Review: Armorclads #3

Armorclads #3

The Governor reveals his plans for Peris but what does it have to do with the ‘Lost Suits’? Meanwhile, the remaining Outpost 12 Ironclads realize they’ll need some upgrades if they’re going to free Peris — and their entire planet — from the Alphans. This revolution will not be televised but you can read about it in Armorclads #3!

Writers JJ O’Connor and Brian Buccalleto explore the world beyond the remote planet that the first two issues were based on as Peris is taken to meet the Governor. With the name has some somewhat sinister connotations in the comic sphere thanks to The Walking Dead, O’Connor and Buccalleto play up to the association of the name. Through the Governor, we get a bit more exposition on this sphere of the Valiant Universe; there are brief glimpses of the Alphan’s planet, and an all-to-brief dip of the toe into a deep history that we’ll probably see teased out in future issues. Armorclads #3 doesn’t fall into the pattern we saw in the previous issues of untrained kids in non-combat mechs taking out enemies that trained soldiers in combat mechs couldn’t fight, which is a plus, though those same kids do feature in the pages of this comic as they make some changes to their mechs.

When it comes to the artwork, I said this about the artistic team’s work in the first two issues;

“The comic’s artistic team, penciller Manuel Garcia, inker Raul Fernandez, colourist Rex Lokus, and letterer Dave Sharpe, really give the book a visual identity that emphasizes the alien nature of Xeru whilst keeping it oddly familiar at the same time. Armorclads #1 looks like a dream; there’s really nothing I can say about what the artistic team have delivered that is anything less than positive. There’s lush vistas, technological backgrounds that aren’t overly flashy or beyond comprehensive, and creatures that are equal parts alien and familiar in their buglike creepiness.”

That paragraph is still true and consequently still applies to this issue. That said, rather than leaving it there, because we got to see a new locale with the story’s progression, I wanted to reiterate just how wonderful the team are here. There’s a brilliant that’s remarkably simple when you look at what is included in the backgrounds – Garcia has kept things relatively minimal and Lokus doesn’t over fill the blank space with shading and various colours; he keeps things minimal which allows you to focus on what’s being shown on the page.

Armorclads #3 is good; it’s really good. The setting isn’t something I would usually aim for in my reading, and if it wasn’t for the fact it was a Valiant book I’d probably not have read it. If nothing else, the series is helping this crotchety old man expand his reading horizons.

Writers: JJ O’Connor and Brian Buccellato
Penciller: Manuel Garcia Inker: Raul Fernandez Colourist Rex Lokus Letterer: Dave Sharpe
Story: 8.2 Art: 9.0 Overall: 8.5 Recommendation: Buy

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