Review: Eight Billion Genies #2

Eight Billion Genies #2

“Kinetic”. Does it make sense to call a comic that? Eight Billion Genies #2 continues to entertain and make you think with it’s brilliant concept and excellent execution. The first issue had a genie appear for every person in the world. Each granted one wish. Imagine the chaos that would ensure. That’s part of what the series explores as well as a group of individuals attempting to survive the chaos.

Written by Charles Soule, Eight Billion Genies #2 delivers an interesting follow up to the chaotic debut. Focused on a group of individuals in a bar, we get a sense of more of the rules of the wishes. The genies are happy to talk with their individuals explaining some of the details of what’s going on, for instance if two wishes cancel each other out. We also get a sense there’s far more going on than just this random concept. The genies all seem to have opinions about the use of the wishes, as if they’re judging humanity. There’s something ominous to it all, like this is a test for something larger.

It’s the details that Soule brings that stand out. There’s the chaos of the events but the logic of the genies and the characters as well as their emotional reactions to what’s going on is what sucks you in. In a world where the impossible is possible, it all seems so grounded, focused, and relatable. It feel very much like what might really happen. The detail extends to the opening where we get to see how others react to what’s going on and a population count of the genies and the world. We get a sense of the amount of death this is all causing, an interesting point that’s hopefully addresses later.

The art by Ryan Browne is fantastic. With lettering by Chris Crank, the comic’s look pops. There’s a fantastic mix of the utter insanity outside the bar and the much more grounded world within. It feels like a zombie film in some ways but much more colorful and not as sad and depressing. The bar might be normal but the world outside is full of rainbows, car robots, castles, and so much more. Browne makes it all seem normal and fits together.

Eight Billion Genies #2 is a fantastic second issue because of its focus. It could easily get caught up in the insanity but its the focus on the characters and their reactions that make the comic work so well. Like The Walking Dead, it’s about the people, their interactions, and their reactions to a world of chaos. And like that series, it’s what makes the comic stand out and one to not miss.

Story: Charles Soule Art: Ryan Browne
Color: Ryan Browne Letters: Chris Crank
Story: 8.75 Art: 8.75 Overall: 8.75 Recommendation: Buy

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