Crowdfunding Corner: White Cat Entertainment returns to Elvenwood with Long Ago and Far Away 2: Son of Elvenwood

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White Cat Entertainment returns to Elvenwood with an all-new adventure, Long Ago and Far Away 2: Son of Elvenwood, now live on Kickstarter! 

Written by Chris Mancini and art and colors by Fernando Pinto with letters by Troy Peteri, this 90-page full-color OGN is the direct sequel to Long Ago and Far Away, which is sure to make you laugh, then cry… then laugh a little bit more.

As a result of Jason’s… adventure… with the Witch Queen, he now has a son, and since time passes differently in Elvenwood, the son, Lord Stone, is about 20 years older than Jason. Lord Stone also seems to have the entire sect of Northern Necromancers after him due to him stealing their sacred Blood Dagger for… mead money. They are powerful, quite angry, and are laying waste to Elvenwood to get to him, raising the dead as they go. Nexis could not protect him, so she sent him to Jason in his world to save his life. Now Jason has to return once again to Elvenwood to deal with the deadly Northern Necromancers, a horde of undead, coveted artifacts, and keeping an alliance between the Elves and the Witch Queen intact. He has to do this while dealing with the most difficult adventure of all: Fatherhood.

The campaign for Long Ago and Far Away 2: Son of Elvenwood ends Oct. 6th. Rewards include digital and physical books, in addition to signed editions plus VIP and royalty!

Long Ago and Far Away 2: Son of Elvenwood