Harrower #4 delivers a dramatic finale

Harrower #4

Every secret comes to light as Jessa is confronted with the horrible truth of the figures behind everything! As she faces the Harrower in a final showdown, her fate seems inevitable. Can she escape becoming what she fears most? Harrower #4 wraps up the start of a solid horror franchsie.

Created by Justin Jordan and Brahm Revel, Harrower #4 both closes the book on this slasher story but like good slasher films, leaves things open for a franchise. Written by Jordan, the issue dishes the secrets of the town and Harrower. The explanation is pretty basic building off the hints in the debut issue that the town is rather conservative in its ways. There isn’t too much depth as to who the Harrower chooses and why it’s done, but the overall concept is there making these four issues more of an origin story than a slasher. And in that way, the comic gets more interesting.

It’d have been easy for Jordan to explain what’s going on with supernatural forces or it’s just the way things are done, but we get the hints at how the Harrower started and this Harrower in particular. There’s some drama there that’s explored and makes the concept of the series all the more twisted.

Some of that drama is delivered in Revel’s art and Pat Brosseau‘s lettering. Jessa’s confrontation with her parents and the town is full of heartbreak. The issue does fall a little short in Jessa’s battle with the Harrower though. There’s a grittiness and desperation that doesn’t quite feel there nor does the Harrower’s hesitancy come through enough. That aspect of the comic needed a little more to it. But, the comic hasn’t really been about the gore and action, it’s far more that secrets the town keeps.

Story: Justin Jordan Art: Brahm Revel Letterer: Pat Brosseau
Story: 8.25 Art: 8.0 Overall: 8.2 Recommendation: Buy

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