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Preview: DC Crimes of Passion #1

DC Crimes of Passion #1

(W) James Tynion IV, Steve Orlando, Sina Grace, Jay Baruchel, Stephanie Phillips, Others (A) Greg Smallwood, Riley Rossmo, Andie Tong, Mike Norton, Anthony Spay, Others (CA) Yasmin Putri
In Shops: Feb 05, 2020
SRP: $9.99

Passion. Betrayal. Murder. When you’re a private investigator, these are things you experience daily. But when you add capes to the mix-like Batman, Catwoman, and Harley Quinn? Things get even messier. The name’s Slam Bradley, and I’m telling you that this year’s Valentine’s Day special has more intrigue than you can shake a stick at. Ten tales of love-the kind of love that can push people over the edge. Don’t miss it…or I’ll make you pay.

DC Crimes of Passion #1

Games Workshop’s Eisenhorn is Coming to Comics

TPub Comics, in partnership with Pixel Hero Games and Games Workshop, have announced their newest comic Eisenhorn: Xenos.

An original prequel to the recently released video game, based on the novels of the same name from the Black Library. Written by Ryan O’Sullivan, with art from Anthony Spay, Anthony Fowler, and newcomer Andre Campos, Eisenhorn: Xenos follows the exploits of one of Games Workshop’s most popular and enduring characters.

O’Sullivan has been a long time fan of Games Workshop playing the extensive collection of various games including Warhammer 40K, Inquisitor, Necromunda, Gorkamorka, and more.

For fans not prepared to wait until February 2017, Eisenhorn: Xenos is available as part of the Deluxe Game Edition from Pixel Hero Games (Available on PC & iOS), as well as ComiXology.


SDCC 2013: Zenescope Entertainment Announces Big Plans

Zenescope Entertainment will be once again appearing at booth #2301 just inside the C entrance of the San Diego Convention Center during San Diego Comic-Con which runs July 17th-21st. Zenescope plans to give away thousands of free comics to fans while showcasing their top talent and offering limited edition convention exclusives and products throughout Comic Con.

Zenescope’s giveaways include issue #1 of the company’s new hit series, Grimm Fairy Tales presents OZ (while supplies last), as well as a variety of different comics, on an almost hourly basis during artist and creator signings (check http://blog.zenescope.com for appearances and signing times).

Meanwhile, Zenescope will dedicate Saturday, July 20th to the U.S. Armed Forces by giving away free copies of its brand new Grimm Fairy Tales: Wounded Warriors comic book while also holding signings and a Silent Auction of original cover art by talent such as Jamal Igle, Anthony Spay, Mike DeBalfo, Sean Chen, Alfredo Reyes and Billy Tucci. All silent auction proceeds will go to the Wounded Warriors Project.

Another big draw at booth 2301 will be Zenescope’s interactive “Hit List” game where fans can sign up for free at the booth for a chance to win prizes. The game will run all 4 convention days and involves collecting pictures of other “Hit List” players on one’s smart phone; those who collect the most photos will be awarded Zenescope prize packs worth up to $75 in retail value. Stop by booth 2301 for more details and to participate.

Also on the docket for Zenescope, taking place Friday, July 19th from 12pm-1:00pm in Panel Room 4, Zenescope will debut new behind the scenes footage from its Grimm Fairy Tales Animated Pilot. Director/Producer Jon Schnepp will be joined by Producers and Grimm Fairy Tales creators, Joe Brusha and Ralph Tedesco as they screen never- before-seen exclusive content featuring some of the voice talent involved in the project such as Lena Headey, Chris Hardwick, Briana Evigan and Robert Forster.

Lastly, Zenescope will be providing the talent to go along with many of its jaw-dropping exclusive covers available at the convention. The top-notch artwork of Elias Chatzoudis, Franchesco, Ebas, Mike Krome, Anthony Spay, Mike DeBalfo and Tyler Kirkham will be featured at Booth 2301 with appearances by not only most of these names but many others. Here’s a partial list of talent appearing at the Zenescope Booth.

Joe Brusha: Zenescope President, Writer, Creator (Grimm Fairy Tales, Neverland, Oz)
Ralph Tedesco: Zenescope Editor-in-Chief, Writer, Creator (Grimm Fairy Tales, Se7en, Hit List)
Raven Gregory: Zenescope Staff Writer (Wonderland, The Waking, Fly)
Anthony Spay: Zenescope Artist, Editor, Art Director (Wonderland, Grimm Fairy Tales)
Elias Chatzoudis: SPECIAL GUEST Artist (Grimm Fairy Tales, Wonderland, Oz)
Jamal Igle: Artist (Superman, Grimm Fairy Tales)
Jamie Tyndall: Artist (Grimm Fairy Tales, Wonderland, Hit List)
Tyler Kirkham: Artist, Creator: (Screwed, Green Lantern: New Guardians)
Nei Ruffino: Artist (Wonderland, Unleashed)
Franchesco!: Artist (Wonderland, Grimm Fairy Tales)

Here are Zenescope’s San Diego Comic Con 2013 Exclusives:

Oz #1 F, G (by Mike Krome) F – Limited to 750 copies, G – Limited to 350 copies
Oz #1 H (by Elias Chatzoudis) Limited to 250 copies
Oz #1 J (sketch cover) Limited to 500 copies
GFT Wounded Warriors Cover E (by Mike DeBalfo) Limited to 750 copies
GFT Wounded Warriors Cover F (by Anthony Spay) Limited to 500 copies
Wonderland #12 Cover D (By Anthony Spay) Limited to 500 copies
Robyn Hood Wanted #3 Cover D (By Eric EBAS Basaldua) Limited to 500 copies
GFT Demons #1 Cover C (By Franchesco!) Limited to 500 copies
Grimm Fairy Tales #86 Cover C (By Elias Chatzoudis) Limited to 750 copies
Screwed #2 Cover C (By Tyler Kirkham) Limited to 500 copies

Zenescope Entertainment Announces All-Star line-up in Realm Knights

Zenescope Entertainment has announced plans to bring together a cast of its most popular Grimm Universe characters for the upcoming mini-series which will be entitled Realm Knights. The company best known for re-telling classic stories with a unique blend of horror, tongue-in-cheek humor and great action, is bringing out its heavy hitters for this brand new four issue mini-series that teams up its fan-favorite characters such as Robyn Hood, Van Helsing, Red Riding Hood and Sela Mathers. Together the group forms the Realm Knights, a powerful modern day team of heroes that is chosen to help eliminate daunting supernatural threats against our world.

The first issue of Realm Knights is available now for pre-order in Diamond’s June 2013 edition of Previews and will be released both in print and digitally in August. The #1 issue will feature covers by Anthony Spay, Marat Mychaels, Alfredo Reyes and will also include a unique “suiting up” connecting cover by Anthony Spay that will spread across all four issues of the first mini-series.

Realm Knights 1a rEALM kNIGHTS 1b Realm Knights 1C Realm Knights 1D

Amazon Gets into the Comic Book Exclusive Marketplace with Zenescope Art Book

Amazon, the #1 online retailer, is offering an exclusive Zenescope Art book to its customers, which is available for pre-order. The art book, entitled The Art of Zenescope Limited Edition Vol. 1 will be released in September and will feature a plethora of the most sought after, limited edition, convention exclusives. The hardcover collection will also come with a limited edition print.

Zenescope Entertainment is well known in the comic book industry for their popular, and valuable convention exclusives that feature pin-up style artwork from some of the finest cover artists in the industry, including J. Scott Campbell, Eric “Ebas” Basaldua, Greg Horn, Ale Garza, Jamie Tyndall, Anthony Spay, Franchesco and Nei Ruffino to name a few. These exclusives have a strong resale value on the secondary marketplace, and are very limited print runs, usually no higher than 500 copies. Zenescope’s horror twist has allowed them to publish many new artistic interpretations of the classic fairy tale characters.

The art book will have a print run of 2500 copies. There will only be 1750 of this art book available through Amazon, as the other 750 of the print run will feature a different cover, and be made available through the direct market through distribution through Diamond.

The Art of Zenescope Limited Edition Vol. 1 s available for pre-order.


Zenescope Announces Their 2013 Convention Schedule and Plans

Zenescope Entertainment has released its convention schedule for 2013 which covers a total of 25 different conventions and cities, including two visits abroad in both Canada and the United Kingdom. It’s the most comprehensive convention schedule for the company to date.  Zenescope’s writers, creators and artists such as Joe Brusha, Ralph Tedesco, Raven Gregory, Anthony Spay, Eric Basaldua, Pat Shand and many others are expected to be present throughout many of the company’s convention stops.

Over the past several years, Zenescope has maintained original and sought after convention exclusive covers. And this year the company has raised the bar as it puts the lovely Zenescope ladies to work with its “Work Force” theme for 2013. Eric Basaldua, Jamie Tyndall, Anthony Spay, Elias Chatzoudis, Franchesco and other top industry talent will take turns portraying Zenescope’s iconic and strong-willed female characters in a variety of blue and white collar work environments in the pinup style that has elevated Zenescope’s limited edition exclusives to be must-have collectibles.

Further, Zenescope has announced its new line of “Black Diamond” exclusive variants. These rare covers are intended to reward the hardcore collectors and fans who end up collecting all of them.

The first Black Diamond cover made its debut in January at Amazing Arizona Comic Con and future Black Diamonds will debut at various, random conventions throughout 2013. However, a specific release schedule and certain details about the covers are still being kept under wraps. Those who miss their opportunity to purchase these covers at the conventions can also look for them on Zenescope’s official web store.

Dream_Eater_12_Lett_DPS GFTML25_coverC GFTML25_coverD Wonderland 8C color

NYCC 2012 – Zenescope Heads to NYC

Zenescope Entertainment has announced its plans for New York Comic Con 2012.  The company will be appearing at booth # 1657 and will have on hand the most products and content it ever has in the 7 years Zenescope has been attending the east coast’s largest Comic Con.

Brand new issues debuting at the booth will be the Grimm Fairy Tales 2012 Halloween Edition, the Grimm Fairy Tales Animated Comic and the Grimm Fairy Tales Giant Sized 2012.

Zenescope will also have 12 limited edition New York Comic Con Exclusive Covers available from artists such as EBAS, Anthony Spay, Jamie Tyndall, Elias Chatzoudis and many more!  Many artists are going to be available to sign at different times throughout the weekend.

Other Zenescope merchandise will include Wonderland Board Games, Action Figures, T-shirts, Art Prints and all the latest Trade Paperbacks, Graphic Novels and Exclusives fans are looking for!

Meanwhile the Zenescope booth has FREE signings and FREE Giveaways all weekend long.  Some of the creators appearing at booth 1657 include writers Raven Gregory, Ralph Tedesco, Joe Brusha and Patrick Shand; artists include Anthony Spay, Jamie Tyndall, Elias Chatzoudis and more.

There will be more special appearances from Grimm Fairy Tales Animated director Jon Schnepp and Grimm Fairy Tales animated actress Briana Evigan.

Also appearing will be Cosplay queen Jessica Nigri and of course the gorgeous Zenescope Booth Babes!  See below for is a complete list of Exclusives and Appearances.

The biggest news of the weekend is the premiere of the Grimm Fairy Tales Animated Pilot which was fan-funded through Kickstarter and produced by Zenescope, Titmouse, and Schneppzone.  The pilot will make its much-anticipated debut on the evening of October 13th with a screening party and fairy tale-themed burlesque show performed by Ink & Paint Burlesque. The event is being held at Times Scare in New York City on Saturday, October 13th, with doors opening at 9:30pm.

Limited tickets for the event will be available for sale at the Zenescope booth or online at: https://www.zenescope.com/comics/51-grimm-fairy-tales-the-animated-series/issues/427

Lastly, there will be a Zenescope panel that will premiere a first look sneak peek at Zenescope’s Grimm Fairy Tales Animated pilot. The panel will feature director Jon Schnepp, Grimm Fairy Tales writers and creators Joe Brusha and Ralph Tedesco and actress Brianna Evigan.

It will be Friday, from 7:45pm – 8:45pm in panel room 1A14.

If you are an aspiring artist looking to become a member of the Zenescope creative team, they will be doing portfolio reviews on Friday through Sunday from 12:00pm – 2:00pm at the booth (1657). Please bring examples of your work, including sequentials, penciled pages, pin-up. The company is also actively seeking colorists so colorists are welcome.

Zenescope will be partnering with HISTORY to publish the MANKIND The Story of All of Us graphic novels, which will be tied-in to the launch of History’s new television event. History will also have a presence at New York Comic Con, at booth 1664, will have a preview issue of the graphic novel available, Talent signings, as well as spotlighting their other products.

Here is the list of New York Comic Con exclusives we will have available at the booth (Booth #1657) Grimm Fairy Tales presents Robyn Hood #1, Grimm Fairy Tales #78, Grimm Fairy Tales 2012 Halloween Edition, Wonderland #3, Grimm Fairy Tales Myths and Legends #21, Godstorm #1, and Grimm Fairy Tales the Animated Series One-Shot.

Appearing and signing at the Zenescope booth #1657 during the show:

Briana Evigan: Actress, Voice Actress (Grimm Fairy Tales Animated, The Devil’s Carnival, Sorority Row, Step Up 2: The Streets)

Jon Schnepp: Director (Grimm Fairy Tales Animated, Metalocalypse, The Venture Bros)

Joe Brusha: Zenescope President and writer (Grimm Fairy Tales & Neverland)

Ralph Tedesco: Zenescope Editor-in-Chief and writer (Grimm Fairy Tales & Salem’s Daughter)

Raven Gregory: Zenescope Writer (Wonderland, The Waking and Fly)

Patrick Shand: Zenescope Writer (Robyn Hood, Godstorm)

Jessica Nigri: (Cosplayer and Zenescope Cover Girl)

Elias Chatzoudis: Cover Artist (Grimm Fairy Tales, Wonderland, Myths and Legends)

Jamie Tyndall: Cover Artist (Grimm Fairy Tales, Wonderland, GFT Bad Girls)

Anthony Spay: Zenescope’s Art Director and Cover Artist (Wonderland, Grimm Fairy Tales)

Mark L Miller: Writer (Jungle Book, Grimm Fairy Tales)

Joey Esposito: Writer (Grimm Fairy Tales presents Bad Girls)

Jesse Wichmann: Cover Artist (Wonderland)

Here is the planned schedule:

Thursday (3pm – 9pm)

5:00pm – Jesse Wichmann

Friday (10am -7pm)

11:00am – Anthony Spay

12:00pm – Raven Gregory

1:00pm – Elias Chatzoudis

2:30pm- 3:30pm – Robyn Hood Launch Signing! –  Writer Pat Shand, Cover Artist Jamie Tyndall, Cosplayer Jessica Nigri

4:00pm – Elias Chatzoudis, Pat Shand

5:00pm – Briana Evigan

Saturday (10am -7pm)

11:00am – Joey Esposito, Raven Gregory

12:00pm – Mark L. Miller, Raven Gregory

1:00pm – Elias Chatzoudis, Pat Shand

2:00 to 2:30pm – Amin Amat

2:30 -3:30pm – Jessica Nigri

2:00 to 4:00pm – Raven Gregory

4:00pm – Elias Chatzoudis, Pat Shand

5:00pm – Briana Evigan, Jon Schnepp

Sunday (10am -5pm)

11:00am – Raven Gregory

12:00pm – Pat Shand

1:00pm – Jesse Wichmann

2:00pm – Anthony Spay

Zenescope Entertainment Upcoming Releases For 6/8

Official Press Release

Charmed Issue #10

Paul Ruditis (W)
Marcio Abreu(A)
Cover by David Seidman

With the Power of Three torn asunder, Phoebe and Paige work to bring their family back together. But a tragically ill-advised plan pulls the Charmed Ones further apart and could leave one of the sisters lost forever.

32 pgs, FC, $3.50

Fly Issue #1

Raven Gregory (W)

Eric J (A)
Cover A by Eric Basaldua
Cover B by Artgerm
Cover C by Eric J
Kirkham Exclusive Cover D

What if there was a drug that gave you the power to fly? How far would you go to possess it and who would you hurt to get your next “fix?” This is the story of Eddie Patron. Eddie was trying to live a normal life. But he has a secret, one that is coming back to haunt him, and Eddie’s life will never be the same. From the mind of the writer of Image Comics’ THE GIFT, Zenescope’s Wonderland trilogy and THE WAKING comes Raven Gregory’s latest tale of suspense set in a world where superheroes aren’t really heroes at all… How far would you go to FLY? Featuring 4 covers by superstar artists Ebas (Witchblade, Grimm Fairy Tales), Artgerm (Batman, Bird’s of Prey), Eric J (JSA, Rex Mundi), and a Tyler Kirkham cover (Green Lantern Corps, Stryke Force, The Gift) as an exclusive. Don’t miss what is guaranteed to be the hottest new series of the year! ONLY $2.99!!!

32 pgs, FC, $2.99

Grimm Fairy Tales Issue #60

James Patrick (W)
Cover A by Pasquale Qualano
Cover by B Steven Cummings

As Orcus and his army attack Tallus, Sela and company want to take action. But Druanna has her own way of dealing with the enemy. Who she is, and just how powerful she is, has been kept a secret until now. But Orcus has a card hidden up his evil sleeve as well. It’s a standoff that will echo through the ages, through legends, and through the Grimm Fairy Tales universe.

32 pgs, FC, $2.99

Grimm Fairy Tales Dream Eater Saga, The Piper Part 2

Raven Gregory (W)
Anthony Spay (A)
Cover A by Angel Medina/Thomas Mason
Cover B by Rich Bonk/Jason Embury

In another world the Piper was a feared and powerful soldier of the Dark One. His flute brought the strong and the weak to their ends in both this world and the world of Myst. But with the Dream Eater loose on the earth the hunter has now become the hunted and the Piper will learn the hard lesson that no matter how far he runs, no matter where he hides, he can not escape the Dream Eater.

32 pgs, FC, $2.99

Grimm Myths & Legends Issue #5

Raven Gregory (W)
David Miller (A)
Cover A by Khary Rhandolph
Cover B by Tim Seeley

From the creators of Grimm Fairy Tales and the Wonderland trilogy, Zenescope’s newest ongoing series continues here! The werewolf reveals itself as the remaining survivors are forced to make their escape into the woods. The final confrontation between the wolf and Britney is here and only one of them is getting out alive. Don’t miss the shocking conclusion of the first story arc to this hot new series.

32 pgs, FC, $2.99

Monster Hunters’ Survival Guide Issue #5

J.P. Russ (W)
Anthony Spay (A)
Cover A by Talent Caldwell and Colors by Jason Embury
Cover B by Pasquale Qualano

Stories of fairy tale creatures have been told since the dawn of time. Trolls, fairies, and unicorns are believed to be fictional beings of fantasy. But are they really just figments of our imagination or are the stories about them based in fact? Legendary Monster Hunter J.P. Russ has the answers and he knows that these magical creatures are not just old wives tales. He also knows how to hunt them and now he’s ready to pass on that knowledge in the latest issue of The Monster Hunters’

Survival Guide – Fantasy Creatures. Don’t miss it…You never know when you might cross paths with a fire-breathing dragon.

32 pgs, BW, $2.99

Zenescope Entertainment To Appear And Offer Free Books At Book Expo America

Official Press Release


Philadelphia, PA, May 23, 2011– Zenescope Entertainment, one of the nation’s top comic and graphic novel publishers, will be in attendance for Book Expo America 2011, the leading North American Publishing convention.  Zenescope and its all-ages imprint, Silver Dragon Books, will be appearing at booth 3492 in the Jacob K. Javitz Convention Center, New York, NY from May 24th to May 26th.  The two companies will have writer Joe Brusha and artist Anthony Spay in attendance to sign free copies of their newest books Discovery’s Top 10 Deadliest Sharks and Discovery’s Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Predators.

Zenescope Entertainment publishes numerous graphic novel and trade paperback titles including Grimm Fairy Tales, Neverland, Return To Wonderland, CBS’ Charmed, Salem’s Daughter and more.  Silver Dragon Books, publishes the critically acclaimed Discovery’s Top 10 Deadliest Sharks, the upcoming Discovery’s Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Predators, Dino StrikeForce and more. Zenescope will be giving away free books, posters and calendars throughout the show and during their signing times.

The signing and free giveaway schedule is below:

Joe Brusha, author of Zenescope’s Neverland series and Discovery’s Top 10 Deadliest Sharks, will be signing BEA Exclusives for Tales From Neverland #1 at booth 3492 on Wednesday, May 25 from 2-3p and 150 copies will be given out free at the beginning of the signing. This BEA Exclusive will be available throughout the show for $25.

Anthony Spay, illustrator for Discovery’s Top 10 Deadliest Sharks and Monster Hunters’ Survival Guide, will be signing copies of Monster Hunters’ Survival Guide Issues #1 and 2 at booth 3492 from 10-11a on Thursday, May 26th. Limited copies of these books will be given out free at the start of the signing.

Joe Brusha and Anthony Spay will be signing together for Discovery’s Top 10 Deadliest Sharks along with copies of the upcoming release of Discovery’s Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Predators at booth 3492 from 2-3p on Thursday, May 26th and free copies will be given out to the first 50 customers in line.

The BEA show exclusive can be seen on Zenescope’s Facebook page, www.facebook.com/Zenescope and they can be found on the web at www.zenescope.com and Silver Dragon’s website at www.silverdragonbooks.com.

Zenescope Entertainment was founded by Joe Brusha and Ralph Tedesco in 2005 and has quickly grown into one of the top comic book and graphic novel publishing companies in the world.  Zenescope’s Grimm Fairy Tales and subsequent spinoff series such as Escape From Wonderland, Neverland and The Piper, which put a dark twist on classic fables, are some of the best-selling and longest running original independent comic books on shelves today.   Zenescope’s licensed titles include the on-going, critically acclaimed Charmed series, based off of the long-running popular television series, as well as Se7en and Final Destination, based off of New Line Cinema’s successful film franchises.


Zenescope Announces Plans For Free Comic Book Day Signings

Official Press Release


Zenescope Entertainment has announced its signing schedule for Free Comic Book Day on Saturday May 7th. Zenescope and their all ages imprint, Silver Dragon Books are Silver Sponsors of this year’s event. Many of the company’s top artists and writers will be appearing at various locations, covering 9 different cities. The creators will be signing as well as giving away some free books during their appearances.

Zenescope’s Joe Brusha (Grimm Fairy Tales, Neverland), Ralph Tedesco (Salem’s Daughter, Grimm Fairy Tales), Anthony Spay (Top 10 Deadliest Sharks, Monster Hunters’ Survival Guide), David Seidman (Charmed, Se7en), J.P. Russ (Monster Hunters’ Survival Guide) and special guest Bigfoot will be appearing at various locations in the Philadelphia area. Raven Gregory (The Waking, FLY) will be appearing at Comic Oasis in Las Vegas, NV along with Zenescope cover artist Mike DeBalfo (Grimm Fairy Tales, Wonderland). EBAS (Grimm Fairy Tales, The Waking) will be at signing at Comics Factory in Pasadena, CA. And Brian McCarthy and Michael Lent, writers of Zenescope’s upcoming Brimstone series, will be signing and giving away free advance copies of issue #1 at Golden Apple Comics in Los Angeles, CA. For a full listing and schedule of creators who will be signing on Free Comic Book Day, visit Zenescope’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/Zenescope.

Silver Dragon Books, an all-ages imprint of Zenescope Entertainment, will be also be releasing a special Free Comic Book Day edition featuring three stories from its upcoming graphic novel series: Discovery Channel’s Top 10 Deadliest Sharks, Animal Planet’s Most Dangerous Animals and Discovery’s Dinosaurs and Pre-Historic Predators. “This is our biggest Free Comic Book Day to date and we are really excited to be chosen as a Silver Sponsor for our Discovery Channel titles,” said Jennifer Bermel, Zenescope’s Director of Licensing & Specialty Sales. “Free Comic Book Day is such a great and important event for the comic community and we hope everyone can come out and support it.”

For more info on how to order Silver Dragon’s Free Comic Book Day edition, contact Dave by e-mailing him at davef@zenescope.com. Check out www.zenescope.com or www.facebook.com/Zenescope and www.facebook.com/SilverDragonBooks for more updates and news.

Beachead Comics

1601 Chew St.
Allentown, PA 18102



Joe Brusha, writer, Grimm Fairy Tales, Neverland

Ralph Tedesco, writer, Salem’s Daughter, Return to Wonderland


Comics and More

690 West DeKalb Pike, Suite 2063
King of Prussia, PA 19406



Joe Brusha, writer, Grimm Fairy Tales, Neverland

Ralph Tedesco, writer, Salem’s Daughter, Return to Wonderland

Anthony Spay, pencils & illustrations, Top 10 Deadliest Sharks, Monster Hunters Survival Guide, Grimm Fairy Tales

David Seidman, Cover artist and illustrator, Charmed, Se7en

Bigfoot, special guest, Monster Hunters’ Survival Guide

Wade’s Comic Madness

8750 New Falls Road
Levittown, PA 19054



Joe Brusha, writer, Grimm Fairy Tales, Neverland

Ralph Tedesco, writer, Salem’s Daughter, Return to Wonderland

Anthony Spay, pencils & illustrations, Top 10 Deadliest Sharks, Monster Hunters Survival Guide, Grimm Fairy Tales

David Seidman, illustrations, Charmed, Se7en

Bigfoot, special guest, Monster Hunters’ Survival Guide


Comic Oasis

3121 North Rainbow Boulevard
Las Vegas, NV 89108


Contact store for signing times

Raven Gregory, writer, The Waking, Return to Wonderland, Grimm Fairy Tales Dream Eater Saga

Comics Factory

1298 East Colorado Boulevard
Pasadena, CA 91106

Contact store for signing times

Ebas, pencils, Grimm Fairy Tales, Return to Wonderland, The Waking


Golden Apple Comics

7018 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90038


Contact store for signing times

Brian McCarthy, writer, Brimstone

Michael Lent, writer, Brimstone


 Comic Quest
2260 East Morgan Ave
Evansville, IN 47711


Contact store for signing times

Corey Knabel, pencils and colors, Grimm Fairy Tales, Escape From Wonderland


 Titan Games & Comics

1105 Parkside Lane, Suite 1212
Woodstock, GA 30189


Contact store for signing times

Shawn McCauley, pencils, Monster Hunters’ Survival Guide, Grimm Fairy Tales


Zeus Comics and Collectibles

4411 Lemmon Ave
Dallas, TX 75219



Brent Peeples, pencils, Grimm Fairy Tales, Arabian Nights/ Adventures of Sinbad



All signings are subject to change. Pls contact your local store for signing times and updates.

Zenescope Entertainment was founded by Joe Brusha and Ralph Tedesco in 2005 and has quickly grown into one of the top comic book and graphic novel publishing companies in the world.  Zenescope’s Grimm Fairy Tales and subsequent spinoff series such as Escape From Wonderland, Neverland and The Piper, which put a dark twist on classic fables, are some of the best-selling and longest running original independent comic books on shelves today.   Zenescope’s licensed titles include the on-going, critically acclaimed Charmed series, based off of the long-running popular television series, as well as Se7en and Final Destination, based off of New Line Cinema’s successful film franchises.

FCBD- Discovery Top 10 Sharks