek?
  • How an issue of Punisher 2099 changed his life
  • That Marvel Cease and Desist Letter. 
  • Being named an official Planeteer and working with Extinction Rebellion to declare a Climate Emergency
  • Do not dress up as Deadpool in any professional context
  • Speaking at AnimeNYC Con– “Comics are comics and animation is animation regardless of whether it’s in Japanese” 
  • Gundum Politics


Marvel Sends Cease and Desist Letter to NYC Council Member Ben Kallos

Earlier today we brought you the story of the Captain America and superhero-inspired political email by New York City Council Member Ben Kallos who is running for Manhattan Borough President.

Marvel didn’t take too kindly to the political email and sent him an email telling him to stop using Marvel’s “intellectual property” in campaign material. Kallos Tweeted the letter saying he got a “kick out of it.”

In the letter, Deputy Chief Counsel Eli Bard asked that Marvel’s characters “not be used for political purposes or to support political campaigns.”

The move by the corporation is an odd one as they have no problem profiting off of the likeness of politicians (see President Obama on the multiple sell-out Amazing Spider-Man cover) or their head Isaac Perlmutter being one of the biggest fundraisers for President Trump or being a shadow advisor for the Veteran Affairs Administration which is being investigated. They also seemed to have no issue with a San Jose Republican being sworn in with Captain America’s shield. The biggest offense Marvel seems to have no issue with is the pervasive use of the Punisher’s symbol to support “Blue Lives Matter” and abusive police. Items featuring that logo can be found for sale, for profit, by businesses, across the internet. Other publishers aren’t the fun police thankfully.

Tip to Marvel, probably not a good idea to piss off the people that can regulate you/impact your company.

You can read the full letter below.

Marvel cease and desist to Ben Kallos

NYC Council Member Ben Kallos Sends Out a “Superhero Alert” Stating “He Can Do This All Day!”

New York City Upper East Side Democratic City Council Member Ben Kallos is an admitted geek. Back in 2013, he built a website for a Battlestar Galactica themed Passover seder.

"I can do this all day" gif

Today, his campaign for Manhattan Borough President sent out an email “Superhero Alert.” The fundraising pitch has a Captain America theme even quoting the iconic superhero stating “he can do this all day!” in the subject line. The quote comes from Captain America (or Steve Rogers) standing up to “bullies” numerous times in the film showing he’s a fighter no matter the odds.

It’s always fun to see politicians weave in comic culture into their campaign and fantastic to see many more wearing their fandom on their sleeves.

Check out the full email below (with email addresses removed):

From: Superhero Alert via Team Kallos
Date: November 15, 2019 at 8:35:27 AM EST
Subject: he can do this all day!
Reply-To: Superhero Alert via Team Kallos


Yeah, sure, we could have said “not all heroes wear capes” but we thought it was important to get straight to the point.

In all seriousness, while Captain America was pretty busy fighting Hydra, sleeper agents, Loki, Ultron, and Thanos, Ben’s been fighting for everyday New Yorkers.

He’s taken on corruption by forcing politicians to give up outside income, won campaign finance reforms, and stood up to billionaires building supertalls for other billionaires that would leave the rest of us in their shadow. He’s been fighting for New Yorkers, making sure that everyone has equal opportunities to succeed all while opening more school seats and affordable housing, and improving commutes.

But he doesn’t have the Hulk to help him—he has you! And now, Ben’s hoping to continue to fight the good fight as Manhattan Borough President—so before our next big fundraising goal on November 30th, can you make a contribution so our campaign is ready for whatever comes our way?

And while the real Captain America has super strength, Ben’s power comes from us.

This campaign won’t be funded by real-estate developers or corporations. That’s why we’re hoping we can count on you (and a few hundred boots on the ground!) so we have what it takes to shield him from whatever comes his way.

And like Captain America, he can do this all day, but we’ve got to make sure he’s got the resources to keep fighting.

{{FirstName or ‘Please’}}, make a contribution today.

Thanks, True Believers!

Team Kallos

It’s Frakking Passover with Democratic City Council Candidate Ben Kallos

Admitting you’re a geek is no longer a nail in the coffin for potential candidates. This past election, numerous geeks were re-elected or elected for the first time, including our current Commander-in-Geek who has admitted to collecting Spider-Man and Conan comics and had geeky moments in office.

New York City Upper East Side Democratic City Council Candidate Ben Kallos is an admitted nerd who went so far to build a website Battlestar Galactica themed Passover seder. In an interview with DNAinfo, Kallos said:

I’m a policy wonk, and I like science fiction.

The website includes a detailed guide in how to host your own Battlestar Galactica themed Passover. The idea began for him after a discussion with friends and he looks at it as a way to educate people with a twist.

Kallos has a tech background and has built numerous websites including fun ones like this, as well for government and community agencies.

Kallos ended his interview with:

I’m hoping to be part of a future where everyone is accepted.

Kallos is a shoo-in to win in next month’s election which adds another honorable elected official who’s also a proud geek, one that’ll represent us all well.

passover hagadah bsg

(via DNAinfo)