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Dead Reckoning and Marvel Deliver Atlas at War!

Atlas at War

Dead Reckoning and Marvel are working together to release Atlas at War on June 17, 2020. The collection features fifty hard-hitting stories from Marvel’s Atlas era.

From 1951 to 1960 Atlas Comics, which later became Marvel Comics, published more war titles than ayn other comic company. The collection is edited by comics historian Dr. Michael J. Vassallo. Some of these comics are being reprinted for the first time. 4 never-reprinted classics were written and penciled by Jack Kirby.

The collection features stories from sixteen different Atlas war titles and features the artwork of artists like Russ Heath, John Severin, Bernie Krigstein, Joe Maneely, Jerry Robinson, Steve Ditko, and Kirby.

Each page has been restored from its first printing by comic art restorer Allan Harvey.

Atlas at War

In the 1950s, when these Atlas war comics were originally published, the hand-drawn artwork was photographed, and the resulting negatives used to produce the printing plates from which the final comic was printed. In the intervening sixty or seventy years the artwork, negatives, and plates have all been lost or destroyed, so, if a publisher wishes to reprint these comics, the only thing they have to use as a source is the decades-old printed comic. Over that period of time acids within the paper itself have acted to darken the paper and make it brittle; oils from countless fingers, too, may have taken their toll, making a clean reprint very difficult—without help. That’s when someone like me steps in.

As a restoration artist, I take a high-resolution scan of the printed comic page and load it into computer software [See image 1 above] where I use my skills to remove or minimize the accumulated dirt and deterioration of the ages. First, I strip out the color information, which results in a very washed-out file [See image 2 above]. I work on this extensively, manually darkening the linework and black areas, removing deterioration, dust and dirt and any problems introduced on the original printing press, such as line drop-outs, etc. This process produces a file which looks as close to how the artwork would have looked when the artist handed it to the editor back in 1950 as I can make it. [See image 3 above]

At this point I reintroduce the color information and work on that, again removing defects and smoothing out the “look” to my satisfaction, working and re-working it until I get a sharp, clean digital color file [See image 4 above], from which reprints can be made, allowing these exciting comics to be brought to a whole new generation. The time taken to complete a page varies, but, on average, a single page can be produced in around 4-6 hours.

– Allan Harvey

Dynamite is Disputing the Atlas Comics Purchase, Sort Of

Dynamite Entertainment Atlas Comics

We’ve been researching this one since the announcement was made. but Dynamite Entertainment is disputing the relaunch of Atlas Comics. Well, at least the use of the name “Atlas Comics.”

Last week, Steven Paul revealed he had purchased a majority stake in Atlas Comics, the 1970s comic publisher, with plans to launch movie franchises. In our research for that announcement, we noticed there was a dispute over the trademark of Atlas Comics. Dynamite Entertainment claims that it owns the trademark.

Atlas Comics launched in 1974 as an imprint of Seaboard Publishing. Martin Goodman founded it after a dispute with Marvel Comics, which he founded. Jason Goodman, Martin Goodman’s grandson, is in control of Atlas Comics and its character through Nemesis Group. Paul purchased a stake to the character library from Nemesis Group.

Dynamite Entertainment is claiming they own the name “Atlas Comics” but do not own the characters.

In a statement to The Hollywood Reporter, Dynamite said:

We have no clue why Martin Goodman, or anyone associated with him, feels that they can use the ‘Atlas Comics’ brand name. Any trademark rights the original Goodman’s Seaboard Publishing group may have owned in the ‘Atlas Comics’ name was abandoned decades ago. Because of that abandonment, the trademark ATLAS COMICS was adopted in 2002 by Jeffrey Stevens, who then registered the trademark in 2005, and Dynamite now owns all rights in the ATLAS COMICS trademark, having purchased it from Mr. Stevens in 2014. We have been actively using the mark ever since.

Jason Goodman attempted to relaunch Atlas Comics in 2010. He found out that Jeffrey Stevens had registered the trademark for comic books in 2005. That led to a lawsuit being filed by Nemesis against Stevens. Their argument was that Stevens hadn’t used the trademark. In March 2012 the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board allowed the case to proceed. In the end, the board ruled against Goodman in August 2014. Stevens’ trademark was then assigned to Dynamite Characters LLC, aka Dynamite Entertainment. In February 2016 Nemesis Group filed a new Atlas Comics logo with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Dynamite claims they have used the “Atlas Comics” branding. They use it to denote “limited-edition signed copies of high-profile titles.” Those copies feature a visible cover banner. You can see examples of that above.

It is possible that the Atlas Comics announcement was just about the characters and intellectual property. Atlas Comics as a publisher is dead and the name was just used for the announcement with no intention on further use. That still remains unclear and this is a story we’ll continue to follow.

Graphic Policy Weekly Episode 2: Elections Matter

Welcome to the second episode of Graphic Policy Weekly, our new weekly show going over the biggest comic news out there.

On this episode:
Last week and this week’s comics!
Marvel’s X-Line Gets Another Revamp
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Atlas Comics is back!
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Square Enix gets in to publishing in the US
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Main story:
Elections and the policy spinning out of them impacts us every day but this past week has seen two big stories that impacts comics, games, toys, tv, and movies specifically. We talk about the Georgia abortion ban and the trade war with China.

Atlas Comics Returns! Ghost Rider Producer Steven Paul Acquires a Majority Interest in Atlas Comics Library

Atlas Comics

At Cannes, Ghost Rider producer Steven Paul announced he has acquired a majority interest in the Atlas Comics library. He’s also signed a co-production and co-financing first-look deal with Paramount Pictures. The goal is to develop, produce, and release superhero films based on the classic comic books.

A writer’s room of nine individuals is being put together and overseen by Akiva Goldsman and his Weed Road Pictures.

Production is set to begin in the second quarter of 2020 with the first film to be released in 2021. The goal is to release one superhero project each year after.

Paul acquired the stake from its owner Nemesis Group and principal Jason Goodman, grandson of Martin Goodman. Goodman was the founder of Marvel Comics, which was later run by Martin’s cousin Stan Lee.

The actual character count is going on but from the initial announcement it sounds like publishing will be included. Jason Goodman who is taking a stake in the new Atlas company will head up publishing and be involved in the film and television projects.

Atlas has a long history in comics. Martin Goodman founded Timely Productions in 1939. He then created the division of Atlas Comics in the 1950s which was the original home to Marvel‘s characters. In the 1960s, that became Marvel Comics. Due to a bad deal, in 1974 Goodman and his son Charles “Chip” Goodman “re-launched” Atlas Comics.

Upon Martin Goodman’s death, the company remained untouched. In 2010 when Jason Goodman, Martin’s grandson, took possession. That resulted in a false start in an attempt to relaunch the publishing brand with Ardden Entertainment. Subsequent lawsuits over trademarks were launched as well.

Atlas Comics Celebrates 30 Years in Business this Weekend

When Atlas Comics opened for business in the spring of 1988 Ronald Reagan was president, gas cost 90 cents and comic books were just crawling out of the cultural basement. Atlas owner and operator John Stangeland remembers the season well.

When we opened, comics were taking their first real steps into mainstream media. Tim Burton’s Batman movie was only a year away, and new creators like Frank Miller and Alan Moore were starting to be taken semi-seriously by critics. It definitely felt like comics were growing up.

When asked if he foresaw today’s juggernaut of comics in film and television, Stangeland was equivocal.

Nobody could have predicted this amount of success – except maybe the Disney lawyers – but something was in the air, for sure.

At the time, Stangeland’s personal stake in the business was equally indistinct.

I had no idea when this all started that comic books would be my life’s work – but here I am, thirty years later. I’m exceptionally grateful to my customers that I don’t work in a toll booth.

Atlas Comics will celebrate its 30th year in business on Saturday, May 12th and Sunday, May 13th at its new location, 5251 N. Harlem, on Chicago’s northwest side. Everything will be on sale, including toys, trade paperbacks, hardcovers, supplies, memorabilia, and an enormous selection of vintage comics. There will also be non-stop music, movies and cartoons, as well as esoteric conversation that is unlikely to be heard anywhere else.

For more information on the Atlas Comics 30th Anniversary Sale and store hours visit Facebook owebsite, or go old-school and call 708 453-2110.

Atlas Comics Returns to Chicago September 30th

Atlas Comics, a fixture of the Chicago-area pop culture retail community for 25 years will return to a new retail space at 5251 N. Harlem Avenue in Chicago, just miles from their old location. The store lost the lease to its suburban Norridge store in 2013 and migrated to online and subscription-only business. After a four year hiatus, Atlas will have its Grand Re-opening from 12:00 – 6:00pm on Saturday, September 30th.

According to Atlas owner John Stangeland, the store will be a little different than it once was. “We were always known as the place for vintage back issues,” he said. “And we’ll still have a deep inventory of classic comics. But the industry is changing, and Atlas needs to do the same thing. That means providing a larger selection of graphic novels in a variety of genres from all over the world, and casting a wider net over the pop-culture landscape. And it means more toys and gaming, too.” In addition, Stangeland promised that the general ambiance of the shop will be upgraded. “I think there will be a little less Tchiakovsky and a little more Ramones,” he said. “The customers have been punished enough.”
Asked why he decided to return now, Stangeland was enthusiastic. “It’s just the right time. I was a little burned out before,” he said, “but I got the itch back. The recent movies have been great, lots of interesting new creators, new publishers – it’s a very exciting time. I want to be in the thick of it again.”

Opening day will feature free comics and giveaways, a sale including thousands of comics priced $1 or less, discounts on vintage back issues, supplies, toys, games and memorabilia, and around the clock music, movies and cartoons. There will also be food (catered), drink (lots of it) and conversation (cheap).

For more information on opening day and store hours visit their Facebook page or website or call 708 453-2110.

Around the Tubes

The weekend is almost here! Who’s going to go see the new Hunger Games film?

Around the Tubes

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Charlotte Observer – Graphic novel teaching history at Leflore schools – Great to see!

Bleeding Cool – Dynamite Buys The Atlas Comics Trademark From Jeffrey Stevens – Well that explains what happened to that company.


Around the Tubes Reviews

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FLASH! AH AHHHH! and More From Ardden

Ardden Entertainment is excited to announce that two Flash Gordon books hit comic stores today!  The first is an all-new, all-exciting tale, Flash Gordon: The Vengeance of Ming, in which the evil despot of Mongo attacks Earth!  And if you’re wondering why Ming is so pissed off, you can check out the collected edition of Flash Gordon: Invasion of The Red Sword, in which Earth forces invade Mongo!  There’s a whole lotta invading goin’ on!  These titles lead up to Ardden’s final Flash Gordon story, King Of  The Impossible, which will be out in a couple of months.

There’s a lot of other exciting stuff going on at Ardden, including the continued roll out of the Atlas line of superstars and the recent release of Mix Tape #1, a love letter to indie rock of the 1990s and a book that has garnered incredible critical praise.  You can find out about this and more, all at www.Ardden-Entertainment.com and www.Atlas-Comics.com

Ardden jas another new series, The Devil Is Due In Dreary, a great modern western horror/thriller.  The talented creators of this book are running a Kickstarter campaign and they need your support to reach their goal! Time is running out so please check out their very cool campaign and consider being a backer at:


By supporting them, not only will you be help complete a comic book but you will also be able to get great rewards such as:

  • Personally signed copies of the comic
  • An advance, personally signed copy of the trade paperback (all four issues of the comic in on bound book with bonus pages!)
  • A personal sketch from our cover artist Alex Sanchez!
  • Original artwork from the comic book (one-of-a-kind original pages from our penciller Allan Jefferson!)
  • Get yourself sketched into issue # 4 as a character – yes you as a character in the comic book!
  • Get your own page is the trade paperback – you can use this for anything you like but it will be your page in the published book!

New From Ardden Entertainment and Atlas Comics – Atlas Unified and Knightgail

Official Press Release

To start off this exciting new year, Ardden Entertainment and Atlas Comics are proud to announce that two fantastic new comics are now in comic book stores across the country (and the world!).


The Grim Ghost, Phoenix, Wulf the Barbarian, and Detective Sam Lomax join forces for the first time in 35 years in a historical Atlas crossover event! Which enemy could make these Atlas Heroes set aside their differences, forge an alliance, and risk everything to defeat it? (Ships with 4 different covers, including a wraparound!)


Forester princess Eloa and friends Kaeli and Daniel explore a hidden cave and are confronted by a Dracon named Bellua, who reveals a magical scroll that foretells an upcoming invasion that can only be stopped by reuniting all the tribes. Regrettably, invasion is closer than any of them imagined!

(Check out this great review! http://www.firstcomicsnews.com/?p=36055)

Visit us at www.Ardden-Entertainment.com

Join us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/groups/29327037260/

CBLDF Members Get A Discount At Geppi Entertainment Museum in Baltimore!

Official Press Release

March 11, 2011 – 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Geppi’s Entertainment Museum in Baltimore

“Atlas At Last” is a visual tour of the short-lived (or so it seemed) Atlas-Seaboard line of comics, which was originally published in 1974-1975 by Martin Goodman, the man who founded Marvel Comics. Although it only managed a combined output of 72 color comic books and black & white magazines, saw its longest-lived title reach only four issues, and included at least a few thinly disguised versions of established characters, the Atlas line stuck in the minds of collectors, dealers and pop culture historians.

The line featured a mix of strong concepts executed by both established and up-and-coming creators, and for a few months it stood toe-to-toe with industry giants Marvel Comics and DC Comics.

And then they were gone.

And now, like a familiar comic character who’s been declared definitively dead, Atlas is returning after a hiatus of just about 36 years with the March 2, 2011 debut of Wulf #1, written by 30 Days of Night creator Steve Niles and his Spawn: The Dark Ages collaborator, artist Nat Jones.  At the helm is Goodman’s grandson, Jason Goodman.

The first 50 fans who attend opening night will receive a SWAG bag with goodies including The Grim Ghost #0, Phoenix #0, all three new Atlas #1 issues (Wulf #1, The Grim Ghost #1 and Phoenix #1) and a T-shirt from Atlas and Ardden Entertainment, as well as the C2E2 Exclusive Variant Cover edition of Comic Book Marketplace #1 (limited to 400 copies and featuring Howard Chaykin’s unpublished original cover for The Scorpion #2 in color for the first time).

Also included in the swag are the deluxe hardcover book Pop Culture With Character: A Look Inside Geppi’s Entertainment Museum, a copy of The Overstreet Hall of Fame, and a copy of the latest Baltimore magazine (great for finding the hotspots and awesome food around town).

And speaking of food, the goody bags will also include a coupon for complementary beer with purchase of any food purchase at Baltimore’s Luna del Sea or Tony’s Hookah Lounge, along with cool information from the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, The Hero Initiative, the Comic Book Collecting Association, ComicLink, Hake’s Americana & Collectibles, and more.

Admission for this special evening is $20.00.

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