Review: My Bad Volume 2 #1

My Bad Volume 2 #1

Someone is killing capes—or would be, if they were better at it. Will this crisis draw the crime-fighting Chandelier out of retirement? PLUS! Emperor King adopts a new costumed identity so he can get a date! My Bad Volume 2 #1 brings back the madcap world created by Mark Russell and Bryce Ingman in a first issue that’s as funny as it pitch sounds.

Composed of a series of shorts all tied together, My Bad Volume 2 #1 has two focuses, the murders and the date. Each brings their own insanity to the table and each will get you to laugh. These are characters who are such exaggerations they go from unlikeable to actually funny. None of these characters are good people, they’re the extremes of modern superheroes stretched even further. The powers, the personalities, the issues, are all here expanded and pumped full of jokes.

It’s hard to read My Bad Volume 2 #1 and not smile and laugh. It takes itself seriously and also sees itself as a spoof of modern superheroes. And it works so well. It, and other comics like it, are built on a love of the genre and what makes heroes and villains larger than life. It’s not just their powers but their personality quirks and the strange lives they live. Russell and Ingman take that all to the extremes for a great result.

The assassination attempts, the date, like early Tarantino films, the various short stories all come together to build a bigger picture and cohesive narrative. But, each of the segments can work on their own too delivering enough for the punchline and packed with silliness. This is a comic that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

The art by Peter Krause and Joe Orsak with color by Kelly Fitzpatrick by Paul Little and lettering Rob Steen is solid. Each character’s design is as exaggerated as their personality challenging the reader as to where to look for the jokes. Add in a brilliant design for the assassin and his victims and it’s a comic whose laughs come from all over.

My Bad Volume 2 #1 left me with a smile on my face as a reader and got me to actually laugh out loud multiple times. It’s a silly love letter to superheroes that loves its genre and has no problem making fun of it too. A definite must get for those who need a pick me up.

Story: Mark Russell, Bryce Ingman Art: Peter Krause, Joe Orsak
Color: Kelly Fitzpatrick, Paul Little Letterer: Rob Steen
Story: 8.25 Art: 8.25 Overall: 8.25 Recommendation: Buy

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