New Frank Miller Presents Details Revealed

Ronin by Philip Tan and Daniel Henriques
Ronin by Philip Tan and Daniel Henriques

One of the more intriguing announcements of the year is the new publisher Frank Miller Presents. Founded by comic legend Frank Miller, the publisher is looking to both the past and future to chart its course. During the announcement it was revealed that some of Miller’s older properties would return while brand new ones would debut. Joining Miller in the venture is Dan DiDio as Editor in Chief and president and Silenn Thomas as COO. DiDio will spill some of those at this weekend’s Megacon but ahead of the convention some have been revealed.

Ronin was originally published by DC in 1983 and 84 and was a samurai story set in a dark future. Philip Tan and inker Daniel Henriques will be the team behind a sequel featuring layouts by Miller. The story will explore the life of Casey McKenna, a security officer pursuing the nameless Ronin and who had a child with him.

Sin City returns with Sin City 1858 that will be written and drawn by Miller. Set in the Wild West, the series will feature familiar names. The once only black and white series will get a one-issue special in color featuring artist Milo Manara.

New projects include Ancient Enemies created and designed by Danilo Beyruth and Didio and others created by Miller. DiDio will write the series. It focuses on an old war between alien races.

Pandora is a sci-fi fantasy story written by Anthony Maranville and Chris Silvestri and drawn by Emma Kubert. It’s described as a “fairy tale-like beauty and a genuine spookiness”.

Recently, it was announced that Frank Miller Presents had inked an exclusive distribution deal with Diamond. It’s expected to release 2 to 4 titles a year with the first being released later in 2022.

(via New York Times)