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Small Press Expo 2019 Announces Comics Debuting at the Show

Small Press Expo has announced that over 100 books and comics will debut at the 2019 festival. The festival takes place on Saturday and Sunday, September 14-15, at the Bethesda North Marriott Hotel & Conference Center and will have over 650 creators, 280 exhibitor tables, 22 programming panels, and 14 hands-on workshops to introduce attendees to the amazing world of independent and small press comics.

A complete list of debuts, including cover images and publishing information, can be found on the SPX web site.

Check out some of books debuting this year:

Rusty Brown

Chris Ware’s Rusty Brown is a fully interactive, full-color articulation of the time-space interrelationships of a couple people in the first half of a single midwestern American day and the tiny piece of human grit about which they involuntarily orbit. Published by Pantheon.

Rusty Brown


For Hannah Templer’s ragtag band of space gays, liberation means beating the patriarchy at its own game.

In CosmoKnights, Pan’s life used to be very small. Work in her dad’s body shop, sneak out with her friend Tara to go dancing, and watch the skies for freighter ships. On the run and off the galactic grid, Pan discovers the astonishing secrets of her neo-medieval world… and the intoxicating possibility of burning it all down. Published by Top Shelf.


The Hard Tomorrow

Told with tenderness and care in an undefined near future, Eleanor Davis’s The Hard Tomorrow blazes unrestrained, as moments of human connection are doused in fear and threats. Her astute projections probe at current anxieties in a cautionary tale that begs the question: What will happen after tomorrow? Published by Drawn & Quarterly.

The Hard Tomorrow

Twice Shy

Joel Orff’sTwice Shy tells the story of two strangers who have shut themselves down emotionally as a way to cope with their lives. Bob is an artist with a creative block who loses himself in an aimless existence; while Casey suffers from deep-seated anxiety and feelings of abandonment. As they tentatively try to build a life together, the harsh realities of the outside world begin to intrude on their happiness, but the experience changes them both in fundamental ways. Published By Alternative Comics.

Twice Shy

Sports Is Hell

For Ben Passmore, some wars are for religion and some are for political belief, but this one is for football. After her city wins the Super Bowl for the first time, Tea is separated from her friend during a riot and joins a small clique fighting its way through armed groups of football fanatics to meet a star receiver that just might end the civil war or become the city’s new oppressive leader. Published by Koyama Press.

Sports Is Hell

The Breakaways

Cathy G. Johnson’sThe Breakaways is a middle-grade graphic novel about a rebellious girls’ soccer team. It is a portrait of friendship in its many forms, and a raw and beautifully honest look into the lives of a diverse and defiantly independent group of kids learning to make room for themselves in the world. Published by First Second.

The Breakaways

So Buttons #10

How does Jonathan Baylis celebrate his 10th-anniversary issue of So Buttons? With friends of course! This all-new issue features cover art by Thomas Boatwright in tribute to Jim Aparo’s cover for Detective Comics #469 (my first Batman comic). It includes new, funny toddler stories by Summer Pierre, heartwarming tributes to my passed dog Mocha by Haley Boros and New Yorker cartoonist Emily Flake. Plus art & stories by T.J. Hirsch, Princess Pamela, Nicole Miles, Jeremy Nguyen and Paul Westover. Published by Jonathan Baylis.

So Buttons #10

Henni In the Lowlands

Miss-Lasko Gross’Henni In The Lowlands continues the heroines adventures as an anti-authoritarian protagonist in this special edition only available at SPX 2019. Self-published.

Henni In the Lowlands

Review: Sugar Town

I am, like some human beings, crave newness like I breathe air. The need to find something or someone, all the time, is a desire most humans crave, but tend to feel some shame, when it comes to meeting someone. There are a variety of reasons why they feel shame, as some of it can be attributed to insecurity and some of, they feel, is betrayal of their spouse. As those natural feelings most people tend to fight, as they may past a point where they don’t trust themselves to do the right thing.

Attraction can be a hard-fought battle especially when the object of your desire, is so seemingly perfect. That is why when you are in a relationship or even a marriage, it becomes difficult to “act normal,” around anyone you feel attracted to.  So, when you find yourself in a situation, like most movies, where the character says “in another life,” it makes you wonder what the universe is doing? In Hazel Newlevant’s Sugar Town, the main character, Hazel, finds herself caught in an interesting predicament.

In the opening pages, we meet Hazel, a photographer form New York visiting Portland, who has a boyfriend back home and ends up at a party, where she knows no one. This is where serendipity intervenes, and she meets Argent, a gorgeous being, whose job is a dominatrix that pulls Hazel to her like a magnet. The two eventually start dating, and Hazel is crazy for Argent, as she feels so comfortable with her. By book’s end, her struggle between both relationships, leads her back to here she was meant.

Overall, a mesmerizing tale, of love and how true understanding in a relationship can lead to so many possibilities. The story by Newlevant is engrossing, heartbreaking and better than your average romantic comedy. The art By Newlevant is vibrant and lifelike. Altogether, a tale that tells you how to follow your hear and sometimes defining your status in a relationship is part of the journey of love.

Story: Hazel Newlevant Art: Hazel Newlevant
Story:10 Art:9.2 Overall:9.7 Recommendation: Buy

Graphic Policy’s Top Comic Picks this Week!

Wednesdays are new comic book day! Each week hundreds of comics are released, and that can be pretty daunting to go over and choose what to buy. That’s where we come in!

We’re bringing back something we haven’t done for a while, what the team thinks. Our contributors are choosing up to five books each week and why they’re choosing the books.

Find out what folks think below, and what comics you should be looking out for this Wednesday.


Top Pick: X-Men Gold #3 (Marvel) – This title has been everything I was hoping for and it’s only 3 issues in. I love the line up, love that they’re out being heroes again and they’re out to show that ‘mutant’ isn’t a bad word. Very excited to see this rematch with the Brotherhood and hoping Magma hasn’t switched sides for good.

Jean Grey #1 (Marvel) – I love seeing Jean and the other time displaced X-Men now working with Magneto over in X-Men Blue and I’m more then a little curious to see how a title with only Jean will play out. Of course it’s going to be Phoenix centric, we all knew that. I just hope they explore this Jean Grey a little more deeply and forge something new with her, and not just an eventual host to the Phoenix for things to play out like they have so many times before.

Secret Empire #1 (Marvel) – This is just getting started and I can’t wait for someone to knock Steve Rogers down a peg or two. I have mixed feelings about this event; I absolutely hate what Marvel as let happen to the character and all the back peddling to try and re-imagine Hydra into something we all know it isn’t. But, I am looking forward to seeing how the rest of the heroes are going to band together to knock Hydra flat on its ass. Just hoping this doesn’t fall into the ‘ho hum’ category most of Marvel’s recent events have stumbled into.



Top Pick: Batman And Bill (Hulu) – While you’d usually expect to find a (Valiant) comic in this spot, this week one of the very few things I’m genuinely excited for is the Hulu exclusive documentary about Bill Finger. If you’re a Batman fan and you don’t know who Bill finger is, and what Bob Kane did to him, then be prepared for an emotional story that should make you angry. I’ve been waiting for this for months… May 6th can’t get here fast enough.



Top Pick: FCBD Comics – FREE COMIC BOOK DAY COMICS!!!!! What’s not to love about free comics? Remember to go to your local comic book store and get yours!

Batman #22 (DC Comics) – What an ending of The Flash and Batman #21. Especially who Bruce sees at the end. Right in the feels. I am liking The Button so far and want more!

Superman #22 (DC Comics) – One of my favorite books every time it comes out. The Superman Reborn arc looks to be wild, and this along with Action Comics is even better.

Catalyst Prime Noble #1 (Lion Forge) – A new universe with a diverse cast of heroes and creators. I’ve been hyped for this for awhile!

Secret Empire #1 (Marvel) – Maybe I am a sucker, but I am still excited for this event. I want to see where the heck they go with this crazy story. Please don’t be another CWII.



Top Pick: Jean Grey #1 (Marvel) – I read this one before I consigned it and I like it. It has a male writer but, it isn’t utter crap. It’s well written , plausible , fresh & on point.

Top Pick: Harley Quinn #19 (DC Comics) – The “Deadly Sin” arc is ending and Harley’s about to remind these fools why she’s not the woman to mess with! I’ve got popcorn and, I’m ready !

Hawkeye #6 (Marvel) – This arc keeps turning it up to 11 and I’m all the way here for female mentorship, strength and badassery!



Top Pick: Slasher #1 (Alternative Comics/Floating World Comics) – Charles Forsman’s new series about a woman discovering her sexuality and penchant for blood.

Abirato #1 (Lion Forge) – Rebels taking on corporate powers that control a city and vaccine that allows a lifespan of hundreds of years? Sign me up.

Catalyst Prime Noble #1 (Lion Forge) – A whole new world that’s really thought and featuring diverse characters, diverse voices writing them, and diverse individuals on art. In other words, it’s already ahead of so many others.

Eternal Empire #1 (Image Comics) – Sarah Vaughn and Jonathan Luna team up again, this time for a fantasy series. If you missed their Alex + Ada, you missed out on an amazing series and this one I expect to be just as good.

Youngblood #1 (Image Comics) – I’m looking forward to this, I’ll admit it. I’m fully expecting turn my brain off fun or the reading experience of slowing down to look at a car wreck. Either way….

Comics Promotions and Hirings

David NussThere’s been a bunch of different job promotions and hirings announced over the past few weeks.

Alternative Comics has announced the appointment of David Nuss to the full-time position of Associate Publisher. Effective immediately, Nuss will serve as the co-head of the Alternative Comics production team. Nuss will be responsible for business development, management of distributor and retailer relationships, sales forecasting, and other functions key to leading Alternative Comics’ presence on the east coast.

Nuss made his initial foray into the comics publishing field in 2007 with his role in Tender Loving Empire, a Portland, Oregon-based music label and publisher. He subsequently began his own small press company Revival House in 2009 and has since published a number of independent comic luminaries, including Sacha Mardou, Ted May, Chris Cilla and Malachi Ward. He resides in Brooklyn, New York.

Oni Press has announced the hiring of Andrew McIntire as Vice President of Marketing and Sales, Rachel Reed as publicity coordinator, and the promotion of Ari Yarwood to Managing Editor.

Andrew McIntire Ari Yarwood Rachel Reed

Ari Yarwood, whose previous experience includes work for Bitch magazine and The Masters Review, joined Oni Press in 2014. Since then, she has edited projects such as The Life After by Joshua Hale Fialkov and Gabo, Stumptown by Greg Rucka and Justin Greenwood, Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty, and the upcoming Another Castle by Andrew Wheeler and Paulina Ganucheau. Her proudest moment, besides publishing a Rick and Morty one-shot called “The Ball Fondlers Special,” is introducing the entire Oni Press editorial staff to the Hamilton soundtrack.

Rachel Reed is a recent graduate of the University of Houston with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and a concentration in Advertising. She previously studied Sequential Art at Savannah College of Art and Design and completed a marketing internship at the comic book publisher BOOM! Studios in Los Angeles, California. She previously worked at The Pop Culture Company, a comic book retailer in Houston, TX, for two years and served as the The Valkyries point-of-contact for publishers. Reed’s hire follows the departure of Oni Press Director of Publicity Fred Reckling.

Andrew McIntire joins Oni Press after seven years with retailer Things From Another World (TFAW), where he oversaw marketing, publicity, sales, and retail operations as Vice President, prior to resigning in 2014. He spent 2015 working as a consultant to multiple publishers with a focus on sales channel development and championing retailer incentive programs. Prior to his career in comics, he held leadership positions across a variety of industries including private security, printing, and aerospace. A lifelong nerd of many stripes, he will happily talk your ear off about comics, hip hop, military history, and tabletop games if given half a chance. You’ve been warned.

pAs part of Dynamite Entertainment‘s continued expansion, the publisher welcomes the longtime comics and graphic novel professional Alan Payne to its growing staff.

A veteran of more than 25 years as a comic book professional, Alan began his career at DreamHaven books in Minneapolis before moving to Malibu Comics in 1992. Most recently, Payne joins Dynamite after nearly ten years with IDW Publishing, where he built one of the most reputable graphic novel sales departments in the industry. Alan not only managed all sales and marketing into traditional brick and mortar and online retail, but placed IDW’s titles into the mass market, achieving unparalleled success. The company saw incredible sales growth under Payne’s watch, and initiated new category offerings in both children’s and prose books. Previously, he served as the National Sales Manager for TokyoPop and was integral part in their dominance of the manga industry, departing at the height of their success.

Alternative Press Expo Releases Initial Exhibitor List for 2015

ALTERNATIVE PRESS EXPOSLG Publishing released an initial list of exhibitors attending the 2015 Alternative Press Expo (APE) which will be held October 3-4 in San Jose, CA.

This list is not complete, and the exhibit hall is not sold-out, so people still wanting to jump in can do so by registering at the APE website.

SLG also announced that hotel room blocks for exhibitors, or for anyone wishing to attend over the weekend, were still open and pointed out that the deal being offered by the San Jose Marriott was an amazingly great bargain.

Tentative guests for the 2015 APE include Jhonen Vasquez, Barron Storey and Amit Tayal (courtesy of Super Sikh Comics).

Another highlight of the 2015 APE will be the attention paid to educators and librarians as any credentialed teacher will be admitted to the 2015 event for free. Programing of a professional development nature is being planned.


Bay Area Sequential Artists Steph’s Corner Attempted Not Known Gazbot and Q-Bits
Jonathan Case Michelle Stanford SmudgeMarks & EngelWerks Rojofolio
Riri Emet Comics CJ Lee Art Jusscope Press
Warhead K.E.K Jellydraws and Laughingbear Nicole Madeline Ales Art Stafford & Konopitski Worldwide Adventures
Robogate Wrought Comics Christina Douk and Awkward Boobies Jen Hickman
Yin Yang Innovations LLC Kelley McMorris Illustration Minion Me Glowing Raptor Studio
Hornblower Junior Press Vicky Yuh & Christine Hwang Dan Howard Art of Alishea Gibson
Kymera Press Sicklings/Felicia Ann RAWR! Dinosaur Friends Allentine, Andy Malpica, & Melisa Des Rosiers
Male Cuellar Design Emonic Matt MacFarland RENDR
Amy Gohal Art Dark  White Whitney Weber Monster Elementary
Gemma Li Betsy Streeter & Bridgett Spicer Scumo Failing Sky
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We Doomed Productions Monstark Super Sikh Comics Bumperboy
Negative Edge Comics Ethan Castillo MettlEdge Studios Mark Z-Man Publications
Dark Productions Raining Goldfish RLT Press Edition One Books
Dark Planet Comics Avy Jetter LYME Studios Paper Ache
PsychoNot Art Art of Nichole Wong Forti Love, Teacup Kisses Dylan Vermeul Art
Toy Samuraiz Ivanna Sokolova and Kira Sayko Chris’s Comics Second Quest – David Hellman and Tevis Thompson
Glenn Hernandez – Illustrator Microcosm Publishing Ingrid Mouth Art and Comics Bhairavi Kulkarni
Dr. Hogan Berry’s Extraordinary Emporium & Genre Jewelry Glitter Side After Daylight – Vampire Comedy David Faroz Precht
Art of RJ Palmer Akumu Ink Art of Bessie Chiu No’madd
Jacob Halton Joseph Descallar M.A.E.L.strom Studios FlatKat Enterprises
Misunderstanding Comics XIN! and RGBmono Nicc Balce 8-Rock Press
Studio Tinlock Gregg Davidson Art of Ann Marcellino Eve Skylar & Rick Kitagawa
M-Pulse Studios/Art of Christine Nguyen Cartoon Art Museum Buttersafe Veronie Chu Chu
The Art of JP Neang Couscous Collective Clubcard Printing Alex Sheikman & Charles Yoakum
The Art of Crystal Dawn Silent Theater Comics Matthew E. Walker Malicious Intent Studios C. Gurat Designs
Cody Vrosh & Binary Winter Press Three Arrows Studio The Maze and LorzenoLuna.com Dayvid & Joolie Comix
Pat Presley & Matt Gaser Funky Bat Shade: A Graphic Novel Kriyani Studio
Bento Comics Dragon Child Michael Manomivibul Illustration EHA Comics & Haan Lee
Jose Moreno Illustration Piximix Heidi Black Illustration Maria Calle, Jessica Grace, & Myisha Haynes
Ellingson The Art of Lady Ducky Silver Sprocket & Irene Comics Alice Wong and Tuan Vo
Susan’s Sweet Squeez and Fluffins By Kat Stephnie Hovden and Christina Jose Art Black Snow Comics Studio Xia

Hang Dai Editions Joins Alternative Comics for Distribution

hang dai editionsHang Dai Editions was formed by New York cartoonists Gregory Benton, Dean Haspiel, Seth Kushner, and Josh Neufeld in 2014 to publish their signature works, some of which they make a point of hand-selling only at shows via personal interaction.

HDE has announced their 2015 slate of releases. They are also teaming up with Alternative Comics for distribution and some publishing.

HDE’s 2015 slate of comix:


by Seth Kushner and various artists
September 2015
184-pages. Full color.

SCHMUCK is a graphic novel memoir about one man’s awkward coming-of-age-quest to find love in New York City, written by SETH KUSHNER, with design by ERIC SKILLMAN and a forward by JONATHAN AMES. SCHMUCK is an anthology featuring art by 23 great cartoonists, including; Nick Bertozzi, Gregory Benton, Dean Haspiel, Josh Neufeld, Noah Van Sciver, Leland Purvis, Sean Pryor, Bobby Timony, Shamus Beyale, Ryan Alexander-Tanner, George Schall, Nathan Schreiber, Stephen Destefano, Jon Allen, Christa Cassano, Kevin Colden, Tony Salmons, George Jurard, Omar Angulo, Pierce Hargan,  Skuds Mckinley, James O Smith, Tim Ogline and cover by Joseph Remnant.


by Gregory Benton
September 2015
64-pages. Full color.

After an accident on an industrial farm unhinges two young brothers from reality, they are guided through a weird and wonderful journey by Xolo, the mythological protector of souls.


by Dean Haspiel
September 2015
96-pages. B+W comix and essays. (published by Alternative Comics)

A native New York bruiser is fed up with life in the dregs of a drug-addled Alphabet City where his neighbors are shut-ins and his bicycle is always getting stolen. He escapes from Manhattan to make a fresh start in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, only to face a new strain of street logic — where most everything he encounters is not as it seems. Emmy Award-winning artist Dean Haspiel returns to his semi-autobiographical roots with BEEF WITH TOMATO, where he explores the emotional truths between prime and primate.


by Josh Neufeld
March 2015
24-pages. Full color.

Josh Neufeld’s The Vagabonds #4 serves up a spicy blend of journalism, social commentary, memoir, and literary fiction. This issue features Neufeld’s story of racial profiling at the U.S./Canadian border and three collaborations with Neufeld’s wife, writer Sari Wilson. Throw in a couple of light-hearted travel tips, and The Vagabonds #4 is chock-full of the thought-provoking and witty comics Neufeld is known for.


by Dean Haspiel
April 2015
24-pages. Full color.

Billy Dogma and Jane Legit punch the apocalypse right in the kisser as their eternal war of woo breaks a Trip City-wide hymen.


by Seth Kushner and various artists
April 2015
28-pages. Full color.

Seth Kushner’s new anthology features a mix of fumetti/cosplay, indie/sci-fi, and Silver-age inspired heroes by way of THE BROOKLYNITE, drawn by Shamus Beyale, COSTUMED CHARACTERS, layouts by Dean Haspiel, and YOUTOPIA, illustrated by Charles Stewart.

Here is a list of HDE’s 2014 comix, still available!


Seth Kushner’s semi-autobio webcomic gets a print edition with three stories written by Seth and drawn by Jon Allen, Shamus Beyale and Noah Van Sciver. Cover by Gregory Benton.


Is Dean Haspiel’s anthology of memoir and Silver Age inspired genre featuring The Red Hook, Tommy Rocket, A-Okay Cool, and NY Stories.


By Gregory Benton, follows an artist through a lush forest as he searches for a lost sketchbook.


After an eight-year hiatus, Josh Neufeld’s The Vagabonds returns with its third issue — now published by Hang Dai! Many things have changed in the interim: Neufeld produced three books, became a father, and won a year-long journalism fellowship. This issue highlights Neufeld’s journalistic work over the past few years, including reportage on Hurricane Sandy, the Arab Spring, the education wars (with writer Adam Bessie), and the life of a “comics journalist.”


A lone woman fights the odds in this no-holds-barred short companion piece to B+F by Gregory Benton.


by Gregory Benton

Drawn from life, pages from Gregory Benton’s sketchbooks create a loose narrative. Travel through the NYC subway, take in a concert or two, and wash up on the beach.

Alternative Comics’ in Spring 2015

Clover Honey by Rich Tommaso

Abigail is an aspiring hitwoman out to prove her value to the family. She braves the wilds of Newark, overpriced parking, traffic jams, and bad hair days to track down Trevor, her former mentor, who is on the lam with a big briefcase of mob dough. A heavily revised, redrawn, and expanded twentieth anniversary edition of Rich Tommaso’s debut graphic novel.

Rich Tommaso has been writing and illustrating original comics and graphic novels since 1994. His graphic novel with writer James Sturm, Satchel Paige: Striking Out Jim Crow, won an Eisner award for Best Reality-Based Work in 2008. 136-page paperback

Diamond Code: FEB150911
ISBN: 978-1-934460-86-3

Price: $14.95

Clover Honey

Sunbeam on the Astronaut by Steven Cerio

A long-awaited collection of comics, art, and stories by artist Steven Cerio that explores silly, psychedelic, and strange worlds. Smiling cartoon critters carouse with threatening cutout whales against a shifting comic landscape in these unique illustrated stories. The psychedelic meets Saturday morning cartoons in stories with such intriguing titles as “A Private History of Sunbeams and Head Colds,” “The Add Witch in The Berry Patch,” and “Ninny Noonday Ninny.”

Steven Cerio is a prominent rock poster and magazine illustrator. His work is best known from his ongoing collaboration with San Francisco-based performance art and music group The Residents.

48 pages/black and white guts/full color cover

ISBN: 978-1-934460-23-8

Price: $9.95

Sunbeam on the Astronaut

From Now On by Malachi Ward
Short Comic Tales of The Fantastic

A collection of hauntingly beautiful Science Fiction and Horror short stories by Prophet (Image Comics) and Ritual artist Malachi Ward. Collects stories from Mome, Study Group Magazine, Sundays, Best American Comics 2013, and more.

144 page paperback.

ISBN: 978-1-934460-91-7
June 9, 2015

Price: $14.95

From Now On by Malachi Ward

Smilin’ Ed Comics

by Raoul Vezina & Tom Skulan

Crisply and energetically drawn, snappily written, filled with pop culture references, and always funny; Raoul Vezina’s Smilin’ Ed Smiley comics were a breath of fresh air when they first appeared thirty-five years ago. All the original comics are collected here for the first time. Includes sixteen pages in color.

Raoul Vezina (1948-1983) was a brilliant cartoonist who came out of the underground tradition and put his own mark on the indie comics of the early 1980s in a handful of titles. He is best remembered for the four issue of Smilin’ Ed Comics published by Albany, New York’s FantaCo.

160 page 8″ x 10″ black and white paperback with 16 pages in color and color covers

ISBN: 978-1-934460-85-6
June, 2015

Price: $19.95

Smilin' Ed Comics

The SAW Guide to Making Professional Comic Strips by Tom Hart

The SAW Guide to Making Professional Comic Strips is a complete how-to manual for making the best comic strips you can, from conception to idea generation to layout, lettering, finishing, coloring and even selling. From an experienced professional comic strip artist (Hutch Owen, Ali’s House), the book is loaded with examples and instruction as well as personal stories within the industry.

96 page 8 1/2″ x 11″ color paperback.

ISBN: 9781934460894
June, 2015

Price: $12.95

The SAW Guide to Making Professional Comic Strips

Quit Your Job and Other Stories by James Kochalka

On his way to work, Magic Boy discovers an enchanted ring and starts an expedition to the North Pole.

Eisner Award winner James Kochalka has been called “one of the brightest lights of independent comics” and Quit Your Job is a shining example of his genius. On his way to work at the Chinese restaurant, Magic Boy discovers an enchanted ring and determines to make an expedition to the North Pole. He only gets as far as the coffee shop on the next block, but his world is forever changed in the short journey. The predecessor to the author’s popular American Elf diary comics. Includes the entirety of Kochalka’s 1997 book Paradise Sucksand an additional story featuring characters from that world. Double the size of the first edition. Introduction by Jeff Smith (Bone, RASL).

192 page 6.75″ x 675″ black and white paperback with color covers

ISBN: 9781934460931

Price: $15.95

Quit Your Job and Other Stories

Oh, That Monroe by Sam Henderson

Monroe Simmons, cartoon everyman, faces twenty-something life and is squashed like a bug at every turn in this series of harrowing and humorous tales from Magic Whistle and Scene But Not Heard creator Sam Henderson. This new edition features nearly 30 pages of never before collected comics and a new introduction by the author.

128 page black and white paperback with color covers

ISBN: 978-1-934460-87-0

Price: $11.99

Oh, That Monroe

Around the Tubes

It’s new comic book day! What’s everyone excited for?

Around the Tubes

Danbury Daily Voice – Lawyer Pens Graphic Novel On French Revolutions For Danbury Publisher – This is one I want to check out.

Publisher’s Weekly – Consortium to Distribute Alternative Comics, Secret Acres – Nice.


Around the Tubes Reviews

LatinPost – Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor #2

Treehugger – The Prefab Bathroom

The Fandom Post – Royal Blood

Alternative Comics Now on ComiXology!

ComiXology and Alternative Comics announced today that the long-time independent publisher has entered into an all-new digital distribution agreement with comiXology.

Independent comic fans can now read Alternative Comics in an all new dynamic way with comiXology’s cinematic Guided View technology and the comics in comiXology’s high definition format dubbed CMX-HD!

To celebrate the announcement, Alternative Comics is releasing five titles on the comiXology platform from independent comic luminaries, including Karl Stevens’s Failure, Steve Cerio’s Pie, Sam Henderson’s Magic Whistle series including the Humor Can Be Funny collection and 2012’s twelfth issue of the long running humor comic.

Here’s a full list of the Alternative Comics titles debuting today across the comiXology platform:

Failure GN by Karl Stevens
Humor Can Be Funny (Magic Whistle) GN by Sam Henderson
Magic Whistle #7 by Sam Henderson
Magic Whistle #12 by Sam Henderson
Pie #1 by Steven Cerio

Future digital releases from Alternative Comics include their first day-and-date release Alternative Comics #4, coming June 26, 2013. The all-ages graphic novel Peanut Butter & Jeremy’s Best Book Ever, by 2012 Eisner Award winning creator James Kochalka (Dragon Puncher, Johnny Boo), is also scheduled to debut digitally this year.

Alternative Comics is an independent comic book publisher with an extensive back catalog of humor, satirical and original creator-owned titles. Jeff Mason ran the company from 1993 until 2008, and it was re-launched in June 2012 by industry veteran Marc Arsenault.