Review: Task Force Z #9

Task Force Z #9

I’ve generally loved Task Force Z. The concept is one that feels like it shouldn’t work, but it does, and does really well. Harvey Dent is in charge of his own version of a Suicide Squad. Instead of hardened criminals serving time, his is made up of Batman villains who died during “A Day”. They’ve been brought back using Lazarus Resin and are lead by Red Hood. It’s a gonzo concept and it’s awesome. Task Force Z #9 on the other hand is one of the weaker issues. Not because it’s bad, but mostly because it feels like one that could be skipped and you wouldn’t miss much.

Written by Matthew Rosenberg, Task Force Z #9 is absolutely entertaining. It just feels like a comic that has a few key moments that could have been stuffed in other issues. There’s action, there’s humor, and there’s some good twists, but overall, it feels like a “chapter” of the overall story. Many of the previous issues really felt packed and stood on their own in so many ways, but this one instead feels like a series of moments put together between a cover. A lot of the comic could be cut up and put in another issue and the narrative would still have flowed. It’s an important chapter but doesn’t stand on its own.

The art by Eddy Barrows continues to shine. With ink by Eber Ferreira, color by Adriano Lucas, and lettering by Rob Leigh, the series continues to look great. The team balances its superhero characters with a horror story. It does an excellent job of balancing all of that so that no one aspect dominates. For those that enjoy both genres, it’s a great combination.

Task Force Z #9 isn’t bad in any way, I want to make that clear. As part of the greater story, it’s solid. There really are some key moments that’ll play out over the next few issues. But, it doesn’t quite pack enough in on its own to stand out from the quality that has come before it. It’s a solid chapter in the greater whole.

Story: Matthew Rosenberg Art: Eddy Barrows
Ink: Eber Ferreira Color: Adriano Lucas Letterer: Rob Leigh
Story: 7.5 Art: 8.15 Overall: 7.65 Recommendation: Read

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