Spy Superb #1 kicks off more Kindt magic

Spy Superb #1

When Matt Kindt‘s name is on a comic, it’s well worth a look. Not only does he deliver fun, off-beat stories but the art features a unique style you can’t find anywhere else. It feels like so many of what Kindt has put out before falls into the “cool spy” genre, but always with a spin on it. Spy Superb #1 kicks off the latest in that space delivering a fantastic concept and a lot of laughs.

Spy Superb is the greatest spy ever. They’re a master of everything that other nations have spent billions trying to find the secret of. Spy Superb also doesn’t exist, it’s an idea. What started out as a legit program morphed into a myth and a project where every day people are used to carry out spy missions.

It’s spy meets useful idiot.

Yes, the concept has been done before and even the fantastic action scene has been done been done before, but Kindt delivers a take that’s fun and entertaining. It comes off as both serious as well as a goof on the spy genre. It’s popcorn entertainment in every way that you can imagine being on the big screen.

The fun is delivered in Kindt’s unique art style with colors provided by Sharlene Kindt. The water color meets “rough sketch” look has become a signature of Kindt’s comics and here it works so well adding to the almost dreamlike concept of the comic. It also emphasizes the humor as utterly ridiculous moments are highlighted. The characters themselves tell a story in their look where you know exactly where they’re coming from in life and adds to their personality.

Spy Superb #1 is another winning debut for Kindt that keeps up his streak of fun spy action comics with great spins. It’s a fantastic start to the year and first week of new comics delivering what should be a fun ride to come.

Story: Matt Kindt Art: Matt Kindt
Color: Sharlene Kindt Letterer: Matt Kindt
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy

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