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Stan Lee Returns to Marvel in a 20 year deal

Stan Lee

Stan Lee is returning to Marvel Studios. The iconic comic creator passed away in 2018 but will still be in future films a tv shows, theme parks, various “experiences” and merchandising.

Marvel has signed a 20-year deal with Stan Lee Universe which is a venture between Genius Brands International and POW! Entertainment.

Lee was the editor-in-chief of Marvel in the 60s when it launched many of its now iconic characters. He teamed with legends such as Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko to create the universe we know today. In his later years, he became a public face for the company, a statesman promoting the comic medium.

He made cameos in almost every Marvel, Sony, and Fox “Marvel” film.

Marvel will be able to use Lee’s name, voice, likeness, and signature in movies and television as well as images, exisitng footage and audio recordings featuring him. Lee’s name, voice, likeness, and signature can be used in theme parks, cruise lines, and in-park merchandise.

(via The Hollywood Reporter)