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Z2 and Sublime Announce a Long Beach Release Party for $5.00 At the Door in August

Celebrate the sounds of SoCal’s favorite sons with this official Sublime graphic novel! Xanadu meets Superbad in this heartfelt anthology of Sublime legends brought to life by Ryan Cady (Green LanternPoppy’s Inferno), Audrey Mok (Archie), Alex Diotto (Youth), Hayden Sherman (Angel & Spike), Logan Faerber (‘Namwolf), alongside rising stars Bill MasukuRobert Ahmad, and Julianne Griepp. Featuring a brand new covers by Sublime logo creator Opie Ortiz and DJ Product ©1969! Plus: the one and only Lou-Dog! Released in finer comic shops and bookstores everywhere on August 4!

Official Release Party:
2:00 PM- 3:30 PM Saturday August 14 (@ Free Comic Book Day)
Atomic Basement Comics
400 E. 3rd Street, Long Beach, CA 90802

Preview: Youth Season Two #1

Youth Season Two #1

Written by Curt Pires
Pencils Alex Diotto
Colored by Dee Cunniffe
Lettered by Micah Myers


Sex. Drugs. Liquor. Murder. Superpowers.

The Second Chapter of the Youth Saga by acclaimed collaborators Curt Pires (Wyrd, Olympia) Alex Diotto (Olympia) and Dee Cunniffe (Crossover) begins here.

Now in development for Amazon Prime Video.

Part of the comiXology Originals line of exclusive digital content only available on comiXology and Kindle. Read for free as part of your subscription to comiXology Unlimited, Kindle Unlimited or Amazon Prime. Also available for purchase via comiXology and Kindle.

Youth Season Two #1

Curt Pires and comiXology Announce Lost Falls and Memoria and Youth Continues

Writer Curt Pires and comiXology have announced two new series Lost Falls and Memoria. This announcement is timed to the highly anticipated print publication of Youth Volume 1 from Dark Horse Books which coincides with the debut of Youth Season Two, the sequel to the acclaimed teen superhero drama that is exclusively available as part of the comiXology Originals line of digital content.

Both Lost Falls, a social minded mystery box thriller with art by Antonio Fuso, Pierluigi Minotti, and Lee Loughridge and Memoria, a crime thriller with art by Sunando C and Mark Dale, will be written by Curt Pires and available exclusively from comiXology Originals will be available for purchase via comiXology and Kindle and included in Prime Reading, Kindle Unlimited and comiXology Unlimited upon release.  More details and release dates will be announced in the coming months.

Written by Curt Pires and with art by Alex Diotto, co-creators of the acclaimed comic Olympia, with colors by Dee Cunniffe and letters by Micah MyersYouth is an epic superhuman saga unlike any other. Youth is currently in development as an original series with Amazon Studios with executive producer Patrick Moran.

Youth Volume 1, the print edition, collecting issues 1-4 of the digital series, arrives in paperback for the first time from Dark Horse Books in bookstores on April 6, 2021 and in comic shops on April 7, 2021. In YOUTH Volume 1 Franklin and River struggle to navigate family, friends, high school, work, drugs, and all the pressures of growing up. As a queer couple, they yearn to escape their lives in a small, bigoted Midwest town. They steal River’s stepfather’s Mustang and hit the road. Their destination? California. But along the way, the car breaks down. They meet some kids who are travelling the country, partying, and attempting to find themselves. They party some more. . . And soon everything changes.

Also on April 6, 2021, the story continues digitally with Youth Season Two issue #1.  In Youth Season Two, six months have passed since the events of the first story. Some of the kids are missing. Some of the kids are dead. Some of the kids are trying to do better. One thing is for certain: they’re not the only ones with powers anymore. A bold expansion to the smash hit first story, Youth Season Two will continue with the core cast as well as introduce new characters from all across the globe.

Part of the comiXology Originals line of exclusive digital content, Youth Season Two will be released monthly. Each of the 4-issues will be available upon release, at no additional cost, for members of Amazon Prime, Kindle Unlimited, and comiXology Unlimited, and for purchase on the Amazon Kindle Store and comiXology. Prime Reading offers all Amazon Prime members a rotating selection of over a thousand top Kindle books, magazines, short works, comic books, children’s books, and more – all at no additional cost. Kindle Unlimited gives customers access to more than 1 million titles, including thousands of audio books, and current magazines for just $9.99 a month with a 30-day free trial. ComiXology Unlimited offers over 30,000 comics, graphic novels and manga for just $5.99 a month with a 30-day free trial.

Z2 Comics Announces Sublime: $5 At the Door

Z2 Comics continues to roll out news of some of their most ambitious projects yet, with the announcement of the Ryan Cady-written graphic novel chronicling the misadventures of one of the most defining bands of the last three decades, the Long Beach, reggae-punk institution, Sublime!

The laid-back Long Beach trio spawned an entire genre-fusing reggae grooves, punk grittiness, ska energy, back-porch folk introspection, and hip-hop swagger.

Those disparate sounds first collided back in 1988, when the gregarious Bradley Nowell paired up with a sturdy, simpatico rhythm section—bassist Eric Wilson and drummer Bud Gaugh—and quickly amassed a cult following in the SoCal scene.  Sublime found their niche at house parties: uniting Rastas, surfers, skaters, frat boys, cholos and ink-covered outcasts with a free-flowing melting pot approach that, much like the region itself, was impossible to pigeonhole.  The band goes from playing backyard parties and selling cassettes out of the trunks of their cars to creating an entirely new and revolutionary blend of chart-topping music.

Xanadu meets Superbad in this heartfelt anthology of Sublime legends brought to life by Ryan CadyAudrey MokAlex DiottoHayden ShermanLogan Faerber, rising stars Bill MasukuRobert Ahmad, and more. Featuring brand-new cover artwork by Sublime family members Opie Ortiz and DJ Product ©1969! Plus: the one and only Lou-Dog!

The Sublime: $5 At the Door graphic novel clocks in at 120 pages and will be released in a standard soft and hardcover editions in comic shops and bookstores alike in June 2021, with a special deluxe edition, and highly limited super deluxe edition available for preorder now exclusively through the Z2 website! Deluxe and super deluxe edition include a special first-time vinyl edition of the Doin’ Time EP, unavailable elsewhere, as well as exclusive prints, Lou-Dog toy, and more!

Dark Horse and ComiXology Cut a Deal to Bring comiXology Originals to Print

Dark Horse Comics and comiXology have announced that Dark Horse will distribute print editions of comiXology Originals graphic novels and collections. Select titles from the creator-owned line of comiXology Originals will be available in print for the first time for customers in comic shops, bookstores, and libraries. The program will commence in Spring 2021 with the release of paperback editions of the Eisner Award winner AFTERLIFT, Breaklands, YOUTH, and The Black Ghost.

When comiXology Originals was announced, print was a part of some of the releases through Amazon’s print on demand. While the digital program pressed on, the physical release of comics became few and far between to the complete lack of mention for numerous rounds of announcements.

Through this deal, Dark Horse Comics will be responsible for distribution and fulfillment for the titles through Diamond Comic Distributors for comic shops and Penguin Random House for bookstores around the world. ComiXology Originals will remain available to be read digitally for members of Amazon Prime, Kindle Unlimited, and comiXology Unlimited and for purchase on Kindle and comiXology.

ComiXology Originals’ exclusive content line debuted in 2017, and in their first year garnered an Eisner Award for Harvey Kurtzman’s Marley’s Ghost. The next year saw an Eisner Award nomination for The Stone King by Kel McDonald and Tyler Crook, and in 2020 an Eisner Award win for AFTERLIFT. In addition to the creator-owned line of exclusive content, comiXology Originals, through a partnership with Kodansha Comics, has re-released and newly translated manga such as BECKInitial D and The Drops of God.

The comiXology Originals making their print debut in 2021 include:

AFTERLIFTcollecting the Eisner Award-winning issues #1-5 – For the first time in print!

  • Written by Eisner Award winner Chip Zdarsky, best known for his work on Sex Criminals and Marvel Comics, with art by Jason Loo, the acclaimed artist of The Pitiful Human-Lizard, colors by Paris Alleyne, letters by Aditya Bidikar and edited by Allison O’Toole.
  • AFTERLIFT is a 2020 Eisner Award winning series.
  • In AFTERLIFT, Janice Chen is adrift. She quits her day job in finance and signs up to be a driver on a ride-sharing app. But what was at first a mundane but enjoyable way to pass the time takes a terrible turn when a mysterious passenger updates his ride with a very final destination: Hell.
  • 136 pages / color / on sale February 2 in bookstores and everywhere books are sold and February 3 in comic shops / MSRP $19.99/$25.99 pbk / ISBN: 978-1-5067-2440-9

Breaklands Volume One, collecting issues #1-5 – For the first time in print!

  • Written by Justin Jordan, the co-creator and writer of The Strange Talent of Luther Strode, with art by acclaimed artist Tyasseta, colors by Sarah Stern, and letters by Rachel Deering.
  • Set 150 years after humanity developed psychic powers and ended the world as we know it, a new world has emerged. Everyone has powers. Some powers, like the ability to light a match, are modest. But some powers—like the ability to reshape the world—are both vast and dangerous. Kasa Fain is different. She doesn’t possess powers. Kasa is an outsider, a teenager who has been in hiding, until the day her younger brother is kidnapped and everything changes.
  • 152 pages / color / on sale March 2 in bookstores and everywhere books are sold and March 3 in comic shops / MSRP  $19.99/$25.99 pbk / ISBN: 978-1-5067-2441-6
Breaklands Volume One

YOUTH Volume One, collecting issues #1-4For the first time in print!

  • Written by visionary writer Curt Pires with art by Alex Diotto, the co-creators of the acclaimed comic Olympia, and features colors by Dee Cunniffe, and lettering by Micah Myers.
  • In YOUTH, Franklin and River struggle to navigate family, friends, high school, work, drugs, and all the pressures of growing up. As a queer couple, they yearn to escape their lives in a small, bigoted Midwest town. They steal River’s stepfather’s Mustang and hit the road. Their destination? California. But along the way, the car breaks down. They meet some kids who are travelling the country, partying, and attempting to find themselves. They party some more. . . . And soon everything changes.
  • A sequel to YOUTH is underway and the comic series is in development as an original TV show with Amazon Studios.
  • 136 pages / color / on sale on sale April 6 in bookstores and everywhere books are sold and April 7 in comic shops / MSRP $19.99/$25.99 pbk / ISBN: 978-1-5067-2461-4
YOUTH Volume One

The Black Ghost Volume One, collecting issues #1-5–For the first time in print!

  • Co-written by Anthony Award-Nominated Novelist Alex Segura and acclaimed writer Monica Gallagher, with art by George Kambadais, colors by Ellie Wright, lettering by Taylor Esposito and edited by Greg Lockard.
  • The Black Ghost is a modern take on the urban vigilante story. Lara Dominguez is a journalist chasing that one, big story. After a stint in the Middle East, the alcoholic reporter moves from her hometown of Miami to Creighton – a mid-Atlantic city that’s seen better days. She needs a huge, viral scoop that’ll send her into the journalistic stratosphere. Her target? Uncovering the identity of The Black Ghost – a masked vigilante trying to take down the wealthy oligarchs carving up the fading metropolis. But as she searches for the breakthrough story she desperately needs, Lara will have to navigate the corruption of her adopted city, the uncertainties of virtue, and her own personal demons.
  • 136 pages / color / on sale May 4 in bookstores and everywhere books are sold and May 5 in comic shops / MSRP $19.99/$25.99 pbk / ISBN: 978-1-50672-446-1
The Black Ghost Volume One

More comiXology Originals print editions will be announced at a later date.

Review: Youth #1

Youth #1

Youth #1 is a new take on both the coming of age and superhero genres from Curt Pires, Alex Diotto, and Dee Cunniffe. It’s about two teenagers, River and Frank, who are kind of, sort of boyfriends, that are fed up with their lives so they steal River’s step dad’s mustang and go on the run. The comic has plenty of attitude, a little bit pretentiousness, and goes full throttle from the first page where Pires and Diotto cross cut between River being berated by his step dad and Frank being berated by his manager and a random customer at the fast food restaurant he works at. (Seriously, everyone seems to be an asshole in this universe.)

My favorite part of Youth #1 is Pires and Diotto’s creative use of grid layouts to introduce characters, ramp up conflict, and pull off one hell of a car chase. They immediately create parallels between River and Frank and establish a relationship between them based on shared trauma even though they don’t appear on panel together eight pages in. Basically, the world treats them like shit so they lash out through one great two panel page punch before slowing down to a more romantic nine panel grid with soft colors from Cunniffe.

After the blows are landed, Curt Pires immediately backpedals and uses a Mike Tyson quote to establish our protagonists as both unreliable narrators and the opposite of role models. With some Pires comics in the past, he seems to over-rely on purple prose narration, but he’s pared down this a lot or undercut it with self-deprecating humor. I enjoy that he and Diotto portray Frank and River as a couple of messed up kids, who fall in with other messed up kids later in the comic crafting a drama filled ensemble cast. Think the attractive cast of a reality television show, but with more overt drug use, assault of police officers, and in a breath of fresh air, queerness.

Heteronormativity is a big no-no in Youth #1 with River and Frank treating their homophobic classmate with a shrug as they skip town in a Mustang, or Frank telling a girl he makes out with at a party that he doesn’t like to label his sexuality. Your average, middle aged boring writer at the Big Two would make the high school bully some great foe for them, but he’s just an annoyance on their way to other adventures like blowing up cars, reenacting Grand Theft Auto, and this issue’s explosive ending.

Rebellion seems to be the central theme of Youth #1 with Frank and River truly having some to rage against as evidenced in the opening scene. However, it seems like some of their peers are rebelling just to rebel like the host of the party, who is the son of a senator, and parties in his huge house while his dad is doing consulting work in Dubai. The line of dialogue and corresponding image from Diotto is sharp satire at the children of well-off people, who choose to act out and rebel, but honestly, it makes sense that the cast of Youth are rough around the edges and can’t articulate their actions into a neat thesis.

Beat up a cop, go on the run, and fuck the consequences because life is short, right. However, the tail end of Youth #1 does introduce some consequences that will shape the narrative of this miniseries as Pires and Diotto introduce change into their story ecosystem like a splash page after a neat grid or car chase scene where you can see every maneuver.

Tone-wise, with its musical influence, teens on the run motif, and lackadaisical approach to superpowers, Youth #1 is We Can Never Go Home meets Chronicle, which is interesting because Pires has a written a few comics for Black Mask Studios. With their messy motivations, lust for life, and distrust of authority, I definitely gravitated to the teens of Youth even though they come across as little assholes at times. But weren’t we all at that age?

Story: Curt Pires Art: Alex Diotto 
Colors: Dee Cunniffe Letters: Micah Myers
Story: 7.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 8.0 Recommendation: Buy

Comixology Originals provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

ComiXology Original Youth by Curt Pires and Alex Diotto Goes from Comic to Amazon Studios

Youth #1

Youth, a new four-part weekly comic series beginning May 12, is currently in development as an original series for Amazon Studios. The comiXology Original digital comic series is by Curt Pires and Alex Diotto. Pires is attached to adapt the comic for streaming. The comic is already renewed for a second season in production and Pires has two more projects in the works with comiXology. Color for the comic is by Dee Cunniffe with lettering by Micah Myers.

The comic is about the next generation of superheroes. It’s the story of two high school students who are a queer couple and run away discovering a world different than what they have imagined.

Below is the official synopsis:

In YOUTH, Franklin and River struggle to navigate family, friends, high school, work, drugs, and all the pressures of growing up. As a queer couple, they yearn to escape their lives in a small, bigoted Midwest town. They steal River’s stepfather’s Mustang and hit the road. Their destination? California. But along the way, the car breaks down. They meet some kids who are travelling the country, partying, and attempting to find themselves. They party some more. . . . And soon everything changes.

The comic will be available for no additional cost for Amazon Prime, Kindle Unlimited and ComiXology Unlimited subscribers, in addition to being available for purchase for Kindle and ComiXology.

Review: Olympia #1

Olympia #1

Olympia #1 kicks off a love letter to comics. The debut issue revolves around Elon, a latchkey kid who spends his days alone reading comic books. One day his favorite superhero, Olympian, comes crashing into reality. The concept is something we’ve seen before but there’s a heartfelt aspect to this debut that oozes off of the page.

Created by Tony Pires and Curt Pires, Olympia was created by them as Tony was undergoing treatment for cancer. There’s an earnest meditation on hope and loss in the first issue as we get hints of Elon’s life. The comic also oozes wonder as Elon meets his hero. There’s something for every comic fan to relate to in this debut which makes it all the more impressive. Whether it’s Elon’s personal life or his isolation reading comics, it’s something we’ve experienced.

While the concept, so far, doesn’t feel original, there’s just an enthusiasm that works in the comic. It’s relatable and emotional set up that sucks readers in. It’s also clearly a love letter to comics. From the magical story itself to the art.

The art by Alex Diotto riffs on the classic work of Jack Kirby who’s quoted within the comic. From the colors by Dee Cunniffe to the lettering of Micah Myers there’s a feel of “retro” in so much of the comic. A use of a Kirby crackle to the style of the colors and type of coloring, there’s been a lot of thought to create a look that evokes the classic comics the story loves.

Olympia #1 is the fantastical experience of a reader being drawn into the world they’re engaging in. There’s a meta aspect to the comic as we the reader are sucked into the experience ourselves. It’s a comic you can enjoy for the story and connect on an emotional and personal level. It’s an experience and story we can all relate to in some way.

Story: Tony Pires, Curt Pires Art: Alex Diotto
Color: Dee Cunniffe Letterer: Micah Myers Design: Ryan Ferrier
Story: 8.15 Art: 8.15 Overall: 8.15 Recommendation: Buy

Image Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

Curt Pires, Tony Pires, and Alex Diotto Explore Hope and Loss in Olympia

Image Comics has announced an all-new miniseries by Curt Pires, his father, Tony Pires, and artist Alex DiottoOlympia, which will launch this November.

Olympia follows Elon, a latchkey kid who spends his days alone reading comic books—until his favorite superhero, Olympian, comes crashing off the page and into reality! But as he nurses his wounded and delirious hero back to health, he discovers Olympian isn’t the only thing that came through… something evil followed him.

A comedic yet heartfelt love letter to the comics medium, Olympia is also a meditation on hope and loss, co-conceived by the Pires together while Tony was undergoing treatment for cancer.

Olympia #1 Cover A by Alex Diotto and Dee Cunniffe (Diamond Code SEP190047) and Olympia #1 Cover B by Christian Ward (Diamond Code SEP190048) will hit stores on Wednesday, November 20.

Olympia #1 Cover A by Alex Diotto and Dee Cunniffe
Olympia #1 Cover B by Christian Ward

Review: Skip to the End

It’s Wednesday which means it’s new comic book day with new releases hitting shelves, both physical and digital, all across the world. This week we’ve got a graphic novel that mixes music and comics.

Skip to the End is by Jeremy Holt, Alex Diotto, Renzo Podesta, Adam Wollet, and Tim Daniel.

Get your copy in comic shops today. To find a comic shop near you, visit http://www.comicshoplocator.com or call 1-888-comicbook or digitally and online with the links below.




Insight Comics provided Graphic Policy with FREE copies for review
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