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Echo Lake Entertainment Teams with American Goth Press for Nice

The increasingly direct link from comic book to film property has prompted at least one studio to go straight to comic books with their best new story. Echo Lake Entertainment has partnered with American Gothic Press for its new assassin mystery Nice.

Originally penned as a pilot with Rockne S. O’Bannon to showrun and John Terlesky to direct, Nice is about two hipster assassins who begin to realize the organization they kill for is attempting to take over the United States. When the grizzled, gun-slinging female detective hunting them down realizes there is a greater evil at play, they join forces to topple the most powerful syndicate in the world.

The writers are Dagen Walker and Joseph Ettinger. Walker was one of the original contestants on Project Greenlight for Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, then went on to write and direct Beneath for Paramount and other feature films like Broken Hill, Murder in the Dark, and Atomica for Syfy Films. Ettinger recently worked in editorial on Netflix’s Friends From College and Santa Clarita Diet, as well as Hulu’s Shut Eye.

Nice will hit comic store shelves in late 2018.

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