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Infinite Frontier Reveals the Next Phase of the DC Universe

The DC Universe enters its next phase this March with the release of Infinite Frontier #0, a 64-page one-shot that sets the table for new tales, talent, and characters for 2021 and beyond.

As Dark Nights: Death Metal exposes our heroes to the Multiverse’s darkest threats and DC’s Future State event provides a glimpse into possible futures of the DC Universe, this blockbuster one-shot propels our heroes into the current day and a world full of endless possibilities.

Featuring a dynamic primary cover by Dan Jurgens and Mikel Janín and an equally breathtaking card stock variant cover by John Timms, these stories will be delivered by some of the best talent in comics, including (among others):

  • Joshua Williamson, Scott Snyder, and James Tynion IV with John Timms
  • Brian Michael Bendis and David Marquez
  • Becky Cloonan and Michael W. Conrad with Alitha Martinez
  • Geoff Johns and Todd Nauck
  • Joshua Williamson and Alex Maleev
  • James Tynion IV and Jorge Jiménez
  • Phillip Kennedy Johnson and Jamal Igle

Infinite Frontier #0 will also serves as a primer and introduction for new can’t-miss series and story lines continuing throughout 2021:

  • An unthinkable, unexpected attack by the Joker makes him the target of a worldwide dragnet with ex-cop Jim Gordon in hot pursuit in the ongoing series The Joker by James Tynion IV and Guillem March
  • Spinning out of her breakout appearances in Future State: Wonder Woman and Future State: Superman/Wonder Woman, a young Yara Flor begins the search for her destiny and connection to the Amazons
  • It’s orientation day at Titans Tower as Tim Sheridan and Rafa Sandoval introduce a new group of teen heroes (including the future Red X) to the original New Teen Titans, setting the table for the duo’s Teen Titans Academy series in March
  • The adventures of the Justice League continue (beginning with Justice League #59), now written by Brian Michael Bendis with artist David Marquez, with new JL members, including Black Adam, Hippolyta, and Naomi
  • Wonder Woman ventures into the “godsphere,” creating an exciting new storyline by Becky Cloonan, Michael W. Conrad and Travis Moore, continuing in March’s Wonder Woman #770
  • Award-winning writer Geoff Johns and Todd Nauck tell an all-new Stargirl story

For fans wanting a gateway into the next great era of storytelling, this 64-page oversize one-shot is a guaranteed must-have for March pull lists. Priced at $5.99 for the main cover version and $6.99 for the card stock variant, this book will be available at all comic book stores and participating digital retailers on Tuesday, March 2, 2021.

ComiXology Has 5 New Releases including Challenge of the Super Sons #1!

ComiXology delivers five new digital releases from DC, Yen Press, Harlequin, and Magnetic Press. You can get shopping and get them here or check out the individual issues below.

Challenge of the Super Sons (2020-) #1

Written by Peter J. Tomasi
Pencils Max Raynor
Inks Max Raynor
Colored by Luis Guerrero
Cover by Jorge Jimenez

The boys are back! Picking up where the sensational ADVENTURES OF THE SUPER SONS left off, the son of Batman and the son of Superman are back in the spotlight and ready to give evil a good spanking. But are Robin and Superboy in over their heads this time?! A mysterious woman from beyond time has appeared to the DCU’s favorite sons, and her arrival heralds certain DOOM (the’s a hint, everyone) of things to come!

Challenge of the Super Sons (2020-) #1

Final Fantasy Lost Stranger #32

Written by Hazuki Minase
Art by Itsuki Kameya

While Alus, Shogo, and Rei struggle against Byblos in his book world, Sharu and Duston are stuck on the outside looking in. But when a familiar face reappears before them, a chance to save their friends presents itself…if they have the info to trade for it, that is! Read the next chapter of Final Fantasy Lost Stranger at the same time as Japan!

Final Fantasy Lost Stranger #32

Streamliner #8: All-in Day

Written by Fane
Art by Fane

This is it — the race has come down to just a precious few survivors left standing: Cristal and Calamity, duking it out in the dangerous cavern run. But who’s that coming up from behind…? Is that Billy Joe…? THE HIGH-SPEED SERIES FINALE!

Streamliner #8: All-in Day

The Adoption Vol. 2

Written by Zidrou
Art by Arno Monin
Cover by Arno Monin

Gabriel travels to Peru to visit young Qinaya who has been reunited with her true grandparents. The trip turns into a journey of self-discovery as he meets another father in search of his own daughter missing since the earthquake. Together, they reflect on the highs and lows of parenting, and the reality that you never grow out of the role, even when the kids are all grown up. The touching conclusion to this powerful, award-winning diptych.

The Adoption Vol. 2

To Claim His Heir By Christmas

Written by Victoria Parker
Art by Shiyori Matsuo

Luciana hid her identity as the princess of Arunthia to travel to Zurich, where she fell in love with a beautiful man. Knowing that it was going to be her first and last romance, Luciana gave her virginity to the man of her dreams. However, she realized later that he was actually Thane Guerrero, the infamous prince of enemy country Galancia, and fled from his bed. Five years later, Luciana tries to fulfill her promise with her father to marry a chosen partner. It’s the only way to protect her beloved son, whom she became pregnant with during her passionate night of romance with the dark prince!

To Claim His Heir By Christmas

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DC’s Future Post Future State Becomes Clearer as Wonder Woman, Suicide Squad, Swamp Thing, Teen Titans Academy, Green Lantern, Wonder Girl, and Justice League Dark Announced

Wonder Woman #770

After January and February’s Future State mini-event for DC Comics, March and beyond will see a mix of new and returning series as expected. Many of the series will feature their Future State creative teams continuing on to the series.

Becky Cloonan and Michael W. Conrad will take over Wonder Woman with issue #770 in March. The two will be joined by interior and cover artist Travis Moore. The series will pick up after the events of Dark Nights: Death Metal which has put Wonder Woman at the center of events leading the heroes in their resistance.

Orbiting Wonder Woman will be Wonder Girl from writer and artist Joëlle Jones. That series will star Yara Flor who is getting a major push by DC as Flor will possibly be getting a television series at The CW.

A new Green Lantern series will launch written by Geoffrey Thorne with art by Tom Raney. They’re the creative team behind “The Last Lanterns” story in the Future State: Green Lantern comic.

Justice League Dark will return in March written by Ram V. who was also writing the series before its break due to the “Endless Winter” event. It will feature art by Xermanico.

Wonder Woman #770 variant

Tim Sheridan and Rafa Sandoval will launch Teen Titans Academy. The series will focus on the launch of a Teen Titans Academy by members of the New Teen Titans. That series spins directly out of Future State: Teen Titans which tells a future tale of the academy.

With a film on its way, it’s not surprising that the Suicide Squad returns. Robbie Thompson, who will take on their story during Future State, will write the ongoing series with art by Eduardo Pansica. We can also see the DC live-action and comics aligning a bit more as Peacemaker (played by John Cena in the film) takes center stage. The character will not only be in The Suicide Squad film but is also getting his own series on HBO Max.

Swamp Thing is back courtesy of writer Ram V. and artist Mike Perkins. That duo is also the team behind the Swamp Thing Future State comic.

James Tynion IV with artist Jorge Jimenez will return to Batman and Tynion has another Batman series in the works with artist Guillem March.

Preview: Detective Comics #1031

Detective Comics #1031

Written by: Peter J. Tomasi
Art: Jorge Jimenez, Bilquis Evely

Damian Wayne has made his move against a familiar threat from Bruce Wayne’s past—so why has the former Boy Wonder targeted none other than Tommy Elliot, a.k.a. Hush? It may have something to do with the Black Casebook that Bruce liberated from the Joker’s territory in the monumental Detective Comics #1027…but how far will Damian go to avenge this grudge from his father’s past?

Detective Comics #1031

Review: Batman #100

Batman #100

Joker War” ends here with the monumental Batman #100 that has Batman taking on the Joker for Gotham. Much like the issues leading up to this finale, the issue feels like a statement as to where Batman is going in the continued shift from the previous writer Tom King’s epic run. “Joker War,” much like the previous arc, is more of a statement as to the vision of the character and a transition as to the direction for the new creative team.

Written by James Tynion IV, Batman #100 is broken down into various segments each with an important role to play. The main of course is Batman and his allies taking on the Joker and his. Each character feels like they have their moment and there’s a lot of “hell yeah” for so many of them. Barbara Gordon is front and center as she steps back into her role as Oracle, something that will make numerous fans of the character happy. Her banter with characters like Nightwing feels like fanservice that re-centers the relationship between the two and reestablishing their playful flirting. Nightwing two steps back in with Dick Grayson in his classic black and blue and tasked with taking on Punchline. After months of the character’s journey, that should also make fans happy.

But, the main focus is really Batman taking on the Joker within a chemical plant as the two do their usual dance. What’s interesting out of it is a couple of things. The Joker is obsessed with his role not as just the Clown Prince of Crime but the connection he has with Batman. With Harley Quinn’s inclusions, the entire part of the comic is a look at the abusive relationship the Joker has with the two characters. It also stresses that maybe Batman and Harley aren’t so different and might have a lot in common. It’s a scene of empowerment as Batman stands up against the Joker.

But, the Joker takes it in another direction focused on how Batman hasn’t been good for Gotham. The city and system is broken as is and what the Joker has done and accomplished is evidence of that. Batman is disconnected from the reality of his city as he has been disconnected from so much of his family. And that’s been part of the point of “Joker War”. It recenters Bruce and Batman and gives them a new direction and outlook at it all.

What Harley does and Batman’s reaction is most interesting signaling where the series might be going and a slightly different take on Batman. But, we’ll all see as much is teased about what’s to come including a new nemesis to focus on.

All of the above is beautifully drawn by Jorge Jimenez with color by Tomeu Morey and lettering by Clayton Cowles. The art is amazing with so much packed in and energy that pops from the page. Each fight is brutal and you can feel the daggers being dug into Batman by the Joker. Joker has rarely looked better and just each segment pops with excitement. Batman has had some fantastic art in years but this is some of the best artwork that has graced the series.

And there’s so much more packed in…

Tynion continues his focus on Clownhunter where we learn his motivation and his name in the appropriately named story “Intervention.” With art by Carlo Pagulayan, the story has Batman confronting the new character-revealing everything we need to know about him and teasing a possible direction. It’s an interesting back and forth and there’s a lot of potential here for the character. Clownhunter is a failure of the system Batman has created. He’s a product of Batman’s inability and unwillingness to truly deal with evil and injustice. It’s everything that the Joker talks about in his battle with Batman personified. With the right direction and creative team, we potentially have an exploration of Batman’s failures in an intriguing character.

Wrapping up the issue is “Dead Ringer” which is an epilogue to the event and story. We get a bit more about Punchline and what happens to her, it sets up more that I’d rather not spoilt. Guillem March handles the art from the story by Tynion and both make a discussion in a diner and recorded video being watched interesting. It too has some potential with exploring the ideas and themes that the Joker goes on about in his battle.

Batman #100 is what I’ve wanted from “Joker War” since the beginning. Yes, it does feel a bit like a transition to what’s next, it’s also a statement as to Batman’s failures. This issue lays out the Joker’s motivations and viewpoints and forces us to question Batman’s effectiveness in multiple ways. We see how Batman’s inaction has impacted a citizen of Gotham and perpetuated the violence. We also see that failure of definitive action being explored again perpetuating the cycle. This is the highlight of an uneven event and finally delivers meat on the bones.

Story: James Tynion IV Art: Jorge Jimenez, Carlo Pagulayan, Guillem March
Color: Tomeu Morey Letterer: Clayton Cowles
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy

DC Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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Preview: Batman #100

Batman #100

Written by: James Tynion IV
Art by: Jorge Jimenez, Guillem March, Carlo Pagulayan

“The Joker War” comes to a city-shattering conclusion as Batman battles The Joker in a brutal, no-holds-barred duel! This is a fight 80 years in the making, and its outcome won’t just change Batman’s life-it will change Gotham City for years to come! Plus, catch the first glimpse of the new villain known as Ghost-Maker! And after the senses-shattering conclusion of “The Joker War” come a pair of short stories that will chart what’s to come in Gotham City and Batman. Don’t miss the first showdown between Batman and Clownhunter!

Batman #100

Preview: Batman #99

Batman #99

(W) James Tynion IV (A/CA) Jorge Jimenez
In Shops: Sep 23, 2020
SRP: $3.99

“The Joker War” part five of six! Things have changed, as Batman realizes he can’t fight this war alone. He’s going to need help. Before he faces down The Joker, he must call up his trusty partner Dick Grayson! But can Dick reclaim his lost memories in time to join the battle?

Batman #99

Preview: Batman #98

Batman #98

Joker War” has been an interesting ride so far. Running through Batman and other related titles, the event has had the Joker steal Bruce Wayne’s fortune, toys, and company turning it all against Batman. Batman #98 is part four of the event and like previous chapters, it’s a bit stretched out and while good, doesn’t excite or deliver anything new.

Writer James Tynion IV delivers that moment we’ve seen so many times before in films, television, and other stories. Batman is tripping, attempting to get the Joker Toxin out of his system. He has his moment of reflection and discussion with his dead mentor. It’s his Rocky talking to Mickey moment and there’s even a close “dammit Rock” thrown in there. While Batman is out of it, Punchline and Harley Quinn battle things out in Ivy’s hiding space giving them another chance to square off.

Batman #98 is a fine part of the overall arc but on its own, it’s something we’ve seen over and over. All it’s missing is a montage with proper music while Batman gets back into a healthy status.

What makes Batman #98 not a total loss is the art by Jorge Jimenez. The art features an interesting juxtaposition between Batman’s trippy visuals versus the battle between Harley and Punchline. While one is the standard page layouts with your standard boxes, the other is a kinetic battle. Jimenez has the fight break the page with odd shapes and a nice mix of panel sizes. Jimenez is helped by the color of Tomeu Morey and the lettering of Clayton Cowles. The action scenes pop from the page and when Batman eventually clears his head, literally pops.

But Jimenez and the team make sure to give Bruce’s struggle its moments too. The emotion delivered in panels by Bruce and Alfred really sell the scenes. The delivery takes a rather trope-ish cliche and gives us something more visually interesting. It’s the emotional catharsis we’ve been waiting for and expecting since Tynion took over his run.

“Joker War” as a whole hasn’t been as exciting as one would hope. The event falls upon concepts we’ve seen so many times before. It’s an entertaining read though more in a summer popcorn way. It feels like it’s a setup for what’s coming next for Bruce as he will deal with the fallout from the event. Much like the previous arc, “Joker War” doesn’t feel so much as a story unto itself as opposed to the setup of what comes next, more focused on the next arc instead of itself. Much like Batman #98, the event as a whole feels like the pivot to what comes next.

Story: James Tynion IV Art: Jorge Jimenez
Color: Tomeu Morey Letterer: Clayton Cowles
Story: 7.0 Art: 8.5 Overall: 7.0 Recommendation: Read

DC Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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Get an Early Look at Batman #99

Batman #99

Art and cover by JORGE JIMENEZ
Ghost-Hunter card stock variant cover by DERRICK CHEW
1:25 card stock Nightwing variant cover by JORGE JIMENEZ
On Sale 09/15/20
$3.99 US | 32 PAGES | FC | DC


“The Joker War” part five of six! Things have changed, as Batman realizes he can’t fight this war alone. He’s going to need help. Before he faces down The Joker, he must call up his trusty partner Dick Grayson! But can Dick reclaim his lost memories in time to join the battle?

Batman #99

Review: Batman #97

Batman #97

The “Joker War” rages on in Batman #97 that hits a point that it feels the story and event is being dragged out a bit too much. Batman is battling visions and hallucinations as the Joker Toxin takes ahold of him. It’s a story we’ve seen over and over and while interesting, it feels like a way to delay the story a bit. It’s an attempt to add some tension for a story that is easily resolved otherwise.

Written by James Tynion IV, Batman #97 has Batman in the theater battling reanimated corpses refusing to take the time to heal before the massive battle that’s to come. It also focuses on Clownhunter, a new vigilante who’s taking on the Joker’s crew in brutal ways. All of it is to give the reader the idea that chaos is engulfing Gotham. But, beyond the Clownhunter’s concept and some wide shots of fires and smoke, the reality of that chaos isn’t explored enough.

The Joker would have you believe his latest plan is getting other individuals to stand up and “break” Batman’s rules. The personification of that is Clownhunter as he douses the Joker’s henchmen in gas and sets them on fire. But, even that is something we’ve seen before in characters such as Azrael who took the war on evil a bit more hardcore. We’re shown things we’ve experienced as readers but this time with a supposed Joker spin to it all. That spin of course involves more Joker Toxin showing the villain as a one-note type of guy, failing to be creative in his end plan.

Where the story falls short, the art is top-notch. Jorge Jimenez‘s pencils along with color by Tomeu Morey and lettering by Clayton Cowles is fantastic. There’s some great art and action sequences and this depiction of the Joker is one of the best in recent years. Batman’s descent into hallucinations is subtle which is both good and bad. The visuals for the comic could be over the top but as presented we’re watching him dealing with it and the action not his experiences. But, the madness settling in is enhanced through panel layouts that are visually interesting and with colors that pop.

“Joker War” hasn’t really hooked me yet. Batman #97, and the event as a whole, isn’t bad it just doesn’t feel original enough so far. We’ve seen Batman trip on toxin. We’ve seen the Joker gas a lot of people. We’ve seen heroes lose their fortune. We’ve seen Gotham in chaos. But, it’s still been entertaining with pretty visuals and beautiful colors and lettering. The story arc is a bit of a letdown from the previous one but here’s hoping it keeps building to something a bit more interesting than what we’ve seen so far.

Story: James Tynion IV Art: Jorge Jimenez
Color: Tomeu Morey Letterer: Clayton Cowles
Story: 7.0 Art: 8.7 Overall: 7.15 Recommendation: Read

DC Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

Purchase: comiXologyAmazonKindleZeus Comics

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