Review: Doctor Strange: Fall Sunrise #1

Doctor Strange: Fall Sunrise #1

Doctor Strange awakens alone in a distant world not his own. Lost of purpose and surrounded by danger, the wandering sorcerer must explore this land of blades and mystery to unravel arcane secrets and escape the deadly horrors that lie in wait! Tradd Moore introduces to a strange new world in Doctor Strange: Fall Sunrise #1, a debut issue that highlights Moore’s artistic talents.

It’s hard to describe Tradd Moore’s art style. I originally discovered his talent with the Luthor Strode series from Image and from there it was All-New Ghost Rider and Silver Surfer: Black. Moore’s style is unique and stands out with a pop sense about it that is hard to find in the current comic market. Moore mixes classic Jack Kirby with black light tripiness for a visual treat.

Doctor Strange: Fall Sunrise #1 is a fine example of where Moore’s strengths lie. Strange has awakened in a strange land unsure of where he is and what he’s to do. Like diving into an open world video game, he wanders attempting to put the pieces of the puzzle together. What’s going? Honestly, I can’t say beyond a magical world that feels like I should be dropping acid in. Weird ghost like creatures, more down to earth animals, and a likely enemy that’s ominous and mysterious all are introduced.

The story itself is an interesting one with a dreamlike style. There’s a poetic flow to it at times reminding me of Poe during moments that feel like madness sinking in.

Moore’s art is the highlight here with visuals that will have you lingering on the page long after you have finished the words. It’s a beautiful and beyond unique look that stands out from the rest of the comics on the shelves. If you’re a fan of pop art, beautiful comic art, or what makes comics unique, this is one to definitely check out.

Story: Tradd Moore Art: Tradd Moore
Color: Heather Moore Letterer: Clayton Cowles, Tradd Moore
Story: 7.0 Art: 9.5 Overall: 7.5 Recommendation: Read

Marvel provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

Purchase: TFAWZeus ComicscomiXology/Kindle

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