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Preview: Web of Venom: Cult of Carnage #1

Web of Venom: Cult of Carnage #1

(W) Frank Tieri (A) Danilo Beyruth (CA) Joshua Cassara
Rated T+
In Shops: Apr 10, 2019
SRP: $4.99

• A new terror has risen on the fringes of the Marvel Universe, stirring in the depths of space.
• But evil is also rising on Earth, claiming one victim at a time in the name of the killer called CARNAGE!

Web of Venom: Cult of Carnage #1

Preview: Web of Venom: Carnage Reborn #1

Web of Venom: Carnage Reborn #1

(W) Donny Cates (A) Danilo Beyruth (CA) Kyle Hotz
Rated T+
In Shops: Nov 21, 2018
SRP: $4.99

• Join DONNY CATES as he continues to snake his tendrils through the VENOM mythos – this time visiting the sickening sociopath called CARNAGE!
• A cruel cannibal obsessed with death and murder, few mourned Cletus Kasady after he seemingly died in VENOMIZED.
• But now a cult devoted to the madman has gathered, hoping to resurrect their fallen idol and return his madness to the Marvel Universe…

Who is the Man Without Fear? Find Out Starting in January.

Daredevil is NO MORE! But the mayhem in Hell’s Kitchen waits for no one, and this January, a weekly series asks the question that everyone is grappling with – how DO you live in a world without Daredevil?

Man With Fear brings together the heroes and villains of Hell’s Kitchen to face the chaos and disorder of a city without a Guardian Devil, including Foggy Nelson, the Defenders, the many loves of Matt Murdock, and Wilson Fisk, formerly the Kingpin of crime, now the Mayor of New York…

In the wake of the “Death of Daredevil,” Hell’s Kitchen will need a protector…and whoever he is, he’ll need to be A MAN WITHOUT FEAR!

Man Without Fear #1 is on sale January 2nd from writer Jed Mackay, art by Danilo Beyrouth, and covers by Kyle Hotz.

Preview: All-New Guardians of the Galaxy Annual #1

All-New Guardians of the Galaxy Annual #1

(W) Chad Bowers, Chris Sims (A) Danilo Beyruth (CA) Dan Mora
In Shops: Jun 28, 2017
SRP: $4.99

The Chitauri invasion has arrived, and Captain Marvel and Earth’s heroes are outnumbered. Now it’s up to the Guardians of the Galaxy to find reinforcements! There may be a weapon that could turn the tide of the battle, but in order to obtain it, the Guardians will have to rely on the help of the last alien Star-Lord ever wanted to see again…Yondu Udonta!

Preview: Ghost Rider #5

Ghost Rider #5

(W) Felipe Smith (A) Danilo Beyruth (CA) Felipe Smith
Rated T+
In Shops: Mar 29, 2017
SRP: $3.99


The gang’s all here: Ghost Rider, Silk, Wolverine, Hulk and the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. are taking on the big space monster that stole all their powers!

Ghost Rider#1 Brings Wheels of Vengeance to Marvel NOW!

Start your engines, True Believers – because this one is a scorcher! That’s right, Robbie Reyes is back and he’s hitting the gas and driving straight for your local comic shops in the all-new Ghost Rider #1! Robbie’s co-creator Felipe Smith is back to pen the ongoing adventures of this high-octane hot head and he’s bringing new series artist Danilo Beyruth along for the ride!

A bizarre and powerful object has been unearthed in Southern California, and the mystery behind it has lead Amadeus Cho, the Totally Awesome Hulk right to Ghost Rider’s backyard! What chaos will be unleashed when this jade giant comes face-to-face with the ultimate speed demon? Plus – this oversized first issue also includes a special back-up tale from Felipe Smith and artist Tradd Moore featuring the debut of Ghost Rider’s newest nemesis! Who is Pyston Nitro, and what is her endgame?

Strap in and buckle up, because the ride is just getting started. Don’t get left in the dust!

GHOST RIDER #1 (SEP160959)
Variant Covers by FELIPE SMITH (SEP160960), TRADD MOORE (SEP160961), And SKOTTIE YOUNG (SEP160960)
Hip-Hop Variant by FELIPE SMITH (SEP160963)
Action Figure Variant by JOHN TYLER CHRISTOPHER (SEP160964)
TV Photo Variant Also Available (SEP160966)
Blank Variant Available (SEP160965)
FOC – 11/07/16, On-Sale – 11/30/16


Ghost Rider Races into Marvel NOW! to Bring Vehicular Vengeance

Start your engines, True Believers – this one is going to be a scorcher! You heard right – Robbie Reyes is back! Hell on wheels comes to Marvel NOW! as the Spirit of Vengeance returns to comics in an all-new Ghost Rider #1! Robbie Reyes co-creator Felipe Smith is back to pen the ongoing adventures of this high-octane hot-head, and he’s bringing artist Danilo Beyruth along for the ride!

A bizarre object has been discovered in Southern California and the mystery behind it has lead Amadeus Cho, the Totally Awesome Hulk, to Ghost Rider’s backyard! What chaos will be unleashed when this jade genius comes face-to-face with the ultimate speed demon? And what other guest star is around the corner?

Plus – don’t miss the debut of the newest speed trap in Ghost Rider’s life in a special 10-page bonus feature from original series creators Felipe Smith and Tradd Moore.

Strap in and buckle up, because Robbie Reyes is hitting the gas and speeding headlong into Marvel NOW!. Don’t get left in the dust this November!

Coming in November!


Deadpool v Gambit #1 Pits Merc Against Mutant This June!

Gambit – one of the smoothest, best looking operators in the world. Deadpool – one of the most annoying, ugliest dirtbags around. Naturally these two have beef. Be there this June when tensions reach their boiling points in Deadpool v Gambit #1 – a new limited series from writers Ben Acker & Ben Blacker and artist Danilo Beyruth!

Did you know that the “V” stands for “Vs.”? Crazy, right? Know what’s crazier? These two have a secret history together – working to pull con jobs across the Marvel Universe. That’s right, and now the Regeneratin’ Degenerate and the Ragin’ Cajun are begrudgingly taking on one last job together. What could possibly go wrong? Hey, is that Spider-Man and Daredevil?! The grift is go and the con is on this June as these two go head-to-head!

Variant Cover by TIM SEELEY (APR160997)
FOC – 05/30/16, On Sale – 06/22/16


Review: The Unbelievable Gwenpool #1

gwenpool 2016 cover After so many years of sarcastic self-awareness, how can Marvel out-meta itself? First, create the visual joke of Gwen Stacy in a pink Deadpool costume. Then, start treating her as an actual character, with a lead role in a holiday special issue and a supporting arc in Howard the Duck. In the course of that character development, give her the worst traits of both of the figures she’s based on: Deadpool’s crass sense of humor and conscience-free recklessness, and Gwen’s lack of superpowers. Establish that she’s neither a clone of Wade Wilson nor an alternate-universe Gwen Stacy, but a girl who happens to be named Gwen Poole. Throw it all in a blender, glue a heavy rock to the puree button, and let the gory, sparkly mess splash all over Gwenpool #1.

As it turns out, Gwenpool is a delicious experiment.The title character is a terrible superhero by design, but she’s a great vehicle for the kinds of narrative reflection that both Deadpool and Gwen do best. Deadpool’s brand of fourth-wall busting is now so far from innovative that it’s looped back into retro charm, so Gwenpool goes a step further. Our antiheroine is a comics fan who’s been swept into the world of Marvel Comics – method and backstory unknown – and who retells her adventures in the hopes of communicating with the folks back home. Since she comes from our mundane world, her only special abilities are her bottomless genre savviness and her even more inexhaustible self-confidence.

The catch, of course, is that Gwenpool might be crazy, after all. The fourth wall might be just another wall, and she might be one of the “extras” in the superhero pageant that she derides. Maybe everyone she encounters is right, and no matter how many times she reasserts that she’s a hero, she’s nothing more than a normal girl who’s going to get herself killed.

Throughout the issue, we encounter normal people who, unlike Gwenpool, acknowledge that they’re normal – the many Gwen Stacys of the Marvel universe. We meet a cop haunted by memories of invaders from another dimension, a teen hacker who can only hack into things that a regular person could actually hack into, and the beleaguered assistant to the guy who hands out jobs to heroes. We, as readers, are continually faced with the conflict between other people’s resigned realism and Gwenpool’s insistence that all she needs to save the world are a cool outfit and a bag of guns. Realism should win out, shouldn’t it?

Except that, despite constant warnings, Gwenpool persists in not dying. And that, in the end, is why Gwenpool #1 works, and why I suspect that this entire series – for however long Marvel lets it continue – will continue to eloquently answer questions way above its pay grade. That’s a testament to Christopher Hastings‘ script, which does a masterful job of building fully realized personalities in a few short panels. It also stems from the brilliant editorial decision to split this issue between two artists: Danilo Beyruth‘s conventional comics style in the prologue, and Gurihiru’s manga-influenced art for what I assume will be the majority of the series.

This is a comic that really knows what it’s doing, so much that it wants you to feel bad about yourself if you take it at face value. If you’re laughing at Gwenpool’s tired and mean-spirited jokes, you’re as self-deluded as she is. (For the truly funny lines, look to the shopkeeper at Big Ronnie’s Custom Battle Spandex, whom I hope we’ll get to see more of in future issues.) Whether you’re fetishizing her in her pink-and-white leotard or self-righteously criticizing its impracticality, there’s a scene to take you to task for that – and it takes place while Gwenpool lies in the bathtub, implicitly referencing the violent sexualization of certain DC characters whom she might or might not resemble. And if you think you know where all this is headed, the last two pages of the issue will tear your heart out of your chest, then send you running to put this title on your pull list.

Gwenpool isn’t perfect, and it’s not for everybody. I’m still not sure whether it’s a step forward for female-led comics, or if it’s wryly undermining its own feminism. Gwenpool herself is a grating character, a little too anti-heroic for readers who prefer to relate or aspire to their heroes. But it’s cool and clever, and it manages to take self-referentiality in a different direction than Marvel titles usually do. Even if you doubt Gwenpool is your cup of tea, you owe it to yourself to get your hands on this first issue.

Story: Christopher Hastings Art: Gurihiru (main story), Danilo Beyruth (prologue), Tamra Bonvillain (prologue colorist)
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy

Marvel provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

Happy Birthday Wade! Deadpool #7 Celebrates 25 Years of the Merc With a Mouth!

And lo’ there came a day unlike any other, in February of 1991, when merc and mouth united for a common goal. And on that day, Deadpool was born! Now, a mere quarter of a century later, we’re celebrating Deadpool’s 25th Anniversary this February in the colossal sized Deadpool #7! That’s right – that same regenerating degenerate who tore through the New Mutants and into your very hearts is turning 25, and he wants to party with you! Featuring a massive 80 story pages and an all-star creator lineup, Wade’s silver anniversary is sure to be a night to remember. First, Gerry Duggan and Scott Koblish bring you a full length Merc With a Mouth adventure. Then, Deadpool creators past and present regale you with tales of Wade’s newest allies – the Mercs for Money! Get ready for more Terror, Foolkiller, Slapstick, Massacre, Stingray and Solo and shine a spotlight on Deadpool’s newest employees. So put on your party hats and cut the cake this February!

DEADPOOL #7 (DEC150853)
25th Anniversary Variant by TONY HARRIS (NOV158423)
Action Figure Variant by JOHN TYLER CHRISTOPHER (DEC150854)
Young Variant by SKOTTIE YOUNG (DEC150855)
Secret Comic Variant by SCOTT KOBLISH (DEC150856)
Hip-Hop Variant by RAHZZAH (DEC150857)
FOC – 1/18/16, On-Sale – 2/10/16


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