The Working Families Party’s Brightest Day, Goes Superhero in Email Blast

Politicians and political parties invoking superheroes isn’t anything new. Candidates have done it. Organizations have done it. The Working Families Party sent out an email yesterday with a superhero theme and directly quoting the Green Lantern oath with a twist.

Founded in New York in 1998, the Working Families Party is a political party in the US mainly focused on “jobs, healthcare, raising the minimum wage, universal paid sick days, the student debt crisis, higher taxes on the rich, public education, and energy and environmental reform.”

In the fundraising pitch, the email is a solid one with a focus on individuals at the local level who have helped to make a difference and are now running for office.

You can read the full email below.

In dark Trump times like these, it’s hard to find the glimmer of hope. But wait — look there, Amanda! In hometowns all across the country — Philadelphia, Las Vegas, Salem, Albuquerque, Snoqualmie and more — people are standing up to serve their community.

It’s the Working Families Party Superheroes!

They are taking on the likes of Donald Trump, the NRA, fossil fuel lobbyists, and wealthy donors — without the resources you see in the presidential campaigns.

Meet our WFP Superheroes and then chip in $3 to help WFP turn out the votes they need to win!

WFP Superheroes, from left to right, top row to bottom…

Teresa Alonso Leon runs Oregon’s GED program, helping low-income and working class families fight for a better life. Meanwhile, multinational corporations and wealthy donors refuse to pay their fair share. Now she’s had enough and is running for Oregon State House on a platform of women’s economic equality, public education, and protecting seniors.

Philadelphia’s Chris Rabb is an author, activist and college professor. After he helped over 100 adjunct professors unionize for living wages, he was abruptly “uninvited” to continue teaching. Now he’s running for PA State Assembly to bring the fight for school funding to Harrisburg!

New Mexico’s narrow Republican majority has been passing legislation that benefits big energy companies and ignores public school children. So long-time teacher, mentor and elderly services volunteer, Natalie Figueroa, is running to challenge the Republican Majority Leader and tip the scales in favor of progressive values.

In Las Vegas, middle school teacher Brittney Miller knew that energy sustainability and public school funding couldn’t wait another semester. So she decided to step up and run for State Assembly against a wealthy lawyer who supports tax policies that will help the rich — and leave the rest of us behind.

A family tragedy opened Jason Ritchie’s eyes to the needs of differently-abled residents in Washington state. Now, this Bernie-endorsed candidate wants to fight for working families in the State House. He’s challenging a Trump-like incumbent who opposes women’s reproductive rights, family leave, and raising the minimum wage.

Any one of these WFP Superheroes could be a future Bernie Sanders — but they have to win their elections! WFP is throwing down for down-ballot superheroes leading up to November. You can help elect a new generation of progressive champions all over the country by chipping in $3. Click here to help WFP forge a new future with local progressive superheroes.

POW! Let’s do this!

Amanda Johnson
Working Families Party