Marc Silvestri’s Soldier Stories cover revealed!

Top Cow is giving veterans a platform to share their experiences in the service through sequential storytelling with a new anthology Soldier Stories, coming this November 9th, 2022. With the release less than a month away, Top Cow has revealed the Cover B variant by artist Marc Silvestri.

The anthology will feature an excerpt by the late Denny O’Neil, writer and editor of many marvel and DC Comics, including The Amazing Spider-man and Green Lantern/Green Arrow.

Soldier Stories features four compelling tales of military conflict, all written by veterans who served from the Vietnam era to Afghanistan. These first-person accounts of real-life warfare have been reimagined across a variety of genres from sci-fi to horror to personal memoir. What’s it like to wait out a chemical attack? How does it feel to abandon your allies? In a world of push-button warfare, has killing gotten too easy? How do you go on when the war is over but the struggle is not?These are personal stories, compelling stories, stories that will haunt and surprise you. Because every soldier has a story.

  • “Terps” by Brian Anthony and John Bivens
  • “Game Over” by Jalysa Conway, Annapaola Martello, and K. Michael Russell
  • “All Clear” by Megan Ferrell Burke, Arturo Lauria, and Kelly Fitzpatrick
  • “The Great Man” by Rev. William J. Bellamy, Cecilia Lo Valvo, and Ryan Cody
Soldier Stories Marc Silvestri