Don’t Call It a Comeback, Maniac of New York Returns!

Maniac of New York: Don’t Call It a Comeback #1

Writer: Elliott Kalan 
Artist & Colorist: Andrea Mutti 
Letterer: Taylor Esposito 
Cover: Andrea Mutti 
Incentive Cover: Jonathan Luna
$4.99 / 32 pages / Color / On Sale 12.07.22

Maniac Harry, the seemingly unstoppable killer, has finally been stopped. The city celebrates, the Mayor takes the credit, and Maniac Task Force Director Gina Greene — last seen slicing the Maniac’s head open — has disappeared to parts unknown. Now NYPD Detective Zelda Pettibone must pick up the pieces of a life that’s suddenly so empty she almost wishes the Maniac was back. And, unfortunately, sometimes wishes are granted.  

THAT’S RIGHT, THERE’S A NEW MANIAC, BUT NOT THE ONE YOU’RE EXPECTING! Stay out of Central Park and stay away from cable news, ‘cause something terrifying is on the loose! 

Writer Elliott Kalan and artist Andrea Mutti return to the acclaimed horror-satire series for a tale of horrifying gore and even more horrifying cultural relevance!