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Famous Monsters of Filmland of Retires

Famous Monsters of Filmland was established in 1958 and it sounds like the publisher is wrapping things up and the curtain is coming down. Dubbed “the world’s longest running entertainment fan magazine,” a cryptic email was sent to makes it seem like the influential publisher is done. Famous Monsters of Filmland is the parent of comic publisher American Gothic Press. It’s unknown exactly what’s going on, but we’ve followed up with questions.

Below is the full statement as received.

A letter from the publisher:

Monster fans are the best fans. That has been proven over the past sixty years.

In 2007, I took Forrest J Ackerman’s blessing, and together with my publishing team, bestowed it upon a new generation of readers, connecting the latest Hollywood reboots with their classic inspirations and recreating the Captain Company store as a thriving commerce destination for horror, sci-fi, and fantasy fans. The enthusiastic response proved that Famous Monsters’ 60 year legacy was alive and well in the hearts of artists, writers, filmmakers, and enthusiasts who continue to change the world with their creations.

But alas, everything has its season, and my season is drawing to a close. I am retiring, so thank you all, sincerely, for your support over the years.

Perhaps Famous Monsters of Filmland will live on in a print annual and in the hearts and minds of Monster Kids everywhere. History will not be rewritten: FM will always be the most influential entertainment brand on the current filmmaking landscape, and as long as those whose lives were changed by Forry’s words embody his passionate spirit, our Monster World will continue to thrive.

Again, I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for being here through this journey. Onward and upward.

Preview: Black Sunday #2


Publisher: American Gothic Press
Writer: Matt Dreiling
Artist: Polychrome
Letterer: Taylor Esposito
Price: $2.99 Digital

While his family struggles to survive, Charlie is plagued by nightmarish visions of violence. Reality seems to blend in with his dreams. Has he been hallucinating Amon’s voice in the well all this time?


Preview: Hag #1

HAG #1

Publisher: American Gothic Press
Writer: Chad Stroup
Artist: Jon Clark
Letterer: April Brown
Price: $0.99
Release Date: January 15, 2020

When it starts to rain, Carl Simmons does not expect his retired, uneventful existence to change. But the rain doesn’t stop, and when it starts to flood, Carl heads out in his fishing boat to find survivors. Something finds him first.

HAG #1

SDCC 2018: American Gothic Press Reveals New Titles

Classic horror was alive and well at San Diego Comic-Con 2018. The “Sixty Years of Famous Monsters” panel was packed and American Gothic Press used it to announce new series.

Nice is by Dagen Walker, Joseph Ettinger, and John Terlesky and is described as a “hipster assassin mystery.” The cover is by Tula Lotay. Also mentioned was a sequel to Monster World, one of the publisher’s most popular titles.

But Nice wasn’t the only thing Famous Monsters and American Gothic Press talked about. Three new titles, all obtained from Famous Monsters’ competition at the yearly Silver Scream Festival, were also announced. Denis St. John’s Whisper in the Woods will appear as a short story in an annual, released in October, before being completed as a print graphic novel in 2019. Two Best Graphic Novel Script winners — Black Sunday by Matt Dreiling with art by Polychrome, and Hag by Chad Stroup with art by Jon Clark — will debut as digital first issues before being collected in print. All three feature haunted personalities and uniquely designed monsters, as appropriate for a Famous Monsters-affiliated publisher.

Echo Lake Entertainment Teams with American Goth Press for Nice

The increasingly direct link from comic book to film property has prompted at least one studio to go straight to comic books with their best new story. Echo Lake Entertainment has partnered with American Gothic Press for its new assassin mystery Nice.

Originally penned as a pilot with Rockne S. O’Bannon to showrun and John Terlesky to direct, Nice is about two hipster assassins who begin to realize the organization they kill for is attempting to take over the United States. When the grizzled, gun-slinging female detective hunting them down realizes there is a greater evil at play, they join forces to topple the most powerful syndicate in the world.

The writers are Dagen Walker and Joseph Ettinger. Walker was one of the original contestants on Project Greenlight for Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, then went on to write and direct Beneath for Paramount and other feature films like Broken Hill, Murder in the Dark, and Atomica for Syfy Films. Ettinger recently worked in editorial on Netflix’s Friends From College and Santa Clarita Diet, as well as Hulu’s Shut Eye.

Nice will hit comic store shelves in late 2018.

Preview: Killbox: Chicago #3

Killbox: Chicago #3

Story: Tom Riordan
Art: Marco Ferrari

Creator Tom Riordan and brand new artist Marco Ferrari have taken us deep inside the rabbit hole for KILLBOX: CHICAGO, but we have even further to go — literally and figuratively, as Interpol agent Mako Mori reveals her loyalty and heads into the Chicago sewer to expose the Killbox program!

Meanwhile, the clowns start a riot, Wilky Dae is confiscating the minds of Chicago street workers with voodoo, and Leonard visits Timothy at a veterinary office with a nasty ultimatum involving his son. The Chicago Killbox spirals to its chaotic conclusion, coming in Issue 4!

Preview: Broken Moon: Legends of the Deep #6

Broken Moon: Legends of the Deep #6

Writer: Ben Meares
Creator: Philip Kim
Art: Nat Jones

They’ve faced cannibalistic bikers, gill men, Tok-tok, depth dwellers, vampires, krakens, and Cthulhu himself. Now, the heroes of Broken Moon: Legends of the Deep must be witness to a battle deciding the fate of the world. Dagon has been awakened to fight Cthulhu, and it’s not guaranteed that anyone will survive the encounter — in fact, readers not yet caught up on the series who are keen on avoiding SPOILERS might want to skip the following pages!

Writer Ben Meares has once again teamed up with creator Philip Kim and artist Nat Jones to bring you a conclusion worthy of the icons that inspired it.

Preview: Killbox: Chicago #1

Killbox: Chicago #1

Story: Tom Riordan
Art: Marco Ferrari
Cover: Rob Prior

It’s finally here! KILLBOX: CHICAGO is the brand new series from KILLBOX creator Tom Riordan and talented newcomer Marco Ferrari, who have woven a tale of riots, gangs, and mysterious monsters.

Timothy, Emi, and Sasha, heroes of the first KILLBOX series, have been on the run since the game in Los Angeles imploded. Now in San Francisco, they seek help from Emi’s connections to the yakuza, while previous villains Irwin and Leonard engage with new Chicago contestants Aya Mori and Wilky Dae. And all the while, a strange new trio of haunting figures stalks the streets with sinister purpose.

Preview: Invisible Hands #3

Invisible Hands #3

Story: Laszlo Tamasfi
Art: Michael Malatini

AGP’s thrilling and unconventional horror anthology comes to its startling conclusion in this final issue!

Winner of the 2016 Silver Scream Fest Award for Best Graphic Novel Script, INVISIBLE HANDS is Laszlo Tamasfi‘s unique vision of a man plagued not only by his past employer, but his own multiple personalities. Artist Michael Malatini lends a detailed eye to the bizarre world of David Wasp’s brain, where one final dream-tale remains as a last resort to save David’s sanity.

Preview: Broken Moon: Legends of the Deep #5

Broken Moon: Legends of the Deep #5

Story: Philip Kim, Ben Meares
Art: Nat Jones

Welcome back to BROKEN MOON: LEGENDS OF THE DEEP, where warring factions of monsters have temporarily laid down their arms upon the threat of Old God Cthulhu and his relentless spread of madness! Creator Philip Kim (MONSTER WORLD) and writer Ben Meares (HELLRAISER) have brought our band of heroes to the edge of the ocean, where mysterious Depth Dwellers will lead them to their last hope: Dagon. But they have to get past a protective army of sea serpents first…

Rockstar horror artist Nat Jones (’68) infuses this monster mash with incredible atmosphere.

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