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Christopher Priest and Montos introduce a new big villain in Entropy

Heavy Metal Entertainment is thrilled to announce Entropy, the publisher’s event series of 2022. Written by comics legend Christopher Priest and illustrated by on-the-verge artist Montos, the new sci-fi series is the genesis story of Henry Hanks, the new herald of Kako, the living embodiment of chaos and misery. Breaking Bad meets Green Lantern in the origin story of Heavy Metal’s ultimate supervillain.

Entropy #1 hits shelves on July 6 and features a special Breaking Bad homage retailer incentive cover and each subsequent issue will feature one. These covers, created by artist Antonio Fuso and designer Voodoo Bownz, highlight how this is Heavy Metal’s birth of a villain story along the lines of Walter White’s journey in the iconic television series. The main covers are created by artist Björn Barends.

Henry Hanks had a good life, until he betrayed Kako. With his whole world destroyed, Henry is killed and reborn as the newest herald of Kako, with the power to destroy entire worlds in his master’s name.

Entropy #1 hits shelves on July 6, 2022. For every 5 copies ordered and received, retailers may order one Breaking Bad homage variant by Antonio Fuso and designer Voodoo Bownz.

Entropy #1

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