Get a first look at Top Cow’s Animal Rights/Environmentalism Crime/Mystery one-shit A.R.C. Animal Rights Collective

Top Cow Productions has announced a new crime/mystery one-shot surrounding the subject of animal rights and environmentalism called, A.R.C. by Matt Hawkins, Paul Feinstein, Ryan Cady, Atilio Rojo, and Troy Peteri and featuring cover art by Stjepan Šejić.

A.R.C. Animal Rights Collective, is a concept developed by co-founder of Fine Stone Entertainment and travel journalist Paul Feinstein, who has written for a myriad of publications and media companies including Travel + Leisure, The BBC, TIME, and NBC/UNIVERSAL.

With Top Cow’s President Matt Hawkins at the creative helm, Feinstein and the team uses the medium of fictional sequential storytelling to take readers into the world of animal rights and asks a very simple question: How do we stop illegal wildlife trading, mass extinctions, and preserve the sanctity of the natural world? The answer is A.R.C., led by wildlife champion Noah Eran who is an animal rights defender by day and animal rights vigilante by night. When the law can’t take down the corruption, Noah’s A.R.C. can.

Illegal poaching is a billion-dollar industry, a black market trade violently interwoven with the bloody work of warlords and international traffickers. South African industrial heir Noah Ehran has dedicated himself to battling this evil on two fronts, in two separate lives. By day, he’s an environmental lobbyist and aggressive corporate reformer-but by night, Noah leads A.R.C., the Animal Rights Collective, in an armed crusade against the criminal empires responsible!

A.R.C. (one-shot) will be in comic shops on Wednesday, March 8 and also available for purchase on digital platforms, including Amazon, Apple Books, GlobalComix, and Google Play. Pre-Order before January 30. SRP: $4.99 Rated: Mature. A.R.C. (one-shot) Solicitation: PreviewsWorld Order Code: JAN230073.