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Check out this Amazing Hot Toys Spider-Man figure

Hot Toys is bringing fans the eagerly anticipated The Amazing Spider-Man Sixth Scale Figure, inspired by Andrew Garfield‘s appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

This skillfully crafted figure is based on Peter Parker / Spider-Man’s screen appearance in the movie. It features a Peter Parker headsculpt with stunning likeness of Andrew Garfield, a swap-out masked headsculpt, a beautifully tailored recreation of Spider-Man’s suit, a highly articulated 1/6 scale body allowing fans to recreate dynamic poses from the movie, and a selection of accessories including a Spider-Man mask, assorted spider-web effects, and more!

The Amazing Spider-Man figure is a must-have among your wall-crawler display!

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It’s new comic book day! What are you all getting? What are you excited for? Sound off in the comments below! While you decide on that, here’s some comic news and a review from around the web in our morning roundup.

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The Mary Sue – Andrew Garfield Doubles Down on Not Being in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Sure, Jan. – Sounds like something someone that’s in it would say.


CBR – Reckless: Friend of the Devil

Reckless: Friend of the Devil

Alfred Molina Will Reportedly Return as Otto Octavius in Spider-Man 3

Alfred Molina Doctor Octopus

Either the rumors are all over and full of it, or Spider-Man 3 is putting it all on the table. Alfred Molina is the latest actor who is rumored to be reprising their role in Sony‘s Spider-Man universe. The actor would return as Otto Octavious, the villain from Tobey Maguire‘s Spider-Man 2 (different trilogy). Neither Sony nor Marvel commented on the news.

The actor had been rumored for some time and was spotted on the set but there have been some confirmations to various news organizations that he’ll play some sort of role, though it’s unknown as to what extent.

Molina joins Jamie Foxx who also will return as Electro. Foxx’s Electro terrorized Andrew Garfield‘s Spider-Man in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Foxx, in a now deleted Instagram post, hinted that Maguire and Garfield would appear in the upcoming film.

Marvel and Sony have been leaning into the “multiverse” making this sort of thing possible. Sony’sSpider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse was a massive hit both in grosses and awards. In that film, multiple “Spider-Man” from around the multiverse teamed up and came together, a riff on the popular Marvel comic storyline. Marvel Studio’s next Doctor Strange film has hinted at a focus on the multiverse. It’s the next logical progression for Marvel’s Cinematic Universe and directions to take it. Benedict Cumberbatch who stars in that film will appear in Spider-Man 3 which stars Tom Holland.

Zendaya, Marisa Tomei, Jacob Batalon, and Tony Revolori will all return to the film with director Jon Watts back at the helm. Watts directed the first two Holland films. Spider-Man 3 is currently slated to be released on December 17, 2021.

Why Andrew Garfield Wasn’t at the Oscars

Andrew GarfieldLeading up to the Oscars, it was teased that actor Andrew Garfield, who plays Peter Parker/Spider-Man in The Amazing Spider-Man and its upcoming sequel, would be presenting a segment about heroes and inducting a new hero to the group. Come Oscar day, Chris Evans, who plays Captain America, hosted the segment and there was no induction of anyone. No information about why Garfield didn’t do it, or who this mysterious hero was, was given.

The New York Post’s Page Six stepped in today claiming that Garfield didn’t like the segment so threw a temper tantrum and refused to do it. The super hero induction was supposed to involve Batkid in a segment for Make a Wish.

Of course the internet went batshit with this news casting Garfield as a villain. But, according to all of those involved, this rumor wasn’t in fact true at all.

In statements to Huffington Post and Academy spokesman said:

Due to the nature of a live show, hard decisions sometimes must be made which require the Academy to cut segments due to the logistics of production. Andrew Garfield understood that his segment had to be omitted, and he drove to Disneyland on Monday to spend time with 5-year-old Miles Scott (Batkid) and his family.

Andrew Garfield’s representative Rupert Fowler released a statement about the situation to Huffington Post as well:

In full collaboration with the Academy and the show writer, Andrew prepared a segment for the Oscars to honor Miles Scott as the true hero that he is. As some point overnight on Saturday / Sunday morning, it was decided by those running the show that the segment didn’t work in the ceremony. They decided to pull it — Andrew and Miles were equally upset. The producers arranged for Miles and his family to visit Disneyland on Monday and Andrew drove down to visit them and to bring Miles a personal gift. Andrew did the right thing for Batkid and anyone saying otherwise is flat out lying.

Sadly, Huffington Post felt this merited an Update as opposed to a full Retraction, cause you know the whole made up part would maybe merit that.

Garfield has been seen shooting hoops with local kids while filming the latest Spider-Man movie… so I tend to believe the Academy’s take on it, though it doesn’t explain why Garfield still didn’t present the segment.

Amazing Spider-Man’s Andrew Garfield Takes “With Great Power” to Heart

Andrew Garfield and his girlfriend Emma Stone, who both starred in this summer’s Amazing Spider-Man took Spider-Man‘s motto “with great power comes great responsibility” to heart. Paparazzi were snapping photos of the two while they enjoyed a nice lunch in New York City over the weekend. The two decided to take advantage and send a message supporting a cause they care about.

We just found out that there are paparazzi outside the restaurant we were eating in so… why not take this opportunity to bring attention to organizations that need and deserve it? http://www.wwo.org and http://www.gildasclubnyc.org. Have A Great Day!

The two organizations are Worldwide Orphans Foundation (WWO) and Gilda’s Club, named for legendary comedienne Gilda Radner, which provides support to New Yorkers living with cancer.

(via The Mary Sue)

Movie Review – The Amazing Spider-Man

I’ll start off by saying, I loved the Raimi’s first Spider-Man. I saw it four times opening weekend, thinking it was the perfect post 9/11 movie, especially that ending with him swinging by the American flag. So, you can imagine that the Marc Webb directed, The Amazing Spider-Man had a difficult task at hand impressing me. While it’s being heaped upon with praise, I shrug my shoulders feeling “been there, done that.”

It’s not to say the movie is bad in any way, it’s a perfect summer popcorn movie.  But there’s not enough different between it and the first entry, so many years ago to make me feel like I’ve seen something exciting or new. If it weren’t for Raimi’s first film, I’d feel different, but the movie seems familiar, a retread, not a re-envisioning.

The movie is absolutely entertaining and real feels like Raimi’s energetic film mixed with some darkness from Nolan’s Batman and Webb’s relationship fun of (500) Days of SummerAndrew Garfield is great as Peter Parker/Spider-Man, mixing smarts and smart-ass quite well. Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy is adorable and you can see why she falls for Peter. Rhys Ifans as Curt Connors/The Lizard is good too as well as a supporting cast that includes Denis Leary (Captain Stacy), Martin Sheen (Uncle Ben) and Sally Field (Aunt May).

I’m still struggling so many days later to figure out exactly what I had an issue with.  The action was ok, the relationship story was great, but the two mashed together had issues. There’s also Peter’s near obsession with finding his Uncle’s killer that seems to be thrown aside by the end of the film.  Also, much of it is predictable. The Lizard goes crazy and talks to himself (ala the Green Goblin in the first film), the people of the city rally around Spidey, etc. It hits the notes you’d expect.

The movie can be summed up, by the post credits teaser scene which is choppy and out of place and 3D that at times shows brilliance in it’s use, but most of the time isn’t used enough.

Overall, a solid popcorn movie, but one that doesn’t stand out from what’s come before.

Direction: I loved Marc Webb’s previous movie (500) Days of Summer. The film was fantastic in the depiction of the relationship between it’s main characters as well as how it jumped around in time. That’s where this movie shines. Peter and Gwen’s relationship and Peter dealing with his family situation, that’s the heart of the film and it’s solid. However, the action scenes while entertaining, and not suffering from the usual shaky cam syndrome, are only good. The super hero aspect falls short for me, winding up being predictable, expected, been there before. Grade: 6.5

Acting: Garfield and Stone and great and they’re surrounded by a solid supporting cast. I don’t have any complaints as Garfield shows off the personal and emotional troubles you’d expect from someone with his family life. He’s a star and it shows. Stone is adorable and smart and you can see why Peter would fall for her. The supporting cast as well hits all the right notes showing of the two main stars’ abilities as they’re matched up to such industry greats. Grade: 8

Plot: This is where I’m mixed. The relationship stuff is great. The super hero stuff, not so much. There’s enough for me to pick on and left me unimpressed. And in the age of Youtube and everyone having a camera phone, how many times can this super hero be unmasked?! I had that reaction in Spider-Man 2 and I have it here. His revealing his identity caused me a lot of issues. I will throw major props showing the beating a super hero such as he would take and how his Aunt would react to that. Grade: 6

Overall: The movie is a solid popcorn summer movie. It’s entertaining, but as I keep saying, it doesn’t stand on it’s own enough. We’ve seen a lot of this before, just with a different tone. And while that first Spidey movie gave me the same wonder I felt seeing Superman flying that first time, that magic is missing here. Overall Grade: 7

SDCC 2011 – The Amazing Spider-Man Surprise

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While I wasn’t at the panel, Andrew Garfield surprised the audience by making an appearance at the Q&A mic at which he gave a very heartfelt speech about what playing Spider-Man in the upcoming reboot means to him.  It’s a moment that’s too good to not share and the sincerity alone makes me excited for The Amazing Spider-Man which hits theaters next year.

C. Thomas Howell in Spidey 4

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C. Thomas HowellIt looks like the Spider-Man reboot has added another actor to it’s line up.  C. Thomas Howell, who if you know the 80’s was kind of a big deal back then has joined the cast as “Ray.”  The cast also includes Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Rhys Ifans, Martin Sheen, Sally Field, and Irrfan Khan.

Stan Lee also tweeted his cameo is all set.

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