Sins of Sinister #1 is an unfolding enigma of a debut issue

Sins of Sinister #1

When stories have heroes and villains, readers would for each to be formidable. The hero must be imposing but good at heart. The villain must amoral yet relatable. These are the rules that readers have come to see be subverted time and time again.

As what kids cartoons would make one believe that superhero stories are simplistic. In reality, they are probably more diverse and morally complicated than most fiction. This is why when a villain the comic book universe tends to unleash a devious plan, it is vastly intricate and and will have readers , reading it multiple times to catch all the details. In the debut issue of Sins Of Sinister, we get the kickoff of the next big X-Men crossover event, where Mister Sinister, unleashes a web of evil that affects all mutants.

We find Mr. Sinister deep in his lair, as he secretly harvesting versions of himself on Krakoa, as we find out that he forced an uneasy alliance with the other mutants on Krakoa. Meanwhile, the council look to open their doors to humans, one that the council struggles to find common ground, but something Emma Frost is able to change everyone’s minds. Meanwhile Ben Urich, actually uncovers Sinister’s plan and shares it with Jonah Jamison, only to find out it was Sinister posing as, thereby stopping him and imprisoning Ben. As the Orchis Forge begins Sinister’s plan of world domination, unleashing every hero in the universe to defend the innocent,  but the worst is yet come. As we find out that every mutant has a piece of Mister Sinister’s DNA, making them under his control. By the issue’s end, Sinister’s plan has created worldwide chaos  but also creates a problem he did not foresee, multiple interlopers who think like him, looking to be in power of if it all.

Overall, Sins Of Sinister #1 is an unfolding enigma of a debut issue, one will astound you, even if you had an idea of the result. The story by Gillen is masterful. The art by the creative team is gorgeous. Altogether, one of the best things written by Gillen, and proves why he was the perfect person to write the beginning of this massive event.

Story: Kieron Gillen Art: Lucas Werneck
Special guest artists: Geoffrey Shaw, Marco Checchetto, Juan José Ryp, David Baldeón, Travel Foreman, Carlos Gómez, Federico Vicentini, David Lopez, Joshua Cassara, Stefano Caselli
Color: Bryan Valenza Letterer: Clayton Cowles Design: Jay Bowen
Story: 10 Art: 9.6 Overall: 9.89 Recommendation: Buy

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