Action Comics #1052 continues a super new direction

Action Comics #1052

Metallo has attacked and done some damage. The crown jewel of Superman’s new Metropolis is in ruins, and the increasingly violent Blue Earth movement is keeping the entire Super-Family on their toes. Action Comics #1052 does a solid job of balancing the action from the previous issue, the family aspect that has returned to the series, and setting up a solid mystery regarding Metallo.

With a main story written by Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Action Comics #1052 is interesting in that at first the story contradicts the recently launched Superman #1. Metallo is being manipulated but by who? He hears a voice telling him what to do and we’re led to believe it’s Lex Luthor up to his usual antics, even behind bars. But, in the newly launched Superman #1, Luthor is trying to help Superman. So what gives? That answer and more is here as Metallo’s plans see more questions raised but also a bit clearer at the same time.

But, what stands out about this new starting point is the focus on Superman and his family. It’s not just Clark, Lois, and Jon, there’s the extended family of other Superman characters and the refugees from Warworld. It delivers the heart and in a way grounded aspect of the series.

That’s all helped by the art of Rafa Sandoval. With color by Matt Herms and lettering by Dave Sharpe, the visuals feel bright and hopeful, even when things are dark. The art matches the tone and Sandoval has a talent of really highlighting moments of humor and heart and caring that really emphasizes what makes Superman and his family so great.

But, the super comic is super-sized featuring two back-up stories as well.

Continuing “Home Again,” writer Dan Jurgens continues this lost tale of a mysterious alien looking for Superman and has come across Jon. With art by Lee Weeks, color by Elizabeth Breitweiser, and lettering by Rob Leigh, the second chapter sets up more of the various points of danger to come but feels like chapter in an overall story as opposed to really standing on its own.

Power Girl’s adventures continue in “Head Like a Whole” written by Leah Williams, with art by Marguerite Sauvage, and lettering by Becca Carey. It does a solid job of having Power Girl and Supergirl clash in a way and getting it out there of the rather odd position Power Girl is in. She’s a member of the Superman family but not really treated that way. It’s an oddity and there’s hints the dynamic might be explored more in future chapters. It’s a nice chapter and really emphasizes the “family” aspect of the comic.

Action Comics #1052 continues the new direction for the series and Superman family and continues to do an excellent job of balancing things. There’s the action and long story but it also focuses in on what makes the Man of Steel and the characters around him great. There’s a warm, welcoming, aspect to the comic that extends to every story within making this a series that focuses on Superman as well as his extended family.

Story: Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Dan Jurgens, Leah Williams
Art: Rafa Sandoval, Lee Weeks, Marguerite Sauvage
Color: Matt Herms, Elizabeth Breitweiser Letterer: Dave Sharpe, Rob Leigh, Becca Carey
Story: 8.0 Art: 8.0 Overall: 8.0 Recommendation: Buy

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