Spy Superb #3 leaves us wanting more

Spy Superb #3

For three issues, Spy Superb has delivered fantastic action comedy. And now that Spy Superb #3 is here, I’m left wanting more of it. The concept is rather simple, Jay is the perfect spy. A spy so perfect he doesn’t even realize he is a spy and that he’s on a mission. Jay is a useful idiot. And now he’s on the run being hunted and protected by spies who know what they’re doing.

Matt Kindt delivers the art and story for a series that has delivered with every issue. It has left me laughing. It has had me appreciating the dance of action. And I’ve lingered on the art. It’s the usual Matt Kindt story in that way. But here, he’s taken the cool spy vibe he’s mastered and mixed it with humor. A lot of humor. Every issue has been packed with absurd moments that’ll leave readers laughing but also lingering on how exactly everything has gone down. Spy Superb #3 is no different in that way.

But even more impressively is what Kindt packs into the issue. While the mysterious spy Lucky has been in the series from early on, we know little about her. Kindt uses the third issue to fix that delivering a fantastic origin story that in some ways leaves us questioning exactly who the Spy Superb really is. Is it Jay? Or, is it Lucky?

Kindt’s art continues to amaze. Joined by Sharlene Kindt on color, the style has an almost watercolor look to it at times but it’s the motion and perspective of it all that’s impressive. There’s a distinct style to Kindt’s work, you know it instantly when you see it. And part of that style is packing small details that add to the world, and in this case how good Lucky is. There’s one particular spread that’ll leave readers lingering, mapping out the possible action to come. It’s the usual fantastic visuals I’d expect from one of their comics.

Spy Superb #3 wraps up this trilogy of issues and leaves me wanting more. There’s so much more that can be done and where this series can go, here’s hoping we get exactly that.

Story: Matt Kindt Art: Matt Kindt
Color: Sharlene Kindt Letterer: Matt Kindt
Story: 8.5 Art: 8.5 Overall: 8.5 Recommendation: Buy

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