Nemesis Reloaded #1 delivers a bloody fantastic reboot

Nemesis Reloaded #1

Nemesis Reloaded #1 opens not with a splash but a letter, an introduction from writer Mark Millar. Millar goes into his ideas and somewhat of where this series is going. The original Nemesis series was created by Millar and Steve McNiven debuting 13 years ago. I myself only remember the basics, an evil version of Batman, but do remember it being entertaining. Flash forward to today and much has changed. With Millar looking at the big picture of all his properties, it was time to bring back this villain all leading up to July’s event “Big Game” where every Millar character will cross over in a big summer event.

As Millar notes, much has changed since that original series debuted. The world has shifted in so many ways. It’s politics, it’s economics, the environment and health of its people. Millar has recognized that and uses all of the current unease to launch Nemesis Reloaded #1. Much like the original, the story focuses on a Batman like character who’s a villain. Who he is? What does he want? We don’t really know and it doesn’t really matter.

Millar provides a self-aware comic that both takes itself seriously and skewers itself too. A discussion at the beginning about Tarantino feels like it’s talking as much about the comic to come as it does the director and writer. Like Tarantino, Nemesis Reloaded #1 bathes in its absurdity and orgy of violence and blood. It’s over the top in all the right ways updated for today’s political and social climate.

Much of that is due to the art of Jorge Jiménez. With color by Giovanna Niro and lettering by Clem Robins, the visuals for the comic are so over the top it’s just fun. Limbs are cut off, bullets fly, death reigns. It’s all done in a way it’s hard to take seriously, instead you’re forced to site back and enjoy the dance of destruction. Everything clicks visually creating an action comic with visual comedic chops. Those moments are brought home by the visuals which nail the punchlines over and over.

Nemesis Reloaded #1 is the insane violence Mark Millar has delivered in the past. Everything is ramped up to 11 delivering a comic that feels like it is both taking itself seriously but also spoofing so much of what has come before. No matter, it’s a hell of a lot of fun and a welcome return after being missing for so long.

Story: Mark Millar Art: Jorge Jiménez
Color: Giovanna Niro Letterer: Clem Robins
Story: 8.75 Art: 8.75 Overall: 8.75 Recommendation: Buy

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